Must Know For Beginners!! How to install custom rom on our cellphone

How to Install Android Custom Rom – Custom rom is a special rom made for some android devices. not all cellphones have custom roms available. I still remember when I was using the Samsung Ace 1 or Samsung type S5830 with Android version 2.3 or Android Gingerbread first, where at that time I installed the Cyanogen Mod custom ROM for the first time.

Must Know For Beginners!!  How to install custom rom on our cellphone

there is a lot of experience that I got from the initial experiment, such as bootloop, dead phones and others. I used to install a custom rom because I wanted to try a new atmosphere on the newer Android version too. I had installed lollipop for the last time on my Samsung Ace 1 device at that time. Because of this experience, I know how to flash a Samsung cellphone with Odin first and many other things.

The Samsung cellphone is still a legend until now I still keep it in the closet. the condition is quite pathetic too because the cellphone often falls too.

after switching cellphones from samsung to nokia and back again to samsung grandprime until finally I feel at home in the current xiaomi. why i choose xiaomi? besides the low price with adequate specs, there is another reason, namely because there are many forums on xda to customize the rom.

there are so many custom roms or custom roms available on xda that we can try for xiaomi devices in particular. this is why i choose xiaomi, many custom roms are available which we can try. so we can get a new atmosphere and a new experience when trying to install a custom rom.

especially the xiaomi roms that have a lot of ads, and the lack of features that we can find in the official roms that we use. I’m currently using a redmi 3s and redmi note 5 pro device. but what I often mutually change rom is only the redmi 3s. I only use the redmi note 5 for daily use.

After venting above, I will share a little experience on how to install a custom rom on our xiaomi or on your cellphone. Here are some terms and tips that you must comply with:

  1. Make sure your cellphone is on UBL (if the device other than xiaomi I don’t understand, try reading on the xda forum). UBL or Unlock Bootloader is very important, but there are risks that you might consider. This UBL can make the security of the cellphone more vulnerable and also if it is hit by Micloud, the cellphone will be easily bypassed. Well, I’m UBL because I want to install TWRP and install a custom rom
  2. TWRP Installed (must install twrp, in the past there was only one twrp that I know, now there is twrp that supports treble and non treble. make sure you find out first what treble and non treble twrp are, do the math to increase your knowledge on xda a lot explanation). please search on xda twrp that matches your device. I myself use orangeFox version 8.0. This is a modded twrp. you can choose to install the official or the mod.
  3. You know the code name of your cellphone or the type of your cellphone (For example, the redmi 3s codename is “Land”, the redmi note 5 pro is “Whyred”, the redmi note 4x has two versions, mediatek and snapdragon, the snapdragon codename is “Mido”,) the goal is so that you don’t download the wrong rom guys. so later you can see the rom build using the codename according to our cellphone.

A custom rom is generally based on AOSP made by Ms. Google. but there are also ported roms. Ported rom is a custom rom made from another brand rom that is modified in such a way that it can be installed on the same brand of cellphone but of a different type or it can be a different brand. for example like the asus rog rom ported and then installed on the redmi note 5 pro.

There is also a miui rom from redmi note 7 with android 9.0 ported for land or mido devices. and many more, you have to learn to recognize this. because every custom rom is different how to install it.

this time I gave an example by installing android version 9.0 with a custom rom havoc os. just follow this tutorial friends:

  1. I’m using a redmi 3s device and already installed twrp orangeFox R8.0
  2. Please download the havoc os rom or the AEX Extended, you can choose the two roms for learning.
  3. After the download is complete, please also download the OpenGapps. how to download this opengapps you also have to know. download according to the arm used by your cellphone, then select the android version. I give an example as below:

    In this picture because I am using redmi 3s, the type of arm used is arm64, then because the custom rom that I downloaded is havoc with android version 9.0, I chose the opengapps which is specifically for android pie, which is 9.0. then the variant I choose nano so that a few Google bloatware applications are installed.
  4. After downloading all the ingredients, we will install the custom rom. enter your TWRP. how to enter twrp if on xiaomi, turn off the cellphone first then use the volume up + volume down + power button combination press simultaneously until the xiaomi logo appears, then release. or you can also use the advanced power menu if there is then select recovery
  5. Next is after you are on the main page of TWRp, next Select Wipe. but I suggest to back it up first through your twrp, then choose backup. The purpose of this backup is just in case there is a possibility of a bootloop happening.
  6. Then Choose Advanced Wipe and check the 5 options, namely dalvik/ART Cache, System, Data, Vendor and Cache. after that select swipe to wipe by sliding the toggle button to the right.
  7. then you go back to the main TWRP page and Select Install, then look for the havoc custom rom file that you downloaded earlier. after that you Swipe right to install the custom rom zip file.
  8. after you finish installing the zip rom, then you also install opengapps in the same way in step 7 above.
  9. After it is finished installing, then you click reboot and wait for it to finish.

The risks of installing a custom rom are many, in my experience I have had a bootloop, been stuck on the logo too, suddenly a black blank was also there. I suggest that when you try to install a custom rom for the first time, you ask to be guided first by your experienced friends.

or you can watch it on youtube for a tutorial on how to install it. maybe my writing is still lacking a lot of information that I need to add. because the custom rom is different, the installation step is different.

some need to install lazyflasher or disable dm-verity, some don’t. The method I gave above has been practiced by myself with my Redmi 3s device.

one more clean flash and dirty flash, maybe you will often hear this term. that dirty flash, you only need to wipe dalvik / ART Cache and Cache. Usually this dirty flash is used to install updates from a rom. for example the havoc os I use is version 2.2 and the developer issued the latest update 2.3, so I just need to install it with dirty flash without installing opengapps.

If a clean flash is a wipe, there are 5 options as in step 6 above. the goal must be to install a new rom. but it depends on the recommendation from the rom developer. Like Havoc, it is often recommended to install a clean flash.

if you want to backup the application that was previously in the other rom then just do a backup via migrate only.

Remember, different phones have different installation methods, different people have different success rates!! do based on their respective responsibilities and be sure to read with more adequate and more specific sources.

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