8 Best Tank Heroes 2022 Mobile Legends, Thick and Strong!

Tank is one of the roles in the Mobile Legends game, this role plays a very important role for the team. There are several tank heroes in Mobile Legends, but not all of them deserve to be called the best tank heroes. Tanks are tasked with protecting teammates, especially core heroes such as mages or marksman because they have weak defenses. Besides that, tanks can also be initiators because usually tanks are equipped with this ability, there is also a crowd control ability which is a common skill for tank heroes.

On this occasion, let’s discuss and list the best 2022 ml tank heroes or Mobile Legends. So, if you are still confused about choosing the strongest or best tank hero which should be used in order to bring victory, then just read this article until the end to understand everything. Immediately, the following is a list of the tank heroes.

1. Khufra

The best tank hero in 2022 is of course Khufra, a tough and strong tank figure and has thick defenses. Khufra has good crowd control abilities or skills so he can counter some agile heroes, besides that crowd control skills can mess up the opposing team during teamfights. This hero can make a sudden attack using his 1st skill, he will charge and jump at the opponent so this skill is perfect for ambushing enemies.

Khufra can interfere with the movement of agile heroes such as Ling, Benedetta, Wanwan, Claude using his 2nd skill, after the opponent is hit by the bounce ball attack. When war or teamfight Khufra can use his ultimate skill to give knockback and stun effects to the opposing team. Khufra can indeed be relied on in all conditions because he has good cc skills, strong durability, and thick cellphone so it is very suitable to be called one of the strongest tank heroes in 2022.

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2. Franco

Franco is the next best tank hero in 2022, this hero is famous for having the ability to counter various heroes. This hero has a very good crowd control ability or skill to target single targets. One of his flagship skills is Iron Hook to kidnap enemies using the hook, the enemy can be attracted after being hit by a hook towards Franco. There is no question about durability because this hero is very thick when using a build tank, Franco can also regenerate his life if he is not damaged and this hero’s mobility is quite fast thanks to passive skills.

As I said earlier Franco is a counter specialist hero because he has annoying crowd control skills, he can cancel enemy attacks by kidnapping using skill 1. Franco’s ultimate skill can also be used as crowd control, the affected enemy will get a suppressed effect for a few seconds and can’t do anything. This hero is very useful for teams, it’s only natural that many use Franco as a tank in ranked mode because of his scooping skills.

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3. Johnson

Johnson is also included in the best tank heroes because he has the skills and abilities to support the team. This tank has durability and thick defense, especially if you use a build tank, besides that the passive skill is very helpful because it will provide a thick shield when Johnson’s life is running out. Johnson is a crowd control expert because he has cc skills to make it difficult and disrupt the movement of opponents on the lane or during team fights.

Johnson has the ultimate that can turn him into a car and drive around the map. Johnson can also bring one of his teammates, if he hits an enemy, he will be stunned and cause damage to the area for a while. This skill makes it very easy for Johnson to roam to support teammates and launch surprise attacks for opponents, besides that when teamfight or war this ultimate skill can be used as a war initiator. Johnson deserves to be one of the strongest tank heroes in 2022 thanks to his skills and ability to support and protect teammates.

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4. Uranus

Uranus is the next best 2022 tank hero on this list. This hero tank has a high and extraordinary regen ability so that his hitpoints can continue to be filled without returning to base. Uranus is often used as an offlaner in the exp lane because his abilities and skills are very supportive to survive in that lane. In addition to having a high HP regen and extraordinary durability, Uranus can also inflict quite painful damage when fighting with enemies.

Uranus can also be useful during teamfights or wars because it can be a shield or an initiator for teammates, its durability is very supportive so that the enemy has difficulty killing Uranus. So, if you are looking for one of the strongest tank heroes in terms of durability or regen hitpoints, just pick Uranus.

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5. Tigreal

The next best hero tank in 2022 ML is Tigreal, one of the tanks with strong durability and defense. Tigreal is often a bone of contention for Mobile Legends players in ranked mode, of course, because his crowd control skill is very strong to face many opponents. This hero is greatly helped by his passive skill because he can be immune to damage when the stack is full, so Tigreal’s durability and defense are getting stronger. Tigreal’s skill attacks also have a range or distance far enough for example skill 1, this skill is perfect for attacking enemies from a safe distance or just paying off their blood.

Tigreal has the ultimate skill with crowd control effect, he will pull the closest enemy into the middle of the attack vortex and if successful then they will be stunned for a while. Tigreal’s ability during war or teamfight deserves thumbs up because he can make it difficult for opponents to use crowd control skills so that teammates are greatly helped.

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6. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is the next best tank hero on the list this time, this hero is famous for having sick damage and thick defense. This hero tank is very annoying because it has crowd control skills to make it difficult for opponents such as slow, taunt, and knock up effects. Gatotkaca’s passive skill in the form of Rage can be stacked up to 100, every up to 25 he will launch a strong attack on the opponent. This skill certainly makes Gatotkaca even more terrible because he can do great damage to opponents, besides that his passive provides additional physical defense every 2.5% of lost HP can be stacked up to 250.

Skills 1 and 2 can also cause damage and crowd control effects such as slow and taunt to the opponent, this skill is suitable for disturbing opponents or paying off their blood to make it easier to finish. Gatotkaca’s ultimate skill is also a crowd control skill, he will fly and land in the area and cause a knock-up effect if there are enemies in the area. For those of you who are looking for a tank with fairly strong durability, quite painful damage, and having crowd control skills, please pick Gatotkaca.

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7. Barats

The next best tank hero is Barats, actually he is not a pure tank but has a hybrid tank fighter role but he is often used as a tank. This Barats is different from other tanks because he has quite sick damage from the early to the late game phase, so he is often feared by heroes with weak defenses such as mages or marksman. Apart from having pain damage, Barats also has a strong defense so that he is quite difficult to beat in 1v1, even when being beaten, Barats can still survive, especially in 1v1.

Barats has good crowd control skills, his 2nd skill is able to stun the enemy if pushed by the skill, especially during teamfights, of course, it is very useful for capturing the entire enemy team. Barats’ ultimate skill can catch and swallow an enemy temporarily and then release it again if it hits a wall, then the enemy is stunned. This skill is very useful for kidnapping marksman heroes, assassins, or the main mage which includes the hero core or hyper carry of the enemy, just swallow it!

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8. Belerick

Belerick is the last best 2022 tank hero on this list, this tank was abandoned now, it’s being looked at again because his abilities are pretty good. This hero has a fairly thick durability besides that he has the skill to add hitpoints if he manages to launch an attack on the opponent. Belerick is indeed suitable to be a roamer to help and support his teammates, but recently there has also been Belerick’s meta as an offlaner which of course is also quite strong.

Belerick is an expert in crowd control skills, he can give taunt or immobilize effects to opponents, so he is very suitable to be a war initiator. Belerick’s ultimate skill can also reach the area and immobilize the opponent for a few seconds, after he removes the skill teammates can help to finish off the trapped hero. Well, if you are looking for a tank with decent defense and crowd control skills are very useful when war or teamfight can pick Belerick.

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That was the discussion and list of the best tank heroes in 2022 ML, hopefully it can be useful and add insight for you Mobile Legends players, especially tank users. If you have a different opinion or want to add something, please just discuss it in the comments column so that I and everyone can see. See you soon, don’t forget to stop by this site again so you don’t miss unique information about the game.

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