How to Disable Auto Download on Whatsapp

How to turn off auto download on Wa or Whastapp

How to Disable Auto Download on Whatsapp – by default the whastapp application will activate the auto download feature. this makes your wa will work when connected to the internet, then wa will automatically download image files, videos and other files.
Whatsapp on Android can download files automatically so don’t be surprised if suddenly in our gallery there are unknown image or video files.

for friends who join many groups on whatsapp will definitely experience this problem, why do I consider this an obstacle or problem? Just imagine if the image file that is sent is large enough and can make our memory full.

besides that, most of the images that are downloaded are sometimes images that we don’t expect so we need to filter which files or files we should download.

In addition, we are also tired of deleting files or image files that are downloaded automatically. therefore we need to disable the auto download feature in the WhatsApp application.

how to turn off downloading in the wa application is quite easy, you can follow the steps as follows:

  1. Open your whatsapp application
  2. Select the three dots in the upper right corner, then click Settings
  3. Next you guys Select Data and Storage Usage
  4. After that on the Media Auto Download option, you guys uncheck all the options in When Using Mobile Data and Also uncheck the option When Connected On Wifi

    How to prevent the Whatsapp application from downloading image or video files automatically
    Remove all the checklists in the media option
  5. After that you can calm down, you can now choose to download the image you want if you really need it

After you turn off the Media Auto Download feature in the WhatsApp application, when your friend sends an image or photo file and other documents, the file will no longer be automatically downloaded but wait for you to download it first.

Well this method is a safe way to filter a file that comes in through our chat messages in the WhatsApp application.

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