How to Activate TCASH Pin on Android

Tutorial on Activating a TCASH Wallet Account from Telkomsel on Android

Tcash is an electronic shopping tool developed by Telkomsel to make it easier for us to make transactions to purchase a product, for example buying game vouchers, electricity tokens, pulses and many others through our Android smartphones. from the TCash claim that using this application can make us more efficient in shopping.

TCASH Wallet can be found in the Playstore application

For those of you who are curious to try Tcash, you can activate it independently through the Tcash application which you can download on the Playstore. the following is my summary in the process of activating my Tcash wallet as follows:

  1. After downloading and installing the Tcash Wallet application through the Playstore, then open the TCash Wallet
  2. After that you will see a page slider as an introduction page about Tcash. please dig and slide until you find the Start and Login Page.
  3. For those of you who first time registering or activating Tcash please Select Start and If you have already activated it, please select Sign in
  4. Next you guys Enter your mobile number then Fill in the code that you get through the SMS that you get
  5. Fill in the email and enter the code that was sent to our email
  6. Next fill in your TCASH PINthen fill again Or Confirm the TCASH PIN again.
  7. Don’t let you forget the TCASH pin, make sure the PIN is easy for us to remember. do not tell other people our pin for the security of our TCASH balance.
  8. In the last stage, choose one of the TCASH Tap NFC methods or the Tcash Tap Sticker, or you can choose Skip it
    Activation and creating a Tcash account on Telkomsel Android
    The series of steps for creating a Telkomsel Tcash account

If you have successfully followed the tutorial above, then you have successfully activated your TCASH account. if your cellphone supports NFC, please select NFC in the TAP TCASH method, and if you have a TCASH sticker provided by Telkomsel, you can use it. Good luck shopping for your needs with the TCASH application from TELKOMSEL.

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