10 Best Fighter Heroes 2022 Mobile Legends, Strong and Hurt!

Fighter is one of the hero roles in Mobile Legends, they have good durability and pretty big damage. This role is quite flexible because it is supported by better damage and durability, it can be used as an offlaner, hyper carry, tank, war initiator. There are quite a number of fighter heroes to choose from, but only a few have become the best 2022 Mobile Legend fighters this year. This year there have been significant meta changes and one of them has an impact on fighter heroes, various adjustments have been made by Mobile Legends and the launch of new heroes which certainly affects this year’s meta.

On this occasion, we will discuss and list the best fighter heroes in 2022. In order to find out who are the fighters who are entitled to be included in the list this time?, so just read this article until the end so you don’t get curious anymore. Immediately, the following is a list of the best fighter heroes this year.

1. Lapu-Lapu

hero ml who is still op 2021

In the first place is Lapu-Lapu as one of the best fighter heroes in 2022 in Mobile Legends. Lapu-Lapu has become increasingly popular since getting a revamp some time ago, the revamp makes this hero stronger and even occupies the meta hero. Usually this hero is often used in the upper tier like Mythic and sometimes also used in the lower tier like Legend or Epic. As an offlaner, Lapu-Lapu is very strong when dealing with 1v1 enemies thanks to his passive skill ability that provides a thick shield. Lapu-Lapu is now also getting stronger and sicker when using a combination of skills, he can make it difficult for opponents if he dares to fight.

Lapu-Lapu has a terrible ultimate skill, he will enter heavy sword mode for 10 seconds and get various advantages such as crowd control immunity, more painful damage, temporary new skill sets, and thicker defense. This hero deserves to be one of the strongest fighter heroes in 2022, you can even say OP since getting a revamp. He is very suitable to be used both when teamfight as a war initiator or 1v1 can also.

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2. Yu Zhong

yu zhong

The next best fighter hero in mobile legend 2022 is Yu Zhong, a strong fighter with the ability to turn into a dragon. Yu Zhong is still the strongest fighter until now, who knows how long his name will fade even though he was hit by a pretty bad nerf some time ago. This fighter has advantages in terms of durability because the life and defense system are quite strong and quite difficult to kill, besides that the damage is also quite painful, especially when using the skill set. Yu Zhong can have lifesteal in his skills, so he can steal enemy blood when his stack is full or when fighting with enemies so that he excels in 1v1 battles.

Usually this hero is often played as an offlaner on the sidelane because it is quite strong to play bars or 1v1 with enemy heroes in the lane. When Yu Zhong uses his ultimate skill he turns into a dragon and hits any obstacle, after that he becomes a Dragonoid for a while with his skill range getting further and further. Whether in 1v1 or war or teamfight, Yu Zhong is very reliable and even he can be a protector for the team’s core heroes.

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3. Silvanna

best silvanna fighter 2021

Silvanna is also included as one of the best fighter heroes in 2022, this hero is a fighter mage with magic damage power. Silvanna has often been used in ranked mode because apart from being a fighter, she can also become a tank by buying tank build items. This hero is quite strong at 1v1 because he is equipped with deadly skills and the damage is very painful, even he also has a lifesteal from his skill. Usually this hero plays as an offlaner on the sidelane, but because of his good durability he can be a tank for teammates and of course very useful when gank enemies.

Silvanna has an annoying ultimate skill because she will lock the opponent in a circular area, the enemy cannot escape for that duration and Silvanna gets additional attack speed and lifesteal. As a fighter hero, Silvanna is very useful when teamfight or war thanks to her skill set, even when ganking Silvanna can rely on her ultimate skill to trap the opponent.

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4. Chou


Chou is also the best fighter hero in 2022, this hero has various advantages so it is classified as OP. You may have met Chou a lot when playing in Mobile Legends, the reason is because this hero has advantages such as good durability, pretty sick damage, crowd control and immune skills that make him even more superior in the game. This hero is also flexible, meaning he can occupy more than one role such as fighter, tank, semi tank and semi fighter, or even assassin. One of Chou’s skills is able to make him immune to crowd control for a while using his 2nd skill, besides that he also gets a shield.

Chou is famous for having good crowd control skills in skill 1 and ultimate skill, with this ability he can counter many heroes and slaughter them. Chou’s ultimate skill can kick the opponent in the desired direction then the second kick will kick the target in the air, this skill is very useful for kidnapping opponents and then directing them to a teammate so they can be finished together.

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5. Jawhead


The next best fighter hero in 2022 is Jawhead, a fighter with high damage and durability. Jawhead is still a frightening specter for some Mobile Legends players, this hero is often found in ranked mode of course because his skills and strength are pretty good. This fighter has the ability to crowd control and kidnap enemies, movement speed is also good, and high durability makes it difficult to kill. It’s natural that some players use Jawhead as their tank hero because it’s flexible enough to buy tank items.

Jawhead is indeed very inconvenient and annoying, because he can play bars from the beginning of the game and can interfere with his skills. Jawhead’s ultimate skill can also ram the opponent and chase him until he can, after that he can use other skills such as throwing enemies and firing rockets to finish off the opponent. Despite being hit by a nerf, it seems that Jawhead can still be relied on either as a fighter or a tank depending on the player’s choices and conditions.

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6. Guinevere


Guinevere is also the best fighter hero in 2022, this hero is a fighter mage type like Silvanna. Guinevere has very agile and agile movements so that she can get in and out of teamfights and can run away and chase opponents easily. This hero also has pretty sick damage in his skill set, especially when combined with a spell execute the enemy can immediately die. Guinevere also has a crowd control skill that is very annoying for the opponent, when he jumps the enemy is immediately knocked up and then attacked again with the ultimate skill.

Guinevere’s ultimate skill also includes crowd control because she will attack the opponent and they will be knocked out several times. This skill is very useful especially when gank or teamfight to kill the enemy team together. If Guinever is chased, he also has an escape skill and will leave an imitation shadow that can deceive the enemy.

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7. Paquito


Paquito is one of the best fighter heroes in 2022, this hero has also recently been released in Mobile Legends. Paquito is a pure fighter because he can only act as a fighter and he also has high damage and pain. This hero is very offensive as a fighter because of his skill set, he also relies on his passive skills to collect a useful stack to increase the damage and attack power of his skills. After the champ stance is full, Paquito’s skill set gets stronger and the effect is new, so he really relies on this stack to get stronger.

Paquito’s ultimate skill can give a slow or airborne effect to the opponent if the champ stance is full, Paquito will attack with an elbow strike and push them towards the goal. As a pure fighter Paquito is not flexible like Chou who can become a tank or semi tank because every skill belonging to Paquito is classified as offensive and has high damage.

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8. Khaleed


Khaleed is one of the sickest fighter heroes in 2022 in Mobile Legends, this hero has quite good durability and the damage is also painful. Khaleed has various advantages such as high HP regen, quite strong durability, and sick damage, both basic attacks and skills, making this hero often picked at the top tier. The ability to regenerate hitpoints quickly is very useful when Khaleed is dealing with other heroes because he usually plays as an offlaner on the sidelane. Skill 1 which can slash the opponent several times is also quite strong, he can injure an opponent with this skill even in the early game the damage from this skill is already high.

Khaleed’s passive skill is very helpful when he moves because the skill is able to create sand that can be ridden by Khaleed and if it attacks then the damage can be quite decent. Khaleed’s ultimate skill is useful during war or teamfight, he will ride and launch sand towards the target and after being hit it gets a stun effect.

9. Hilda


Hilda is one of the deadliest fighters with high durability and the damage is very painful. Even though it is a hero that has been released for a long time, Hilda’s popularity still persists until now as the strongest fighter. Hilda has a balanced strength both in terms of damage and defense, even she is also suitable as a tank or semi tank. Hilda’s skill is very aggressive, she can run fast, hit the opponent several times, so that she can execute the opponent once, especially for thin-blooded heroes such as mage or marksman.

His passive ability is useful for regenerating hitpoints and providing shields if you are in the bushes, you should not deal with Hilda when in the bushes!. Hilda’s ultimate skill has very painful damage so it can kill thin-blooded opponents with one hit if paid in installments with other skills.

10. Barats


Barats is a fighter tank hero with annoying skills for this opponent, including the best fighter in mobile legend 2022. Barats has quite high damage besides the durability of this hero is also thick and strong because it is classified as a tank hero. Barats’s specialty in terms of damage is supported by his passive skill which makes this hero even bigger when dealing damage, besides that this hero is also an expert in crowd control. Skill 1 Barats is useful for repaying the opponent’s blood and clear minions, skill 2 is useful when in a fighting theme because this skill can be used as crowd control.

Barats can swallow opponents for a while using the ultimate skill, this skill also includes crowd control for single targets and is better when it comes to heroes such as mages, marksman, or assassins. After being swallowed, Barats will spit out the hero earlier if it hits an obstacle it will get stun. Take advantage of that time to finish off the enemy together with your teammates to make it fast.

Well, that was the list of the best 2022 fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. Hopefully it is useful and can add to the knowledge of Mobile Legends gamers, especially fighter hero users. If you want to add or provide an opinion, please just comment in the comments column so I can see. Thank you and see you next time.

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