A little review of Miui 11 China Beta and Miui 11 Eu for Redmi Note 7

Share Miui 11 Usage Experience – As you know before, that Xiaomi has long planned to release the successor of the MIUI 10, namely the Miui 11. This MIUI 11 is expected to have a fresher and more friendly appearance.

here I will share my experience regarding the use of miui 11 china version beta 9.9.25 versus Xiaomi Eu base China with beta version 9.9.26.

friends need to know that in the rom version that I use, even though both are miui 11, but some of the new features are not yet available on the miui eu. one of which friends can see in the image below:

A little review of Miui 11 China Beta and Miui 11 Eu for Redmi Note 7
The difference is miui 11 china beta 9.9.25 and miui eu 11 9.9.26

In the picture above it is the result of my own screenshot when using miui 11 on china beta and on miui eu 11 beta. there it is clear that there are some features that are not yet available in the miui eu.

The other thing is that in the display settings section there is also something lacking, namely in the text size & font weight settings

A little review of Miui 11 China Beta and Miui 11 Eu for Redmi Note 7

In addition to what I mentioned above, other differences also appear in the font used. the font on miui 11 uses a new font that was promised by xiaomi first and on miui eu still uses the roboto font.

Another difference is that MiShare is not present in the miui eu. For other differences that I haven’t found yet, you can write your own in the comments on this blog.

Now we move on to gaming, on both roms after I played the PUBG Mobile game and the results I think are still good playing the game on miui eu 11 9.9.26. because on miui china, the game often feels lag and frames even though the network is smooth.

If on Miui eu, sometimes the rendering area takes a long time to get off the parachute, but it’s still better because I rarely experience lag.

If the level of heat or heat when playing pubg games for 2 hours, I think it’s the same. because I myself do not have a tool to measure the temperature. but in miui china it just feels hotter than in the eu. I think it’s still reasonable, because this rom is still in early beta and there is still a lot that needs to be optimized.

For the others, I think it’s lighter and smoother on the MIUI China Beta than on the EU. but if I had to choose, I’d rather stay at the miui eu.

oh yeah forgot, on miui china beta which is 9.9.25 after i installed google play and its accessories, the rom sometimes lags and the response feels heavy or slow. sometimes it doesn’t respond for a while like it freezes like that.

maybe that’s all I can say first, actually there’s still a lot I want to write about, but since this is a beta rom and it’s still early release, so yeah, it needs a lot to be optimized again.

One more thing, for the battery in the EU it drains a bit and on the miui 11 china it’s pretty cool the battery is a bit preserved. only everything I write is based on my experience, but not all of the experiences I got can be the same as yours, maybe after you try you will get a different experience from me.

This article is more of a brief description of the MIUI 11 beta problem. if you want a rom for daily then I suggest just installing the global stable version of the rom just to be safe. hihi…

See you soon, informant..

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