How to Search Images Without Background on Google

The need for images for certain purposes has become commonplace. Whether it’s used to make covers, assignments, logos, wallpapers, t-shirt designs and much more. There are various types of image file extensions, such as. jpegs, png. gifs and more.

But according to Gapunyakode, there are only two types of images when viewed from the function factor. That is, the image has a background and the image does not have a background. Of course, these two types have their respective functions.

The function of this image without a background is usually used to create a creative image, that is, we can paste this image without a background into another image without covering the main image. Usually we can see for example on video covers on YouTube, many creators modify images to make them look attractive.

This image with a checkered background is commonly used, for the type of extension to my knowledge is PNG. But you need to know that not all image files with a PNG extension without a background and image files without a background definitely have a png extension.

How do we get an image without a background?

To get an image file without a background, we can actually edit it ourselves. We can edit files using Photoshop or other applications. But of course if you don’t have the application, you have to download it first, of course it will take a long time.

The easiest way is to search on google, friend and to get the image according to our wishes, there are a few steps that you have to do, want to know how? Come on, see bro.

Searching for Pictures Without Background on Google

  1. Go to google
  2. Write down the keyword for the image you want to search for
  3. Then select the search type to be “Images”
  4. Friend, search and select the tools menu
  5. Then my friend set “Color” to “Transparent”

If it’s the last stage, the png image without the background has been selected and you can search for the image. Furthermore, if you have found the image then my friend must save it, so as not to follow the wrong way.

How to save an image without a background

  1. Select image
  2. Then look at the picture
  3. Next save the image
  4. Make sure the image file that you save has a PNG extension and nothing else
  5. Done

If this final stage has been done, then you have got an image and then you can use it to create a new, creative image.

That’s a short and easiest tutorial to get an image without a background without having to edit it. If you are still confused, please leave a comment below, I will reply as much as possible. Thank you

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