How to Set Private DNS on Xiaomi Phones

How to Enable the Latest Private DNS Special for Xiaomi – Private DNS Actually a feature that has existed since Android 9 was launched, but some brands seem to intentionally not include this feature in their devices even though the Android 9 version has been installed.

Even though this Private DNS feature for some people really needs it, so sometimes we use additional applications to activate it.

But on this occasion, I am an informant, I will share how to activate this private dns feature officially without additional applications such as QuickShorcutMaker, so that we no longer need to spend additional quota.

let’s go straight to how to activate the private dns feature without additional applications:

  1. Please Open Settings
  2. Search Connection & Sharing
  3. Choose Private DNS
  4. Fill in the DNS you have (eg
  5. then save

if you feel confused, please watch my video below for a more detailed tutorial:

after that you can surf or browse to open websites that are blocked or not blocked by the government in your respective countries.

use personal dns if you have, besides that there are suggestions that friends must remember, namely:

  • do not use this vpn feature or private dns feature for all types of banking transactions and so on (for data security and others)
  • use it for good things only (eg open forums to learn)

This tutorial from the informant I made specifically for Xiaomi users who are on a MIUI ROM and have Android 10, if you have Android 10 and haven’t got this feature, then wait for the official update from Xiaomi.

from my experience using pocophone on rom 11.0.4 android 10, this feature doesn’t exist yet, but in the 11.0.8 update the private dns feature is active.

so for those of you who haven’t gotten this private dns feature, if it’s still on Android 9 you must use additional applications such as quickshortcutmaker or you can follow my tutorial here.

So much information that I can provide, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.

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