How to Lock File Folders in Windows with a Password to be Safe

There are several reasons why people lock folders using passwords so that they cannot be seen by others, the contents of the files in the folder are confidential, so that people who want to open the folder look for us to find out the password. etc.

Locking folders using password verification can be done using scripts or software, but this time I will review how to lock folders using software because apart from being easy, we don’t need to write or think about the codes we need.

  • Prepare the folder that we will lock using a password
  • Install Winrar
  • After winrar is installed, right-click on the folder that we want to lock
  • Select, Add to archive
  • Select the archive format, if the desired archive type is .zip select the zip type
  • then click set password
set password gapunyacode
  • If you have set the password, click OK
  • click ok, done

If the process is complete, the winrar file will appear with the verification of the password that we have created. When we open the archive, we will be asked to enter a password, if we enter the wrong password, the contents of the folder will not open and there will be information like the following:

wrong information password no code

As long as we lock the folder using a password, not everyone can see the contents of our folder or archive, even though we store this folder on a flash drive or external hard drive when the folder is opened it will ask for a password first.

How are you bro? not difficult not to lock the folder. Hopefully it will be useful for friends, greetings, thank you

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