How to Convert Telkomsel Points to Tcash Bonus Balances

Tutorial to Make Our Telkomsel Points Into Tcash Balance Bonus

Today we will discuss how we can use our Telkomsel Point balance. Those of you who have Telkomsel Points balances must be confused about how to use them other than to be exchanged at spin events or want to be used to buy at pointastic deal events which are held once a day at certain hours. Actually there are many ways to take advantage of our Telkomsel points, but this time we will not discuss them in detail about this. this time I will only discuss how to turn it into a bonus balance in our tcash wallet.

My Tcash Bonus Balance after Redemption of 100 Telkomsel Points

Before converting Telkomsel Points into balance Bonus on Tcash, it’s a good idea for friends to register first in the tcash application. please check my article on how to activate the Tcash Wallet Pin. after you have finished the tcash wallet activation process, then you just try to follow the tutorial below to be able to change your telkomsel points into bonus balances in tcash:

  1. Make sure you have enough points and please open your My Telkomsel application
  2. Select the three lines in the upper left corner and select Telkomsel Point
  3. Next, we choose the image to exchange Telkomsel points to Tcash
  4. After that, we just choose the nominal according to the number of points we have, for example here I have 100 Telkomsel points and I will exchange it for 10 thousand Tcash Bonus balances
  5. After that Click Exchange 100 Points and Click Confirm
  6. Then you will receive a successful SMS in exchanging your Telkomsel points into a Tcash bonus balance
    How to Convert Telkomsel Points to Tcash Bonus Balances
    The Process of Redeeming Your Telkomsel Points Into Tcash Balance
  7. How to use this bonus balance with just a tap and snap.

For those of you who are used to shopping using this bonus balance, you will understand how to spend it, but for those of you who have never been, don’t be surprised or don’t use it to shop for data packages in the tcash application because you won’t be able to. why can not? because the bonus balance provided in the Tcash Wallet Application is only for Tap and Snap shopping. Balance Bonus and Balance alone are different, so basically the Telkomsel Points exchanged by us will turn into bonuses and not become the main balance. This bonus can only be spent by Tap and Snap.

That’s the information I can give this time about how to convert Telkomsel points into bonus balances in the tcash wallet application. I hope this article can be understood by friends who read it.

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