10 Sick Heroes in Mobile Legends 2022, Create a Push Rank!

In the Mobile Legends game there are various heroes that can be used, each hero has its own unique ability. Well, of the many heroes, there are some of the sickest heroes in Mobile Legends 2022, namely a row of heroes in Mobile Legends who have sick and overpowered damage in 2022. Along with the development of new metas and the emergence of several new heroes as well as adjustments in the form of buffs and nerfs, some superior hero especially in terms of damage.

Well, on this occasion we will discuss about the sickest hero 2022 in Mobile Legends so that later you can consider which heroes have sick damage and you can pick or ban when draft picks. Curious, what are the heroes? so from that, just watch it until it runs out, friend gamers!.

1. Nathan

Nathan is one of 2022’s sickest heroes, this hero is one of the deadliest marksman and deserves to be wary of. The hero has many advantages, especially in terms of speed and includes an agile hero, besides that damage from basic attacks and skills can also kill opponents easily. Indeed, Natan is a bit difficult to play, especially for beginners because of his high mechanics, besides that this hero needs time to farm so that the items can be made.

During the late game this hero can slaughter enemies quickly and easily because if you have full items this hero is very scary. Nathan is very suitable to be placed in Gold Lane although there are several meta strategies that place him as a jungler or midlaner.

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2. Yin

The next sick hero ml 2022 is Yin, one of the new heroes that appears in Mobile Legends and has abilities that are classified as OP. Yin is a fighter hero with advantages in the form of greater damage, especially if you rely on the skill set, the enemy can be overwhelmed to deal with this one hero. This fighter hero has a unique skill that is able to kidnap an opponent and allow him to duel alone with Yin, this skill is perfect for separating the opponent’s hero core during war so that they lose the damage dealer.

This Yin does have high OP skills and high damage, but compared to other fighters Yin’s druability is weaker so you have to be careful so that your opponent doesn’t expose this weakness. Yin also has skill stages that are very useful for strengthening his skills, use them as well as possible.

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3. Lancelot

Lancelot, who doesn’t know this assassin hero? surely ML players are familiar with Lancelot, one of the assassin heroes with sick and deadly damage. This hero is also included in the list of the sickest heroes in 2022 ml because Lancelot does have sick damage coupled with his agile and agile movements. This hero with a skill set that mostly blinks or dashes is usually used by ML players as a jungler or hyper carry.

The mobility of this hero is very good and fast, the movement is agile because the skill set is mostly blink and immune, besides that the damage produced by this assassin is quite high. Playing Lancelot is not easy because the mechanics are high, the pilot must master this hero well and fast hands.

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4. Aammon

Aamon is an assassin hero in Mobile Legends with high magical damage abilities, this hero himself is Gusion’s brother and both have overpowered abilities. This hero is also one of the sickest heroes in ml 2022 and not infrequently players choose to ban this hero during a draft pick because it is very dangerous if released. Aamon has a special ability that can make him disappear, this ability is very useful to kill enemies secretly or to escape.

Aamon is indeed a hero that is a bit difficult to master, it’s natural because his skills are a bit complicated especially for novice players so that it requires good mastery. Aamon can be used as a jungler or roamer, depending on the player’s choice and the strategy used.

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6. Beatrix

The next sickest hero in 2022 is Beatrix, one of the marksman heroes in Mobile Legend who already has high popularity among ML players. Beatrix has a unique ability, namely being able to change weapons, Beatrix’s weapons are also diverse and have their own unique advantages and strengths. Even in the early game, Beatrix can do sick and domineering damage, the turret can be destroyed at the beginning of the game if Beatrix has taken out her ultimate weapon.

Beatrix can even shoot enemies from a distance using a sniper weapon, it’s a bit difficult but the damage is very painful and can kill the enemy easily. This marksman hero is also flexible because it can be placed in Gold Lane or Mid Lane.

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7. Vale

Vale is a hero mage with a unique ability in the form of the wind element, this hero is also one of the sickest heroes in ml 2022. The mage hero has very deadly damage plus he has crowd control which of course makes the enemy even more overwhelmed. Vale’s mobility is also good so he can move faster because it is helped by his passive skill, this is very useful for roaming.

Vale skill can indeed be made specifically to focus on damage or crowd control, this skill can be leveled up if it reaches level 4, 6, and 8. because of the pain of Vale’s damage.

8. Clint

The next sick hero in Mobile Legends 2022 is Clint, a marksman hero with a cowboy look. Clint is one of the marksman heroes that is the pick of ML players this year because this hero’s damage is quite sick and deadly. Indeed, during the early game this hero has not been able to show his true strength, he can only repay the enemy’s blood, but during the mid to late game Clint can bully the opponent all out.

Clint is more suited to occupying Gold Lane so he can farm gold to buy items faster, even though some use it as a jungler or in another lane Gold Lane is more suitable. Clint himself is also quite easy to master, his easy hero and high damage are very profitable to pick.

9. Aldous

Who doesn’t know Aldous? a fighter hero with the ability to stack damage through his 1st skill so that he can give sick damage. Aldous himself has been widely used and has become a mainstay for ML players, especially in the Epic tier. This fighter does have sick damage but must collect the stack first, without the stack Aldous is weak, you know, so you have to farm first.

Aldous himself actually has an advantage through his skills, namely being able to be immune and open maps and chasing opposing heroes from a distance. Playing Aldous must be patient and diligent in farming the stack so that the damage can hurt in the late game.

10. Brody

Finally, in the list of the sickest heroes in 2022 ML, there is another marksman hero, Brody. This Marksman has high burst damage and pain, early games can make the enemy lose a lot of blood, especially if it has become several core items. Brody also has a skill with high damage, especially if the enemy has been hit by a mark that will increase Brody’s damage.

Brody does not have a high attack speed and relies more on high burst damage and a long attack distance. If you can use this hero well, it will be a big threat to the enemy because the damage is not great.

Well, that was the list along with the discussion about the sickest hero 2022 in Mobile Legends, hopefully it will add insight and be useful, especially for Mobile Legends players. All heroes are good as long as the pilot is also able to control the hero well. Looks like it’s only here and see you again we resign, don’t forget to stop by again!.

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