How to Overcome the Loss of the Trusted Face Feature or Face Unlock on Smart Lock When Installing Custom Rom Android

Fix Missing Feature Trusted Faced On Any Custom Rom – This time I will discuss my experience when installing several custom roms. there are several problems that I experienced such as being encrypted, bootloop, and many others. I can’t write all the problems with the solutions because I’m lazy to write them. So I’ll write when I’m in the mood to write.

this time I will discuss the problem of the smart lock feature which I have discussed in my previous article. The problem that arises this time is that when I install a custom rom, I have problems with the loss of the trusted face or face unlock feature. How to Overcome the Loss of the Trusted Face Feature or Face Unlock on Smart Lock When Installing Custom Rom Android
How to restore the lost Trusted Face feature when installing a custom rom

The Trusted Faced feature is quite useful for me, maybe some of my friends have experienced it and want to use it again when switching custom roms.

To fix this, you only need to add a module file from magisk which I will provide later. let’s go straight to how to restore this lost trusted face feature:

  1. I assume friends have installed the magisk, yes, and please Download the Trusted Face Module File here!! the link is directly to the download file without safelink guys..
  2. After that, please add the module as shown in the image below:
    How to Install Magisk Module
  3. after that, please check the smart lock, whether there is or not the trusted face feature.

Warning!: The risk of failing to install this magisk module is that your cellphone cannot boot and can also bootloop. do according to the courage and responsibility of each. I have tested this module on a custom rom android version 9.0 and this module is not for a custom rom based on miui guys.. the device that I tested on redmi 3s with a custom rom havoc 2.2 android 9.0. I haven’t tried it for Android 8.1 because I’ve never experienced it on Oreo.

I suggest for friends to check the video below to make it clearer:

Watch the video until it’s finished and don’t forget to subscribe, guys. for shortcomings and if there is an error in the delivery I apologize. I say thank you for friends who have stopped by my blog.

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