These 2 Hero Assassin OP Mobile Legends Are Most Suitable As Roamers

You must know that these two assassin op heroes in Mobile Legends are best suited to be played as roamers, very effective.

Generally, assassin-type heroes in Mobile Legends are all played as the main core of the team, there are lots of heroes of this type who fill the jungler role.

But don’t get me wrong, there are two hero assassin ops in Mobile Legends that are common and very suitable to be played as a roamer, even more effective than when played as a core, who are they?

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Hero assassin op mobile legends
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Lastly, there is Natalia, despite her many counters, Natalia roamer is always a favorite because it is very deadly. He was able to kill the opponent’s core who walked alone in the forest without anyone’s help.

In addition to kidnapping and killing the opponent’s core, Natalia roamer is also really good for opening maps. So when using it your map will be very bright.


New Selena Skin MLBB
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Lastly, there is Selena, all Mobile Legends players must already know that Selena is the most effective assassin hero to play as a roamer.

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He has skill 2 in the form of a stun which is quite long when it hits his opponent and this skill has a very short cooldown so it can spam continuously to the opponent.

Not to mention the duration of the stun produced is very long, just imagine skill 2 or Selena’s catfish hitting the opponent’s core, then the opponent’s team fight will limp.

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