How to Display Ruler (Ruler) in Microsoft Word Easily

When we have a new computer or laptop, usually we will install some of the required software such as Microsoft Word, Excel. etc.

This time I will share information on how to display the ruler or ruler in Microsoft Word. I think this rule is very important because it will really help us when setting the layout of sentences such as when we create a list we can arrange the location of this list using the ruler.

When we install a new microsoft office, usually the ruler in microsoft word has not appeared. Here’s how to display it:

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Select Menu View
  • Check List CheckBox Ruler
checkbox ruler no code
  • After checking the ruler, the ruler or Microsoft Word ruler will automatically appear
microsoft word view ruler no code

I used to be confused about how to display this ruler, with this article I hope it can help friends to display the ruler or ruler in Microsoft Word, Thank you

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