How to TopUp Diamond Using Unipin Mobile Legends Game Voucher Discount

It’s just my feeling or my friend doesn’t have the code too, if the mobile legends game subtly makes us buy diamonds to take part in the event? Or maybe every event has to be like that from the beginning?

But that’s okay, isn’t it okay to be a free player every now and then, it’s okay to buy diamonds. After all, friends, buying diamonds now can go through many methods, even the nominal starts from a thousand.

Of course, getting discount vouchers or free game vouchers is fun. Is it true bro? There is an application that provides this, want to know? You can start using a digital wallet.

Like FUND. you can start downloading here. This digital wallet application really likes to surprise users, because suddenly there are vouchers that enter. The vouchers are not fake, 90% discount, 90% chili and sometimes even 100%.

Including this game voucher, fortunately, the application has a feature to buy game vouchers directly and through intermediaries such as Unipin.

How to Use Unipin Vouchers.

  • Make sure the unipin voucher is new and has not been used
  • Then visit there unipin(dot)com
  • Enter your game account ID code
  • Enter the code correctly (otherwise there will be an error)
  • Then select the number of diamonds to be purchased
  • Because I got a voucher of 10 thousand, I chose the number of diamonds 36.
  • Then select the payment method “voucher”
  • See first the type of voucher, whether it’s UP gift card or unipin voucher id
  • You can see the difference, if you use serial number gift card: UPGC. And for other types of vouchers, you can use unipin vouchers
  • Please, my friend, enter the voucher serial number and voucher PIN.
  • Then select confirm if the code is correct, if in doubt, please check again.

This is brief information about the tutorial on how to top up diamonds through Unipin with the gift card voucher payment method. I hope it helps, mate, thank you.

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