Don't Miss the Free Mirror Backpack FF Booyah Day 2022 Special Edition!

Don’t Miss the Free Mirror Backpack FF Booyah Day 2022 Special Edition!

Since some time ago, the survivors have received an annual event that players have been waiting for this year, namely Booyah Day 2022.

This year’s Booyah Day 3.0 carries the theme “Your Potential”, where Free Fire wants its players to be able to unleash the potential that is within them.

In addition to an interesting theme, of course there is an interesting skin series that was released specifically to welcome the Booyah Day event titled “Your Potential”.

Well, some of them have already started and many free gifts can be obtained by players just by completing the requested missions.

Apart from missions, there are many other ways that players can get free skins and items on Free Fire, one of which is the top up bonus event.

Free Fire diamond top up bonus this time presents a cool backpack skin entitled Mirror Backpack FF, here’s the review!

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Mirror Backpack FF

Mirror Backpack FF

As players can see in the top up bonus event tab there is now a new top up bonus event available. The prize is a special skin backpack to welcome the Booyah Day event.

At first glance, this skin looks like it has a unique design and is quite similar to the backpack skin released at event 5th Free Fire Anniversary last August.

You can have this Mirror Backpack with a top up of 140 diamonds starting yesterday, 19 to 25 October 2022. You can get these gifts for free in the following ways:

  • Top Up with a minimum of 140 Diamonds.
  • Visit the Events Tab In-game Events>Top Up Bonus.
  • Click “Fetch”.
  • The Backpack Mirror reward will go directly to your Vault/Collection.

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That’s leaked information about a free event by doing a diamond top up! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.

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