PUBG Mobile Lag and broken in the latest 0.17 update September 2022

PUBG Mobile Lag and Frame – Gamers friends this time I will share a little of my experience when updating pubg mobile in September. I’m sure some of you must have experienced complaints, such as when playing games they framed and broke.

PUBG Mobile Lag and broken in the latest 0.17 update March 2020

it’s not just friends who have experienced this, I myself have experienced it after the pubg mobile update this month.

At first I thought my cellphone was too potato, but after stopping by on pubg forums and experiencing lots of complaints like what I experienced.

So how to solve the Lag and Broken PUBG Mobile problem after the September 2022 update?

Notes: My advice is to read until the end of this article so you can make a decision whether you want to try my trick or not. I’ve tried several ways to reduce lag and crashes using various tricks that you can try:

  1. uninstall the game (I suggest clearing the data and cache of the application first and then uninstalling it) and delete the tencent folder in the android-> data section (usually there are and on some devices there are also those that have been deleted because the data and cache have been cleared).
  2. re-install the game (re-download) and don’t login first, please restart your cellphone
  3. open your game and login with your pung mobile account
  4. try playing in classic mode first to test
  5. if you feel it’s still lagging, turn off shadows, and try setting the graphics at smooth high or smooth low, if your cellphone supports ultra or extreme smooth, it’s recommended to try this setting first.
  6. the last way I tried was to install a 60 fps config (just look for activ sav which is 60 fps iphone plus). when you use this config, the lag feels really lag and it’s broken a lot (this method I still don’t dare to recommend because according to news it can get banned from pubg mobile, I hope friends do a trial with your fake account)

I have proven the above method, the lag and cracks are reduced, make sure the condition of your cellphone is a bit cool before playing the game. I do not guarantee that this method can 100% reduce the lag and crashes that you experience. Also make sure your internet connection is good.

The device I use is realme 5 pro 4/128. you can try it on another device, hope it helps. download using a neighbor’s wifi to save quota hehehe..

Please try it yourself, all the risks you experience are at your own risk. here the admin only shares his own experience after the new update is released.

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