How to Zoom Chess Rush Arena Board Showing More Detailed Heroes

Yo, gamer friends, gapunyakode – Having a hobby of playing games makes us always improve our playing skills. But there are other effects that make us like certain games, such as hero characters who have good looks, be it skill effects or skins.

Thus, sometimes we want to have mercenaries related to the game. Whether it’s in the form of a t-shirt, hat or bag, but there are also those who have the desire to record the game in video form.

Like the chess rush game which is a chess-based game with heroes that have different attack effects on each hero. I myself like to see the effect of displaying games including this game by zooming in on the arena board.

If in some games like mobile legends we can’t zoom in or zoom out while playing, it’s different from chess rush which has been given a zoom function. Why is it different? Chances are it’s because of the different game systems.

To be able to zoom on the arena board there is something we need to set more precisely to activate, please, my friend, follow these steps:

  1. Open the chess rush game app
  2. Then the settings menu (located in the upper right corner as in the image above)
  3. Then go to the video submenu
  4. Scroll to the bottom
  5. Find the option “camera zoom during preparation”
  6. Then change from NO to Yes
  7. Done

How to Use Zoom Board Chess Rush

  1. When my friend is already in the game to zoom this is to stick two fingers then move away.
  2. To zoom out is the other way around, that is, we just need to bring the two fingers closer together.

Very simple isn’t it? After activating the feature, you can definitely see the hero in detail, as well as the effect of the hero attack will appear closer and steady. Well, that’s a simple tutorial that I can share, hopefully it will be useful. Thank you

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