6 Strongest Meta Season 25 Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends, Hard and Durable!

The new season has arrived in Mobile Legends with various changes including meta heroes, with the new season there are several heroes who get buffs, nerfs, and revamps. One of those affected is the role tank, there are several hero tank meta season 25 which have advantages and overpowering strengths so that many ML players use them and even get banned during draft picks. Tank is one of the roles in Mobile Legends with high and thick durability and defense.

Tanks have a fairly heavy task, namely having to protect teammates, ready to be at the forefront during war and also having to rotate to other lanes to help teammates if they are in trouble. Well, on this occasion, I will discuss and list some of the current season meta tank heroes, so just watch it until it runs out.

1. Akai

The best tank hero of the first 25 season is Akai, after getting a revamp this hero becomes stronger and more overpowered, that’s why many are using this hero in the current season. Akai has a good skill set consisting of crowd control skills that can overwhelm opponents when dealing with Akai. In fact, not infrequently because the damage from Akai’s skill is quite painful, many use it as a hyper, his passive skill is very helpful for farming or attacking enemies.

Akai’s ultimate skill can make opponents bounce and can make enemies not move, especially if they have been hit by a wall. Akai can tear apart the enemy team during war, he can be the initiator hero at the forefront.

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2. Franco

Franco is one of the tank heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero is already very popular in season 25, even though Franco is still popular among ML players. This tank is indeed famous for being able to attract opponents using his chain, this is of course an advantage for Franco and is considered annoying by the enemy. Franco can give the strongest crowd control effect, which is suppressed, if it is already affected by that effect, the enemy hero will not be able to do anything.

Franco is very suitable to be a roamer, his passive skill can increase movement speed and heal 1% as well as collect stacks so that his skills can hurt even more. Franco is very useful for kidnapping opponent heroes, especially core heroes or damage dealers by using them, if you have managed to finish them off, the chance to win a war or teamfight is much greater.

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3. Atlas

The next season 25 meta tank hero is Atlas, one of the heroes who has the best crowd control abilities in Mobile Legends. Atlas is the choice of ML players in the current season because of its very good crowd control abilities, besides that this hero is also quite easy to use. This tank has good mobility to help rotation, with his 2nd skill he can rotate faster and can even be used to run away or chase enemies. With his advantages and strengths, Atlas is one of the strongest tank heroes in season 25 to watch out for.

When a war situation or teamfight Atlas can be the perfect initiator, by relying on his ultimate skill he can attract opponents and slam them like a smackdown. This atlas is very good if it is a combo with a hero who has a damage area skill, be careful of the tank seeking this moment, once the ulti can make a team average.

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4. Johnson

Johnson is one of the tank heroes in Mobile Legends, any ML player who is not familiar with tanks with skills that can turn into cars. This hero tank is actually quite dangerous, especially since he has a unique skill that can turn into a car like a transformer, with this ability he can rotate the entire map quickly. Johnson can also use his skills to hit enemies, especially when combined with heroes like Odette, Badang, and other heroes with area attack effects. If you use a build mage or semi-tank, Johnson can inflict quite high damage and can become the sickest tank hero in season 25.

Johnson can be a good initiator tank to start a war with his ultimate skill, if it hits an opponent with a thin defense, it can run out especially if it is hit by a combination of other heroes. This hero also has a passive skill that really helps Johnson’s defense, when dying or his blood is thin, Johnson will issue a fairly thick shield.

5. Tigreal

Then there is a fairly popular tank hero, Tigreal, a tank hero with strong crowd control and often used for montages. Tigreal in the current season is still often used but is being lost in prestige by Atlas and Akai, even so this hero is still hard and worth using. This tank has crowd control skills that can make it difficult for opponents, even sometimes this hero is often used to disturb opponents, especially when buffing using skill 2.

The best combination of skills from this hero is Flicker and ultimate skill, usually this combination is for montage and is suitable for use during war or team fights to catch many heroes at once. If a player or pilot using Tigreal can master the hero, it is guaranteed that the enemy will be overwhelmed, especially if he is hit by his montage combination.

6. Hilda

The last hero tank meta season 25 on the list this time is Hilda, in the previous season this hero has been very troublesome. Hilda after getting a revamp becomes more and more painful and troublesome for the opponent, she has the ability to regen if she is in the bush. This hero is very suitable as a roamer to rotate to another lane and help teammates, his mobility is very high and can launch ambush attacks.

Hilda has a kind of stack if the stack is full it can do more damage, her ultimate skill damage is also quite painful. When it comes to defense, there’s no doubt that this hero is quite thick and hard to kill, especially if it’s in the bushes. Hilda can enter as one of the sickest ml tank heroes in season 25.

So, that was the list of the best meta tank heroes for the 25th season in Mobile Legends, hopefully it will be useful and add references, especially for ML players. The tank hero on the list has the advantage that it can enter the current meta season, but it all has to be directly proportional to the pilot’s ability, if you can’t play the hero, no matter how overpowered the hero is, it’s the same. It seems that until here, hopefully it will be useful and see you again, gamers!

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