How to set a Xiaomi cellphone memory full for more storage

Memory storage will be fuller as the period of use of a cellphone. This applies to all brands, because due to some remaining data that is not completely erased or some other type of file that accumulates and we forget to delete it.

Other Files
We call it another file, for Xiaomi brand smartphone users, this is always a hot topic of conversation. How to delete other files ? that’s what is always asked when the memory starts to full even though the files that are often used do not exceed that.

What are Other Files?
Other files on the storage system of this xiaomi cellphone are a type of file that has a certain extension but cannot be opened via the smartphone.

Well, there are other files that are important and some are not, so deleting other files to 0 might be possible. But if the file is still in use there is a possibility that it will return because there is an application that automatically downloads the data.

How to set a Xiaomi cellphone memory full for more storage

How to set a Xiaomi cellphone memory full for more storage

1. Delete Other Files

The trick is to use the deep clean menu through the xiaomi default security application.

  • Open the security app
  • Then select deep clean
  • Scroll to find “big files”
  • Then select the file with the “?” sign on it. ask
  • Select delete

Doing this is only to minimize the memory used, as some other files may be in the android folder in certain apps. Of course, there will be a risk of crashing if we forcibly delete the file.

How to set a Xiaomi cellphone memory full for more storage

The solution : Just leave the other files and all we can do is minimize it and do other optimizations to make more memory.

2. Clear Cache

Clearing the cache using a “clean” application does help us, but it is not completely erased. To find out how much cache is stored on our cellphones, please follow the steps below

  • Go to settings
  • Select storage (storage)
  • Please check the size of the “cache” if it’s too big to be gigabytes, please delete it
  • The trick is to just tap on the “number of cache”
  • Wait for it to finish.

When the process is complete but doesn’t change anything, just restart it.

3. Transferring Files to an External Hard Drive or PC/Laptop

To overcome a full cellphone memory is to move photo files, video documents and others to the hard drive. Because this habit of liking later is what makes files pile up, resulting in full memory.


The memory is suddenly full when you want to use the cellphone, it makes you excited, friend, especially if you are on vacation to a beach far from your PC/laptop and suddenly there is a notification that you can’t record or take photos due to full memory. Well, we have to give up some files to be deleted so we can take photos/videos.

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