12 Best One Piece Android Games, Nakama Must Try!

One Piece is a popular anime and manga originating from Japan, One Piece is a masterpiece from Eiichiro Oda which has existed since 1997 and was adapted into an anime in 1999. Now apart from being an anime One Piece is also being adapted into games on various platforms ranging from PC, PlayStation, to Smartphones like Android. There are some of the best One Piece games that are very good and able to bring the atmosphere of One Piece into the game world.

Of course, reading manga or watching anime is fun, but if you want more fun, you can play games with the theme of One Piece. You can feel how exciting and adventurous Luffy and other characters are in the game that you can play. Well, on this occasion, we will discuss and list some of the best One Piece Android games. What are you curious about? if so, watch to the end, just follow this.

1. One Piece Bounty Rush (OPBR)

The first best One Piece game is One Piece Bounty Rush or often abbreviated as OPBR. This OPBR game is one of the games developed by the Bandai Namco Entertainment company, this game is available on the Android platform and can be downloaded on the Google PlayStore. This game carries a multiplayer theme where in each game there will be 2 teams consisting of 4 people fighting each other for the objective in the form of a pirate flag and collecting the most coins will be the winner, you could say 4vs4.

In this OPBR game you can also choose character roles such as Warrior, Supporter, Fighter, and others. There are various One Piece characters in this game that you can choose to play, of course, each character has its own unique ability. In terms of graphics and gameplay, this game is pretty good and fun to play. The OPBR game is one of the online One Piece games on Android that you should try, you know Nakama!.

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2. One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise is also one of the games developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, this game was first released from OPBR precisely in 2015. Even though it is an old game, this game has already received downloads from players and its popularity is high, this game is still often used. get an update from the developer so it’s still worth it to play. One Piece Treasure Cruise game with the theme of role playing or RPG, tells the story of Luffy as the main character who is tasked with completing various challenging missions.

Players can recruit various characters to become a pirate crew, fight with enemies and have to rely on strategy to win the battle. In addition to the role playing mode, there is also a battle mode where you can use characters other than Luffy, to increase the character’s level by collecting points for upgrades.

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3. Manga Clash – Warrior Arena

The next one piece Android game is Manga Clash – Warrior Arena, this game is actually a combination of various anime and manga characters, one of which is from One Piece. This game is one of the works of an indie developer, namely Waggon Games, the Manga Clash game is available for free on the Google PlayStore. This game is an RPG or role playing game, tells the story of the anime world that is attacked and controlled by evil demons, this is where the player’s task is to fight and exorcise demons from the peaceful and serene anime world.

You as a player can choose various characters in this game, if for example you like One Piece characters, there is not even one. In this game you will feel the thrill of adventure and fight evil demon monsters with the character of your choice.

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4. Stickman Pirates Fight

Want to feel the atmosphere of another one piece game? what about the one piece game in the form of a stickman, of course there are games that combine these elements, namely Stickman Pirates Fight. The game developed by indie developer Doan Thi Khuyen is available for free on the PlayStore, this game has also been downloaded by about 1 million players and gets a good rating. In this game you as a player will fight with many enemies in the form of monsters to other strong pirate characters.

There are many levels to play and conquer, this game puts forward tactical and strategy elements as well as action to defeat the enemy in order to advance to the next level. This game is quite fun to fill spare time, besides being fun, the controls are easy and not complicated like other games.

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5. One Piece Fighting Path

Then there is the One Piece Fighting Path android game, this game has not been released for so long, precisely in 2022. This game has not been released globally and has only been released in China, the game language is still in Chinese. Even so this game is pretty good and is an RPG genre game coupled with elements of action and adventure. Players can explore the world of One Piece with main characters and side characters, besides that players will be presented with Arcs for example in Alabasta, Marineford, Water Seven, and others that are the same as the original anime or manga.

In terms of graphics, this game has good graphics and is already 3D, pretty cool for an Android smartphone game class, even almost the same as PC or PS game graphics. For RPG and adventure fans who like to explore the world of One Piece, this game is perfect to try, but you have to download it via TapTap because it’s not yet available on the PlayStore.

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6. One Piece: Burning Will

One Piece: Burning Will is also one of the One Piece games on the Android platform, this game is not yet available on the Google PlayStore. This game is actually good and cool but not yet available on PlayStore and only available on TapTap and Apple Store, the language is not yet available for Indonesian or English. This game takes the concept of action and combat, where players will fight with other players or can fight with AI.

There are many choices of One Piece characters that players can use to fight. This game by Bandai Namco can also be an option to play other than the OPBR game or other one piece games, but download it via the browser or TapTap.

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7. One Piece Thousand Storm

The next One Piece game on the Android platform is One Piece Thousand Storm, a One Piece themed game developed by studio DeNa and Bandai Namco as the publisher. This game is not yet available on the Google PlayStore but can still be downloaded in the browser or TapTap. One Piece Thousand Storm is a role playing game genre, in this game players are given tasks or quests to complete.

There is an option to play multiplayer for up to 3 players to complete missions together, but if you are a solo player you can still play in singleplayer mode. Many characters are available in this game which of course are the same as the characters in the One Piece anime.

8. One Piece: Project Fighter

One Piece: Project Fighter is a game developed by Morefun Studio under Tencent. This game is still in the pre-registration stage, meaning that if you want to download you have to register before you can play, if it’s officially released, you don’t need to register anymore. Tencent, when it comes to games, are usually good and meet expectations, this One Piece game also looks good, for example in terms of visual effects and gameplay, which really spoils gamers.

The game is an RPG or role playing genre wrapped with adventure and action elements, players will move their characters and explore and complete many quests or missions. Even though it’s still in the pre-registration stage, this game is already pretty good, especially when it’s released globally.

9. One Piece: Romance Dawn

Next in the list of the best one piece android games is a game called One Piece: Romance Dawn, a game that is played through the PSP emulator application. This game has been released for a long time, namely in 2012 and the graphics are ordinary, not like today’s games, it’s natural because the game is a bit old school. However, when it comes to gameplay, it seems that this game is still fun to play and can even be addictive because this game is fun and simple.

To play this you must first install the PSP emulator then download this game, the controls are almost the same as the PS but only need to be tapped. The storyline and gameplay as well as other features of this game are still good and worth it even though the graphics are mediocre. This game is one of the offline One Piece games that is pretty good to play on the PSP emulator.

10. Battle of Pirates: Legend Return

Battle of Pirates: Legend Return is an old school game with the theme of One Piece, from the graphics alone this game has been released for a long time. Even though it is classified as old school and has poor graphics, don’t underestimate the game, in fact the location of the excitement and fun of the game can be judged by other things such as the gameplay or the action in the game. This game tells the story of Luffy who wants to crush other evil pirates who are cruel and act beyond limits.

If you’re the type of player who prioritizes action and gameplay, games like Battle of Pirates are suitable for you, but if you’re the type of player who prioritizes graphics, this game might not be suitable. However, this game is still fun as long as you just enjoy it and enjoy this game without worrying about the graphics.

11. Island Battle: Super Pirates

The next best One Piece game for Android is Island Battle: Super Pirates, a game developed by an indie developer called Hooker Liang. This game is available on Google PlayStore for free and has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands to millions of players. Island Battle is a card game genre game with characters from One Piece, this game puts forward tactics and strategy like most other card war games.

Players will control card units to attack enemies, there are hundreds of cards based on One Piece characters. For those of you who like card war games and like the One Piece anime or manga, this Island Battle game can be an option to fill your spare time.

12. 4 Pics One Piece Anime

The last game on this list is 4 Pics One Piece Anime, different from the previous game which was dominant with the action and combat of this game being more relaxed. Game 4 Pics One Piece Anime is a puzzle or guessing game, players will guess the pictures provided and if they answer correctly, they will get coins that are useful for buying clues. This game is more relaxed and almost similar to a picture guessing game but this game is specifically for guessing One Piece only.

This game is quite fun and entertaining as well as trains the brain to think, perfect for entertainment during spare time. If you are a true One Piece fan aka Nakama then try this game and prove if you can guess correctly about One Piece.

That was the list along with the discussion about the best One Piece Android game, hopefully it will be useful and add insight, especially for Nakama who are still confused about the game about One Piece. Most of them can be downloaded on the PlayStore but some have to go through a browser or an application like TapTap to APKPure. Looks like it’s just here, Nakama and gamers friends!, see you later!.

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