Blackbeard Will Be Betrayed by His Men?

The Blackbeard pirate group is one of the biggest threats in the world of One Piece. Like the Straw Hat Pirates, it didn’t take long for the pirate crew to gain popularity. The Blackbeard pirate group is also currently one of the major pirate groups in the series. No one would have thought if the development of this group was so rapid.

Blackbeard himself currently has a dream to rule the world. To make this happen, he also recruited many people. An example is what he did in Impel Down. Blackbeard burst into the prison and then looked for the strongest prisoner. After that, they then joined Blackbeard and became one of the main crew.

Blackbeard’s Crew

Although at first Blackbeard started his pirate group with a very small crew, it didn’t take him long to build a large crew. He started his own pirate crew after stealing Yami Yami’s devil fruit and killing his partner in Whitebeard’s group, Thatch. After that, he then recruited several names who became his initial crew.

They are Van Augur, Doc Q, Stronger, and also Jesus Burgess. They had appeared at the beginning of the One Piece series, and were involved in several moments. However, Blackbeard later recruited many more notorious and notorious criminals from Impel Down. They are Catarina Devon, Shiryu, Sanjuan Wolf, Vasco Shot, and also Avalo Pizzaro. The current total number of Blackbeard’s crew was nine people.

The nine members of Blackbeard’s crew later became the leaders of the group or fleet that later became known as the 10 Titanic Captain. What’s interesting is that Blackbeard still leaves one empty place, which is still a topic for fans to discuss. What is the reason Blackbeard left the position vacant? Has the position actually been filled? Or is Blackbeard still looking for another figure?

One Piece: Blackbeard Will Be Betrayed by His Men?, Greenscene

There are many fans who suspect that the joining of Aokiji or Kuzan will fill the vacant position. However, in reality Kuzan is only an ally for Blackbeard’s group. This means that the position is still vacant at this time. It remains a mystery whether Blackbeard intentionally left the position vacant or in fact he already had a candidate to fill the position.

What’s also interesting is that there is speculation circulating among fans that the crew of Blackbeard might be unfaithful. In this case, there is a possibility that the Blackbeard crew will betray the captain. Why is that? In his speculation this might have something to do with parallels or similarities between the Blackbeard and Rocks groups.

Why Do They Betrayed?

It has been very often circulated among fans that Eiichiro Oda is a mangaka who is very happy or often presents parallels in his story. In fact, not only the story, he also often presents parallels from the characters. For example, how Monkey D. Luffy has similarities with Gol D. Roger. Starting from the appearance, behavior, dreams, everything is almost similar.

This is also the reason why Luffy is then considered the “successor” of Roger’s determination. The same applies to Blackbeard, where he is considered to have a resemblance and is considered the successor of the figure of Rocks D. Xebec. We can see this from the ship’s name, appearance, and even the crew. And reflecting on this, it could be that the nature and behavior of their crew is the same.

The Rocks pirate group is famous for their formidable and invincible strength. The crew itself consists of Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom, many other big names. Unfortunately, the relationship between the crew is not good. They all think of each other as rivals or enemies. In fact, reportedly, it is not uncommon for them to try to kill each other.

One Piece: Blackbeard Will Be Betrayed by His Men?, Greenscene

This is in contrast to Roger’s crew, where they protect each other and have a very close connection. We can also see this from the two groups of the Straw Hat pirates and Blackbeard. There are stark contrasts between the two groups, which is also the basis for speculation that Blackbeard’s crew might be treacherous.

In Kaido’s flashback we can see how he escaped from the battle in God Valley. That is, it is not impossible if any of Blackbeard’s crew will decide to run away like Kaido. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats consider each of them a valuable figure. They will protect each other.

Is this Blackbeard’s Death?

The crew’s disloyalty could lead to the captain’s death. This then becomes the main point in his speculation or theory. In chapter 1063 we saw how the rest of Blackbeard’s crew got the devil fruit power. They are Jesus Burgess, Van Augur, Stronger, and Doc Q. This can definitely be an additional strength for the crew.

One Piece: Blackbeard Will Be Betrayed by His Men?, Greenscene

But, on the other hand, this can also backfire for Blackbeard. Why? With all of his crew having devil fruit powers, meaning they can’t help each other when someone drowns at sea. Because, as we know, devil fruit eaters will lose their swimming ability in the ocean. So, when one sinks, the rest of the crew won’t be able to help.

And this may also be the betrayal and moment of Blackbeard’s death. In the speculation, it is explained that at the end of the story Luffy will beat Blackbeard to drown. And it is in this moment that we will see the betrayal of his crew, where they can’t and won’t help the drowning captain. Because, they know if they swim then they too will die. The Blackbeard crew finally decided to let the captain die horribly.

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