How to Overcome Telkomsel Local Internet Quota Cannot Be Used Open Google

In the past, there was no such thing as a special quota for social media, chat quota, youtube quota and others. But here and there the types of quotas are increasingly diverse, so I myself have to be diligent in checking which remaining quotas are still available.

How to Overcome Telkomsel's Local Quota Can't Be Used Open Google

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Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced that certain types of quota can’t be used properly. For example, local quotas cannot be used for internet even though the quota is still there.

What is Telkomsel Local Quota?

Local quota is a quota that can be used to access any internet, for browsing, youtube, games, chat, social media and others. Because the name is “local”, this type of quota can be used in the area where you first activate your internet package.

Like the story my brother used to live in the Purwakarta area and when Eid arrived he returned home. When he was in his village he was constrained by the fact that the regular quota had run out and all that was left was the local quota which he activated in the area where he lived.

How to Overcome the Unusable Local Quota?

  1. Use local quota in regional zones the first time you activate your internet package.
  2. If you move to another location, you can use local quota by activating the internet package again in that area.
  3. Trying to Restart HP
  4. Deactivate the SIM Card Then activate it again
  5. The last step is to contact customer service to find out more detailed information. Like the regional zone

Knowing Telkomsel’s regional zones is very important, because the regional division may be a benchmark for local quota distribution. So you have to be careful when activating the type of package, to make sure the area is the area you want.

That’s the information that I can share with my friend, Gapunyakode, thank you for those of you who have returned here or for those of you who have just visited this blog, I welcome you, I hope you feel at home. Thank you

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