3 Tips and Tricks for Effective Ways to Overcome NetCut on the Latest Android

How to Overcome Our Cellphones Affected by Netcut – Hey friends, this time I will share a little of my experience again when using wifi together. why together? because I’m boarding guys and I’m also using the wifi in my boarding house.

In the beginning, there were still a few who used the wifi, but as time grew and passed, those who subscribed became crowded and the internet connection was still smooth. but there was a time when suddenly something was different, a few days passed the wifi connected on my android and laptop was often limited and this was unusual for me.

After I installed netcut on my laptop, I finally found out who was cutting my connection so that it became a limit. but i didn’t rebuke directly to the owner of the mac address, i just let it go but i blocked him on his indihome modem hehehe .. a little revenge isn’t a problem, yes, we’ll bully him back.

Well, because he’s a subscriber too, so I let go again, the alias is unblocked, and I reprimand the person. from here, I’m experimenting guys, how to solve my netcut device with this doi.

There are 3 ways you can try, which are as follows:

  1. Change your IP guys, change it from dhcp to static and change the ip. for example, your previous ip was, you changed it statically to (find an unused ip, and try changing it).
  2. the second way is to install the netcut application too guys, you can download this netcut application on the playstore for free. in this netcut application contains defender or anti netcut features. so by installing netcut then your device will be less likely to be hit by netcut. some cases sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work (I’ve tested it too).
  3. Well, if the first and second methods don’t work, then use the third method, guys. In this way, you can simply download another third-party application, namely ARP Guard. This application can help protect our connection from netcut attacks.

Here you can try the three methods above. don’t use netcut to prank your friends, guys, this is dangerous for the health of the cellphone too because netcut can also damage our cellphones.

for those of you who don’t know what netcut is, so this netcut is an application that is usually used to cut other people’s connections so that the victim’s internet becomes slow and limited. in the netcut application we can also set the number of wifi signals that the victim’s device can get.

This application is very annoying, especially those who often hang out in public wifi corners, if it’s crowded, someone will make this netcut.

Hopefully friends don’t experience it and I apologize if there are mistakes in writing this article.

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