How to Change or Customize Bootanimation on Our Android Phones

Custom Bootanimation On Android – Bootanimation is an animation of a collection of resources in the form of images and others that occurs when the booting process is happening. This bootanimation is able to beautify the appearance of a rom.

How to Replace or Install Bootanimation On Our Android Phones

if you feel bored with the bootanimation display on your android rom, then you can replace it by downloading the bootanimation of a rom that you want.

how to install bootanimation is quite easy, but there are quite long steps that I have to write here later. but maybe there will be some steps or steps that are confusing for you beginners who are first changing a bootanimation.

here are some of the main requirements that you must do, please see through below:

  1. Have an android phone
  2. Installed a custom rom (if the default rom like rom miui can also but must meet the requirements in number 3 below)
  3. Installed magisk manager (aka root) we will need root access to install it. actually there is a bootanimation that can be installed through the substratum but we can’t choose the bootanimation at will.
  4. install es file explorer via playstore

Of the four conditions above, you don’t actually have to be a magisk manager, you can install super su. but if you want to root your android, I recommend using magisk only.

Next you can download a collection of several bootanimations from the Telegram group. so make sure you have a telegram account and please click on the link below:

After you download the bootanimation you want, then we will start the tutorial on how to replace our android bootanimation with a better and cooler bootanimation in our opinion.

please follow the tutorial how to change the following bootanimation:

  1. Open your es explorer and please first backup the default from our android rom. This is intended if you want to return it to how it was later. how to backup you to the directory section system/media/, Now, please copy the file and move it to your home folder
  2. Next we go to the home directory of the telegram document folder section. in this document folder contains all the files that you downloaded earlier. make sure you remember the size of the boot animation, so you don’t copy it wrong later. Move the zip file that you downloaded to the Download folder so that it will be easier for us to copy it later.
  3. If so, please rename or rename the file that you downloaded earlier to
  4. if you have then copy the bootanimation earlier and place it in the system/media/ directory, paste it in the media folder and replace the stock bootanimation.
  5. then you click and hold on the boot animation, then select properties and change the permissions to rw-r–r–
  6. After that please restart your android

I have practiced this method on miui roms and custom roms, both android oreo and android 9.0 on my redmi 3s cellphone. but if friends are still confused by the instructions above, then you can watch the video below for more details.

Good luck and good luck!! all risks that occur on your cellphone are borne by each individual, I am not responsible if something happens to your android. do it on the basis of each of your courage. the best way is to learn directly from our experienced friends firsthand.

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