How to Use Tempered Glass Wipes When Installing Yourself

The first cell phone screen protector that I know is anti-scratch. If you already know the old nokia 3315, for the next year you will definitely know about anti-scratch. The material is thin and flexible while its function is to protect scratches on the main screen.

Anti-scratch is the cheapest screen protector, but now there are many cheap tempered glass. But yes, friend, of course, this cheap price is not necessarily good quality. But if you want to try it’s okay because I myself prefer the cheap ones hehe.

Well, it happened that a few moments ago my cellphone fell and the tempered glass cracked, luckily it was cheap so I just bought it again, right? Usually it’s all installed in place, but this time I installed it myself, friend, as well as making articles.

It turns out that there are two tissues, friend, they are green and pink. Well, because I’ve never installed it, I finally asked my friend, my friend was told to search on Google, finally I found out how to use the correct tempered glass tissue.

How to Use Tissue and Install Tempered Glass Yourself

  1. If the cellphone already has a TG before, you just need to remove it first. The trick is to pry little by little the edge of the TG will release itself.
  2. If your cellphone doesn’t have a TG then you can immediately clean it.
  3. Use green tissue or the one that says wet. The trick is to just rub it evenly until it looks clean
  4. Then use pink tissue to continue cleaning the screen
  5. Please, my friend, open the tempered glass. Then just install it.

If the size does not match the screen, then you need to find the right measuring point so that the tempered glass is installed perfectly. Because all this time, Vince has been using for non-full tempered glass, the size is not the same as the screen.

How are you interested in trying to install it yourself? Please try, friend, it’s important to be sure. That’s all for now, friend, I hope this information can help you. Thank you

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