MPL ID Season 10 Day 2 Playoff Results: RRQ Towards Final Upper!

MPL ID Season 10 Day 2 Playoff Results: RRQ Towards Final Upper!

The MPL ID Season 10 playoffs are heading to the second day, there will be two upper bracket matches which are certainly very exciting where there are RRQ Vs AURA and ONIC Vs BTR.

What the results are like, here is the summary of the results of the second day of the MPL ID Season 10 playoffs.

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RRQ Hoshi Vs AURA Fire

source: YT MLBB

A good game from AURA Fire finished a tight game against RRQ Hoshi in the first game, the result was 1-0 temporary score for AURA.

2-0, AURA went crazy again and got a match point for them and put RRQ on the edge.

An exciting game took place in the third match where RRQ certainly could not lose if they wanted to continue, and RRQ succeeded in proving that, the temporary score was 1-2.

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RRQ still have breath to play the fifth game, where in a fierce fourth game they managed to win it and change the score to 2-2.

Reverse Sweep occurred, patient play from RRQ Hoshi resulted in a victory by successfully destroying the thick meta from AURA Fire, and succeeded in lowering AURA to the lower bracket.

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