2 Ways to Block Whatsapp Contacts on Android

Block Whatsapp Contacts – Blocking WhatsApp or WhatsApp contacts is very easy. but for ordinary people with this chat application, sometimes they are confused about how to block a contact.

Here, I will give an informant, how to block a WhatsApp contact using 2 different methods.

just look at the tutorial to block the desired whatsapp contact. the following for The First Way:

  1. Please open your whatsapp application
  2. after that, please click on the chat profile that you want to block and click the exclamation mark to view the profile
    I gave an example of wanting to block a new number that I chatted with yesterday on the buying and selling forum
  3. after that please click block and if you are sure then select block
  4. if successful then the writing changes to unblock as in the image below
    if you want to unblock it, just click unblock

then we will discuss for the second way, let’s see the tutorial below:

  1. open settings
  2. choose privacy
  3. select blocked contact
  4. Click the add contact icon in the top right corner, then select the contact you want to block
  5. it’s finished

so about these 2 ways, friends, you can try to practice blocking wa contacts who spam chat to us or think we deserve to be blocked.

I myself have often been blocked by my friends because they often point to him hihi but it’s just for fun.

good luck and good luck, don’t forget to always leave a comment if you find it useful and if you like it help share it 😉

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