How to use OTG on the latest Realme 5 Pro

Realme 5 Pro Support OTG – Good evening informant friends.. this time I will share my experience when using otg on my realme 5 pro. when i first bought realme 5 pro and tried otg to move my files to the device, i had trouble and finally searched to find out whether my realme supports OTG or not. luckily my Realme 5 pro supports OTG 😉

For those of you who are asking, does realme 5 pro support OTG? Of course it’s support, bro, only the method is slightly different because there are several settings that need to be activated first so that the OTG you have can be detected.

Of course, the OTG Type that can be used in realme 5 pro is OTG Type C because the port used in realme 5 pro uses type c.

Let’s go straight to the tutorial on how to use OTG on the realme 5 pro, follow the tutorial below, okay?

  1. Please plug in your OTG USB Type C (I used Sandisk OTG, which of course includes the memory directly) into the realme cellphone.
  2. then open the Settings app and select Additional Settings
    How to use OTG on the latest Realme 5 Pro
  3. After that, you guys can find the OTG option menu
  4. Please slide the toggle button to the right to activate the OTG feature
    How to use OTG on the latest Realme 5 Pro
  5. Next, open the Realme File Manager Application and look for your OTG Memory

From the tutorial above, you can find a way that you can use to activate OTG on your Realme 5 pro. For other Realme phones, you can also try this method, if the OTG option is available, please activate the feature to be able to use the OTG.

Greetings from the informant … hopefully it will be useful for all of you who need it. don’t forget to share this article if it’s useful, thank you..!!

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