10 Best Assassin Heroes 2022 Mobile Legends

Assassin is one of the important roles in the Mobile Legends game, they are tasked with eliminating enemy heroes, especially carry heroes. There are several assassin heroes in ML, but there are only some of the best assassin heroes in 2022 or this year. Meta does change every season or year, besides that, hero adjustments such as buffs, nerfs, revamps often change Meta heroes too. Assassins are one of those that are subject to Meta adjustments and changes because they have the potential to change the course of the game.

On this occasion I will give a list of the best, strongest, and sickest assassin heroes in 2022. Curious, right? who will be included in the list this time. For those of you who are looking for this important information, please read on until the end so you can find out and take advantage of the heroes below, just go ahead.

1. Ling


The first best assassin hero in 2022 is Ling, this hero is very agile and can move on walls. Ling has been repeatedly adjusted, mostly in the form of nerf, but still this hero is still terrible. Ling deserves to be one of 2022’s sickest assassin heroes because his skill set can kill opponents easily, especially thin-blooded heroes like marksman or mage. This hero is also very agile in moving from one wall to another so it is easy for him to run away or chase enemies.

Ling is indeed often hit by nerfs but it seems that he is a Meta hero in 2022, it’s only natural that there are still many who use this hero in ranked mode. Ling’s skill is very troublesome of course and has advantages over other assassin heroes, if the pilot is good the hero is also good.

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2. Benedetta


The next hero is Benedetta, one of the new assassin heroes in Mobile Legends is actually able to occupy the top position. Benedetta has pain damage and also very fast and agile movements. His abilities and skill sets can finish off opponents easily through his skill combinations. Benedetta also has immune skills against crowd control and damage for less than a second, this is very useful.

Benedetta entered as the strongest assassin hero in 2022 thanks to sick damage, skill sets and agile movements as a result he often becomes a subscription to tires or fights. He can move nimbly because his skills can blink indefinitely, useful for escaping or chasing opponents. Indeed, this hero is difficult to master, but if you continue to practice combinations and mechanisms, you can do it over time.

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3. Helcurt


The next best assassin hero in 2022 is Helcurt as one of the deadliest assassins in Mobile Legends. Helcurt can kill opponents easily using his skill set, even in the early game. The Deadly Stingers skill is capable of producing high and painful burst damage, especially when it reaches 4 new stacks. Helcurt can also give the enemy a silence effect through skill 1 and passive, he will jump to the target and the opponent cannot issue a skill for a few seconds.

Helcurt also has the ultimate skill to blind the map and darken the enemy’s vision for a while. With the help of this ultimate skill he can gank enemies anywhere suddenly or the term surprise attack. To be even more effective, just use a 3-1-2 skill combination to finish off your opponent, prioritize carry heroes such as marksman, mage, or assassin.

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4. Gusion


The next hero is Gusion, one of the best assassins in 2022 returns to Meta. Gusion is still a favorite of Mobile Legends players to this day. The reason is of course because Gusion has advantages in terms of sick damage, his movements are agile, he can also lock heroes easily through his skills. Gusion is very deadly if in the right hands, as long as it can use its skill combos properly. This hero deserves to be included in the list of the sickest assassin heroes in 2022 because many have proven the efficacy of Gusion.

The key to using Gusion is a combination of skills that are right and fast, don’t be late or miss because it’s the same as throwing away opportunities and skills. Make good use of Gusion’s ultimate skill because it can reset the cooldown of skills 1 and 2, use it properly.

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5. Selena


Selena as one of the best assassin heroes in 2022 which is also included in the list this time. This hero is considered deadly because it has the longest stun skill in the Mobile Legends game. Selena has two forms, both forms have different skill sets and can be used as a combination attack. Selena’s Abyssal Trap skill is useful for opening vision in the grass or map as well as acting as a trap. Selena can also rely on the Abysall Arrow skill for crowd control, for example to catch enemy carry heroes so that they are stunned for a long time.

Just combine skills 1 and 2 of Selena, after the target is hit by the Abysall Arrow skill, immediately use the shape change in skill 3 then just use the skill set in that form to finish off the opponent. The key is to use Selena’s skill set correctly, if you can hit the target and also place a trap skill for vision and trap the opponent’s hero, since the early game Selena is already dangerous.

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6. Natalia

Natalia ML

The next best assassin hero in 2022 is Natalia, one of the most dangerous heroes in Mobile Legends. Natalia has the passive ability to disappear if she is in the grass for a few seconds, this ability is very useful for silently slaughtering opponents and from behind if you want to get a 15% damage bonus. This hero also has immune skills against basic attacks through skill 2, Natalia will issue a smoke bomb as long as she cannot be attacked by enemies with basic attacks.

Natalia’s ultimate skill can also activate invisible abilities instantly while increasing other bonuses. Natalia is actually quite easy to use as long as she is able to use a combination of skills and make good use of the skill set, especially the disappearing skill. Natalia can also be used to capture core heroes such as marksman or mage, in addition to stealing turrets as well.

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7. Lancelot

Lancelot ML

The next hero is Lancelot, of course you know this popular and quirky assassin, right. Lancelot has a unique skill set because most of them can make him move fast and agile as well as produce painful damage. This hero is also quite often used even though it is still less famous than assassins like Ling or Benedetta. However, the skill set is not inferior to the two heroes if used properly and correctly. Lancelot can finish off opponents easily using a combination of skills 1 and 2 then finish with skill 3.

You can take advantage of Lancelot’s agility to avoid opponent attacks, for example using skills 2 and 3 because they are immune and are not touched by any damage when used. Lancelot can be an alternative choice for hyper carry besides heroes like Ling, Helcurt, Benedetta.

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8. Fanny

Fanny Lightborn

The next hero is Fanny, one of the deadly and agile assassins in Mobile Legends. Fanny is indeed very difficult to play because she has to understand how to use cable skills and their combinations. However, Fanny’s damage is quite painful and can kill enemy heroes easily even in the early game. Fanny deserves to be one of the best assassin heroes in 2022 because her ability is very useful for slaughtering enemies, both one and the whole team during the war.

Fanny is indeed a difficult hero, but if you continue to practice and learn Fanny’s skills and mechanics, eventually you can do it. Use the right combination of skills, if you don’t want to waste energy just take the purple buff and don’t be afraid when dealing with the enemy team, you can use the steel cable skill and its combination to slaughter them.

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9. Hayabusa

Hayabusa ML

Hayabusa is one of the sickest assassin heroes in 2022 who is also listed as the best assassin hero in 2022 this time. This hero has very painful damage through his skill set, his basic attack can also hurt but also depends on the item. Hayabusa has a shadow skill that can be cast anywhere, there are 4 shadows and Hayabusa can move at will through the shadow. This skill is perfect for chasing opponents or escaping from enemy pursuit. Hayabusa can restore his energy through skill 1, he will throw 3 shuriken then recover energy and give a slow effect to the hit target.

Hayabusa can be played as an offlaner or hyper carry, depending on the team’s agreement. Indeed, Hayabusa is a difficult hero because he has to really use his skills, especially the ultimate skill and the other two skills. However, Hayabusa can still easily slaughter opponents using a combination of skills 2-1-3 and so on.

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10. Saber


The last best assassin hero in 2022 is Saber, one of the strongest heroes and has pain damage. Saber got a revamp on Project NEXT some time ago with other heroes, immediately this hero was ogled again because he has great potential as a killing machine. This hero has a pretty good ability as an assassin, equipped with a deadly skill set to slaughter core heroes or thin blood. Saber is often relied on as a hyper carry and often also as an anti hyper carry hero because he can counter cores with his skills.

Saber has the ultimate skill to slash opponents in the air using his sword briefly, this skill causes pain damage and crowd control effects. Take advantage of the combination of Saber skills to kidnap and kill enemy heroes, especially core heroes like marksman and mage because they are very important.

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It looks like that’s all the discussion and list of the best assassin heroes in 2022. Hopefully this information is useful for all of you, especially Mobile Legends gamers who are looking for information related to the above. If you have other opinions or want to add, please comment in the comments column that is already available below, don’t hesitate. See you soon, don’t forget to stop by here again.

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