How to Create a New Email in Gmail

How to Create a New Email in Gmail

Create New Email – Email is a program designed to send messages using an electronic device.

currently there are many variants of email, there are gmail, yahoo, and bing. even we ourselves can make our own custom email by integrating with the domain that we have.

this time we will learn to create a new gmail account by following the tutorial below:

  1. Open Your Gmail App
  2. Select Profile picture in the upper right corner
  3. choose create another account
  4. choose create account
  5. fill in your first and last name, then click next
  6. fill in date of birth and gender, click next if you have
  7. in this section, select create your own gmail to suit your wishes, fill in the name of the email you want to use. if the username is already in use, please replace it with another one.
  8. then if successful please click next, and fill in the password to secure the gmail
  9. you choose to skip
  10. then click next and select I agree

at this stage the process of creating a new gmail should have been completed. then you can change the gmail profile photo as you like.

Note: Never share your email password with anyone. keep it in a safe place so that when you forget it, you can still see it later.

For a more detailed tutorial, you can watch the video below:

I hope this tutorial for creating a new gmail can be useful for beginners in particular. Thank you for dropping by on my blog.

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