13 Best Jungler Heroes in Mobile Legends 2022

Jungler is the name for the hero who is in charge of farming in the jungle lane, jungler heroes usually often become hyper carry because the buffs obtained can increase the ability to become stronger. There are some of the best jungler heroes in Mobile Legends that are very suitable for developing the task, of course the jungler hero must be equipped with a good skill set, fast mobility to be able to roam to other lanes, and the ability to clear jungle quickly. Junglers also have to be good at mastering the game, both macro and micro, so the task as a jungler is the most difficult among the others because they are required to be able to carry the team.

If the jungler hero or pilot is good, of course the chance to win is quite large, on the contrary if it is bad and lacks control, it can lose. Well, on this occasion, let’s summarize, discuss, and list the best jungler heroes in ML so that later you can get references about which jungler heroes are suitable for use, right away.

1. Lancelot

Lancelot is one of the best jungler heroes in 2022 in ML, this assassin hero is able to be a carry for the team. The hero is indeed a bit difficult to use because it requires a fast hand and can master the hero well. However, in the hands of a good pilot this hero is very deadly because it has blink and immune skills so it is difficult to catch or kill the enemy. Lancelot has painful damage to slaughter enemies or clear jungle effectively, besides that his fast mobility is very helpful for chasing or escaping from opponents.

If you can use Lancelot and master it well, just use it because this hero is very good for positioning as a jungler. If you can’t, it’s better to practice first because this hero requires good mastery.

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2. Yi Sun-shin

The next best jungler hero is Yi Sun-shin, a hero with a hybrid role, namely assassin and marksman. Yi Sun-shin is very suitable to be a jungler because his abilities and skills are very supportive to clear jungle and turtles/lords quickly, can rotate to other lanes quickly too. One of the supports is the passive skill, which is every time you change weapons between swords and arrows, it will cause critical damage effects, this passive is certainly very useful if used correctly.

Yi Sun-shin has an ultimate that can reach all enemies on the map, this skill can open a map and show the enemy’s position besides that sometimes it can also kill a dying enemy. However, this YSS requires good macro-micro mastery to be effective when used, so the pilot must be good at using the hero.

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3. Ling

Ling is also one of the strongest jungler heroes in Mobile Legends, this assassin role hero is famous for being very agile and agile. It’s true that playing Ling is a bit difficult and you have to be fast hand because this hero is very agile, it takes practice to master Ling’s high mechanics. Ling is very fast to clear jungle besides that he can move through walls so his mobility to roam to other lanes can be faster.

This Ling has deadly damage, at least if you already have a core item, then Ling can kill enemy heroes quickly. Ling’s ultimate skill makes him unable to be attacked, aka immune, while flying in the air, then he can attack through pillars with fast movements, as long as the pilot is good and Ling’s fast hand is certainly very dangerous. No wonder this hero is one of the sickest jungler heroes in 2022 because the damage is painful and deadly, especially during the late game.

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4. Granger

Granger is a marksman hero that is suitable for occupying the jungler role, this hero has pain damage even during the early game. Almost the same as Yi Sun-shin, this Granger is more suitable to occupy the jungle lane and act as a hyper carry rather than staying on the side lane like Gold Lane. Granger’s damage that is sick and can burst allows him to clear the jungle quickly or finish off enemies easily, his mobility is also good because it is assisted by his 2 skills.

Skill 1 Granger becomes the main weapon to finish off the enemy, this hero will shoot all his bullets forward and the damage from this attack is very painful and can even kill heroes with thin blood. Granger’s ultimate attack distance is also far so it can be used to target and kill dying enemies.

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5. Karina

The next best jungler hero in Mobile Legends 2022 is Karina, the assassin mage hero with sick and deadly damage. Karina is indeed very suitable to be a jungler because her skills are very supportive to become a jungler. Junglers must be effective and efficient when clearing the jungle or taking objectives, Karina also has this, so there is no doubt that she is suitable as a jungler.

Karina has burst damage that is very painful and can even break through the defenses of thick heroes and kill thin heroes quickly, of course because of her passive skills. In addition, Karina’s immune skill is very helpful so that she is not easily killed by the opponent. The mobility of this hero is also quite fast and can run away or chase opponents quickly.

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6. Roger

Mobile Legends players certainly know Roger, one of the strongest fighter heroes and jungler heroes in ML, a hero with a human and wolf form. Roger is suitable to be a jungler, his ability in the form of a wolf is very supportive such as his passive skill which will increase the damage the longer he fights, especially if you add items like War Ax. Roger has very good mobility both in the form of a wolf and a human, so this hero is very easy to run away or chase enemies, especially when the enemy is dying.

Roger can be a mainstay for Jungler players, clear and roam speeds are also very supportive. Roger’s ability and resistance when fighting is also very good, especially in wolf mode he can fight enemies well. As long as you can use both wolf and human modes, of course Roger will be very useful for the team.

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7. Hayabusa

The next best jungler hero is one of the assassin heroes, namely Hayabusa, this hero can also be a jungler. Hayabusa is famous for having the power of shadows that can make Hayabusa’s movements more agile and agile. This assassin hero is very effective for being a jungler because Hayabusa really needs buffs, especially the blue buff because the use of energy can be more efficient if he gets a buff. In addition to these reasons, Hayabusa jungler can clear lane quickly and take objectives, for roam or helping other lanes because it is helped by his good mobility.

Hayabusa itself is classified as easy and difficult, the user must be able to master the mechanics of Hayabusa. This hero can be a good choice to play as a jungler, as long as you can master both macro and micro.

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8. Gusion

The next best jungler hero is Gusion, this hero with a hybrid assassin and mage role is very good for being a jungler. Gusion has a skill with very painful damage, this skill can be used to clear the jungle quickly or kill enemies. This hero does have high mechanics and is quite difficult to master, but if you already know the skill combination you will certainly be able to. Gusion is also very agile and can chase enemies only by relying on skill 1 or ultimate skill.

Although he can play in sidelane, Gusion is still very suitable to occupy the jungler role, his skills make it very easy to carry out the tasks of that role. However, of course, as a hyper carry, the Gusion user must be able to master the mechanics first so that it doesn’t become a burden.

9. Hanzo

Hanzo, who is a Mobile Legends player who doesn’t know a hero who has the unique ability to attack enemies from a distance using his shadow. This assassin hero is certainly very suitable for occupying the jungle as a jungler or even being a hyper carry. Hanzo’s skill that is very helpful for clearing the jungle is skill 1, this skill will devour jungle monsters if Hanzo has attacked 5 times. You can use this skill to steal enemy buffs or help farming to be faster and more effective.

Hanzo has a unique ultimate skill because he can cast a kind of shadow and then can attack enemies from a distance. Indeed, Hanzo is OP because he can target targets, especially marksman or hero cores easily even from a little distance away, even so, you have to be careful because your position can be caught and become an easy target for the enemy.

10. Fanny

Fanny is also included as one of the best jungler heroes in Mobile Legends (terms and conditions apply). This assassin is difficult to master and has high mechanics, it takes agility or fast hands to control this hero well. However, in the hands of skilled pilots Fanny is very dangerous and can attack enemies quickly and agilely. Fanny is suitable to be a jungler because the hero is very dependent on buffs, especially the blue buff so that his energy does not run out quickly.

Fanny already has terrible damage in the early game, although in the late game it is a bit weak, but Fanny is still very deadly, especially if the pilot is good. If you want to use Fanny as a jungler, you should have mastered it first so that later it won’t be a burden for your own team.

11. Alucard

Alucard is a very popular Mobile Legends hero, this hero is the king of buffs because according to many players Alucard likes to take buffs even though he is not a jungler. But it turns out that this hero is very reliable as a jungler because his skills and abilities are very supportive. Alucard can clear jungle quickly because his passive skill can increase damage, other skills are also very useful for speeding up buffs. The mobility of this hero is also good because his passive can jump towards the enemy if he uses a skill, besides his skill 1 also blinks jumps.

Alucard is a ml jungler hero who is easily difficult because in addition to the hero factor, it is also the pilot factor. But this hero is pretty opaque because he has a very heavy lifesteal, even dying blood can be full if he manages to use his ultimate skill without any disturbance.

12. Aamon

The new hero who came from among the assassins is Aamon, the brother of Gusion, Aamon is also one of the sickest jungler heroes in Mobile Legends. Aamon has a very unique skill set because he can disappear using his skills, he can issue deadly attacks with his crystal-like blades. This hero is very suitable to be a jungler because besides the assassin it is more suitable in the jungle lane this hero has very supportive skills and has very good mobility for rotation to the lane or anywhere.

Aamon is indeed a difficult hero and has high mechanics because his skill spending cannot be arbitrary, it must be precise and fast. If you manage to master this hero it will be very useful for the team, being a hyper carry or jungler can be effective as long as the pilot is able to master the hero.

13. Barats

Finally, for the list of the best jungler heroes in Mobile Legends, Barats. This hybrid fighter tank hero turns out to be a jungler hero, although thick, this hero has pain damage so it is suitable for being a jungler. Barats has a unique passive skill, he can become big if he collects stacks by attacking enemies or monsters with his skills. The bigger the Barats body, the stronger and sicker.

Barats’ ultimate skill is able to eat the opponent’s hero and spit it back in the specified direction, if it hits an obstacle or the target wall it will be stunned. Barats has an advantage over other junglers, namely that it has thick and strong durability so it doesn’t die easily and is resilient.

Well, it looks like that’s the list along with a discussion about the best jungler heroes 2022 in Mobile Legends. All heroes are good as long as the user aka the pilot is also able to control the hero properly, so it’s useless if the hero is good but the pilot is not proficient especially for the vital jungler role. If there are additions, please just comment directly, it looks like it’s only here and see you, gamers.

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