10 Painful Hero Fighter 2022 in Mobile Legends, Create a Push Rank!

Fighter is one of the roles in Mobile Legends which has a very important role in the game, the fighter hero has balanced damage and defense, aka balance. This year, of course, there are various OP heroes in 2022 who are OP and are often used by Mobile Legends players because they have their own advantages.

Well, on this occasion, we will discuss about the sickest ml fighter hero in 2022 that you can use for push rank. Curious right? then just watch it until it’s finished, okay, just go ahead.

1. Yin

Yin is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends with unique abilities, this hero is one of the sickest fighters in 2022. One of his unique abilities is being able to confine opponents with his ultimate skill, this allows Yin to be free to finish off opponents in his cage. Yin also has a fast and agile movement, he also has a stun skill to escape or make the opponent silent for a moment.

Yin is very suitable for push rank, although sometimes this hero is often banned but if he escapes it can be very dangerous.

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2. Dyrroth

The next 2022 sickest fighter hero is Dyrroth, this hero has high burst damage and skills to make the opponent’s defense weak. Dyrroth is one of the mainstay heroes of ML players because his combo skills are deadly, besides that even by one the hero is very strong and durable. This fighter hero can be used as an offlaner or hyper carry, both roles are perfect for Dyrroth.

If you want to push rank, you can use Dyrroth as your choice, a hero who has strong defense and high damage. Dyrroth deserves to be one of the best fighter heroes in 2022, especially in the current meta.

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3. Aldous

Who is an ML player who doesn’t know a fighter named Aldous, the worst 2022 fighter mainstay for Epic tier players. Aldous is famous for his high damage because he can collect stacks to strengthen his skills. Indeed, this hero takes time to strengthen his stack but if it reaches the late game one hit can be very fatal for the enemy.

Aldous is suitable to be placed in the exp lane as an offlaner although it can also be used as a hyper carry depending on actual needs.

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4. Aulus

The next 2022 sickest fighter hero is Aulus, a hero who is also very strong in the late game just like Aldous. Aulus is often trusted as a hyper hero, his clear lane ability is also quite fast because he is helped by his skills. Although sometimes Aulus is also used as an offlaner, it is more suitable as a hyper carry or jungler.

Aulus has high mobility, this ability can be used for lane rotation or it can also be used to chase and escape from enemy pursuit. One of the advantages of Aulus is that his attack speed is very high and he can finish off enemies quickly, especially since his ultimate skill has an area range.

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5. Roger

One of the sickest fighter heroes in 2022 ML, of course, is Roger, a hero who has two forms in the form of a wolf and a human. Roger has always been a fighter who is widely used by ML players usually as a jungler or hyper carry, that’s because this hero has high damage even during the early game, can change shape and has high mobility.

In the form of a wolf Roger has advantages in damage and durability, can clear lane and lane quickly or against enemies. The human form is more suitable for escaping or chasing enemies because of its good mobility.

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6. Yu Zhong

Mobile Legends players must be familiar with a hero named Yu Zhong, this hero is one of the best fighter heroes in 2022. Yu Zhong has the ability to turn into a dragon, in the form of a dragon and after that Yu Zhong becomes OP even the enemy becomes reluctant and chooses to retreat if face off against Yu Zhong Dragonoid mode.

Yu Zhong is more suitable to be an offlaner in EXP Lane, this hero has good defensive and attacking skills and is suitable for mechanical fighting with opposing heroes. Indeed, to play Yu Zhong, you must master the mechanics, especially the passive skills.

7. Julian

Next in the list of the most painful fighter heroes in 2022 in Mobile Legends, there is a hero with a hybrid fighter/mage role, namely Julian. Julian is a fighter type with almost the same magic damage as Silvanna and Gusion, even so this hero is no less sick than pure fighter heroes because magic damage also hurts you know.

Julian can be placed as an offlaner in EXP Lane, actually this hero is also quite flexible, it can also be used as a roam or as a jungler. This hero besides having high damage, crowd control skills are very useful to overwhelm the enemy, especially during war or team fights.

8. Lapu-Lapu

Lapu-Lapu is also one of the best fighter heroes in 2022, this hero has decent and balanced durability and damage. Even this hero can compete with many other fighter heroes, this hero rarely enters meta but is balanced and strong enough to face meta heroes. Lapu-Lapu has the ultimate or twin blade mode, if you have entered this mode Lapu-Lapu has a new skill with high damage and additional defense.

Lapu-Lapu is suitable to be picked up when you push rank, especially when the team needs a fighter with equally good damage and defense, especially useful for war or teamfight. For one by one, Lapu-Lapu is already very strong and is the toughest rival of Yu Zhong.

9. Thamuz

The next 2022’s sickest fighter hero is Thamuz, a fighter with the ability in the form of hot lava that can burn enemies. Thamuz is famous for having high durability and is difficult to turn off, even his lifestea can be heavy let alone added with items. This hero fighter is perfect for occupying the EXP lane as an offlaner, he can fight fiercely and overwhelm the enemy if he dares to fight one on one.

Thamuz can also be a roamer or tank because his durability is unquestionable, strong for war and can protect teammates.

10. Hilda

Finally, on the list of the sickest fighters in ML 2022, there is a fighter hero named Hilda, a hero who has high regen abilities and quite sick damage. In addition to being a fighter, Hilda can also be a tank or roamer because Hilda’s durability is quite good, especially since she has high mobility with the help of her skills.

Don’t underestimate Hilda because this hero has pretty sick damage, the ultimate skill combined with her skills can make the enemy run out especially if the marksman hero or other thin hero. Hilda’s regen ability in the bushes is very helpful because it doesn’t take much to return to base to heal.

So, that was the list and discussion about the sickest fighter hero 2022 in Mobile Legends, all fighter heroes are good and have their respective advantages and disadvantages depending on whether the pilot can control it well or not. It seems that this article is only here this time, hopefully it will be useful and see you again.

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