7 Hero Mage Meta Season 25 Best in Mobile Legends

The new season has arrived in Mobile Legends, of course with various changes, one of which is meta. In this season there are several heroes who get revamps, buffs, and nerfs, one of which is from the role mage. With this, of course, it can change the meta, especially now that the hero mage is stronger and can even create a meta mage. There are several hero mage meta season 25 who can dominate this season and many players use them to push rank and often become ban subscriptions.

Well, this time we will discuss some of the current season’s hero mage meta who are strong and overpowered. Curious what heroes will enter? so from that see until the end, yes, the following list and discussion, go ahead.

1. Xavier

The first hero mage meta season 25 is Xavier, this hero is often a subscription to tires and if he is released he will become a bone of contention during draft picks. Xavier is a mage with offensive skills and strong crowd control, his skill set can make it difficult for opponents to deal with him. Xavier’s crowd control skill is of course very useful for trapping enemies so they are easier to kill.

Xavier also has the ultimate skill with an extraordinary distance that can reach a straight line almost the same as the ultimate Moskov, the damage is quite painful. With these various advantages, it’s only natural that Xavier is included in the meta hero and even often becomes a ban subscription because it is dangerous and inconvenient. Xavier can be the best mage hero choice for season 25 for push rank, but if you don’t get banned, yes.

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2. Cecilion

The next hero mage is Cecilion, a very popular hero and has often been a mainstay of ML players even since the previous season. Cecilion is indeed a mage with various advantages, this hero has crowd control skills, high damage, including hero scaling, has escape skills. These advantages of course make this mage overpowered so many players use Cecilion or even choose to ban it because it can be dangerous if it falls into enemy hands.

Cecilion is a scaling hero so he can collect stacks so that his skill attacks become more painful, especially when the stack is large and late game. This hero mage is also not too complicated, the combo skill is easy and has an escape skill, which is the ultimate skill to run away or it can be to chase the enemy. This Cecilion is a season 25 mage op hero which is good for push rank and watch out if used by opponents.

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3. Vexana

Vexana is one of the heroes who got a revamp in Project NEXT, with this revamp Vexana’s skills became stronger and entered as a hero mage meta season 25. In the past this hero was very rarely used and became an underrated hero but after getting a revamp now this hero has become stronger and began to be widely used by ML players. After revamping Vexana’s 1 and 2 skills, the effect becomes more painful and stronger, the ultimate skill is changed, which is that it can issue creatures similar to God but in a mini version.

Vexana from being an underrated hero to a meta hero is of course the impact of the Project NEXT revamp. With this new power, Vexana can be an option for Mobile Legends players to push especially now that the hero mage is overpowered, including this Vexana.

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4. Vale

The next season 25 meta mage hero is Vale, a hero who has a deadly combo skill. Vale has indeed been one of the popular mages since its initial release, this mage has the power of crowd control skills and very painful damage. This hero mage has passive skills in the form of increasing movement speed if he kills or assists, besides that he can upgrade skills to become stronger in terms of crowd control or damage. Vale is definitely a bone of contention for players because this mage has sick damage and very useful crowd control effects.

Vale with his damage and CC effects can overwhelm the enemy, especially during war or team fights. With a 2-3-1 skill combo, Vale can produce deadly attacks and can finish off opponents with just that combo. It is appropriate that Vale is one of the sickest hero mages in season 25.

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5. Nana

Next, there is the mage hero, Nana, a cute but annoying looking hero who is hated by many ML players, of course she is included as a hero mage in the current meta season. Nana is often used by ML players because she has crowd control skills and can even turn enemy heroes into small creatures with her skills. This hero mage is capable of dealing quite a bit of damage, especially with a build item full of magic damage.

The combo skills are also easy to use, so during war or teamfight Nana should be wary because her combo skills are very deadly. Nana can be a hero in the midlane or a support hero whose job is to do ganking and help other lanes, her skills are used to open maps or trap opponents.

6. Valentine

Valentina is one of the hero mages in Mobile Legends, this hero has the unique ability to imitate and steal the enemy’s ultimate skill. In the current season, Valentina is still a subscription to tires, even since the previous season this hero has been terrible and feared. With his skill ability that can steal the enemy’s ultimate, of course this hero has great power or the same as having the ultimate of all enemy heroes.

Valentina also has good mobility and is an agile mage hero, she even has the same effect skill as Vexana, namely terrify. If used properly, this hero will be very deadly, especially if it can imitate the enemy’s ultimate skill.

7. Selena

The last hero mage meta season 25 on this list is Selena, this hero is actually a hybrid mage/assassin. Selena is already very famous among ML players, this hero has the longest stun skill of up to 3 seconds. This hero mage is often relied on as a roamer in the current meta because Selena has good mobility, her skills can open maps as well as traps, her 1st skill can give a stun effect and her attack range is far. With skills similar to Catfish, this hero can make your opponent difficult, the effect can be up to 3 seconds.

Selena can also change forms, just like Roger who has two forms. Selena also has this. This hero does require good macro and micro mastery, especially as a roamer who must be on standby to help other lanes or junglers if they are in trouble.

Well, that was the list along with the discussion about hero mage meta season 25, hopefully it will be useful and add insight. The hero mage above can be a reference in this meta season 25, especially now that many mages are overpowered and get advantages from Moonton in the current season. Looks like this is the end of the discussion this time, see you again, gamers! push rank ya!.

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