10 Best Marksman Heroes 2022 in Mobile Legends, Damage Hurts!

Marksman is one of the roles in Mobile Legends whose job is to become an ADC or attack, damage, carry or in simple terms as a core hero. There are several marksman heroes in ML, but only some of the best marksman heroes in 2022. Although there are many marksman heroes that can be used, only a few are often used in ranked mode. Changes in meta heroes and games also have an impact on role marksman, be it adjustments in the form of buffs, nerfs, or revamps.

On this occasion, we will discuss and list the best marksman in 2022. The marksman can be a reference material for you if you play ranked. Therefore, just watch this article until it runs out, immediately here are the best, sickest, and strongest marksman heroes in 2022.

1. Brody

best marksman hero 2021

The best marksman hero in 2022 in first place is Brody, of course you already know the reason why. The reason why Brody is the best and sickest marksman is because he has sick damage even in his basic attacks and skills. Brody’s attack distance is also quite far so he can target enemies from a safe distance. Brody’s passive skill is also very useful to help kill opponents quickly, enemies will be marked when Brody is attacked, each stack will cause bonus physical attacks, slow enemies, and critical damage.

Brody does have the slowest attack speed compared to other marksman. However, the damage and critical have covered these shortcomings and it’s even easier to finish off the enemy. Brody’s ultimate skill can attack an enemy team within 8 yards, perfect for war or team fights. Brody is the strongest marksman in 2022 because he has stronger durability than other marksman heroes, usually using Brute Force items and other defense items.

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2. Yi Sun-shin

Yi sun-shin

The next best marksman in 2022 is Yi Sun-shin, this hero is back into Meta after being forgotten for so long. After being revamped, Yi Sun-shin became even more frightening, especially in the Mytel International Championship and MPL Indonesia Season 6, this hero was used and has become a meta to this day. Yi Sun-shin has a unique ability because he can fight with arrows and swords, he is also a hybrid marksman and assassin. This hero has pretty bad damage in his skill set, besides that he also has the skill to escape.

YSS’s ultimate skill is also quite deadly and can produce large damage, this skill is useful for opening maps and knowing the presence of enemies. YSS has another unique ability, he can ride a turtle ship periodically. To fight at close range or distance is not a problem for YSS because he can do it all, YSS deserves to be one of the sickest marksman in 2022.

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3. Claude


The next best marksman hero in 2022 is Claude, one of the mm with a high top pick rate. Claude is able to deal great damage and pain with just a basic attack. This MM also has the highest attack speed among the others, making it easy to clear lane and kill enemies. This hero is also very agile because of the help of skill 2, he can teleport with the skill in the specified direction. Claude is very successful in the late game if he manages to buy a core item or a full item, even a tank hero can fall.

Even though in the early game Claude is still ordinary and even weak because he still needs farming. Claude’s ultimate skill can attack and inflict damage to the area, this skill has quite a lot of damage so it is suitable for war when many enemy teams gather.

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4. Granger


Granger is the next best 2022 marksman hero, he has very painful damage. This hero has high burst damage, with his 1st skill he can finish off opponents even alone. Moreover, the cooldown of skill 1 Rhapsody is also quite short, this skill is useful for killing enemies or poke in installments of enemy blood so it is easy to kill. Granger also has a fairly agile and agile movement with the help of skill 2, this skill also provides additional bonus damage of up to 100% damage.

Granger is very good in the early game and mid game, although it is less effective in the late game because it loses attack speed, it is still deadly because it is a mm hero. This hero is only able to shoot 6 bullets after it runs out and must be reloaded again, even so the sixth bullet will deal critical damage.

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5. Wanwan


The next best marksman hero in 2022 is Wanwan, the marksman is agile and agile and the damage is also quite painful. This hero has a high level of agility compared to other marksman, he will jump here and there while attacking the enemy. Wanwan has a good skill set, she can even counteract the CC effect using her 2nd skill. This marksman is very difficult to catch because he can attack continuously when being chased, besides that his movements are also agile because of the skill set and the ability to escape the effects of crowd control.

Wanwan is classified as a difficult hero to use or master because her skills require speed and accuracy, for fast and agile players it doesn’t seem too much of a problem. In terms of damage, Wanwan is the sickest marksman so he can kill opponents quickly. Wanwan’s ultimate skill is also unique, she will fly and attack the enemy many times through the air for the duration of this skill Wanwan cannot be attacked.

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6. Bruno


The next best marksman in 2022 is Bruno, a hero with the appearance and style of a soccer player. Bruno has been a meta marksman since the previous season, even now he is still often used by several ML players. This hero is relatively young to use, the skill set is not too complicated, it just needs to be combined properly. Bruno has a unique passive, when his blood is running low, the critical chance attacks will increase so that the damage gets bigger and hurts.

Bruno is a strong marksman when he enters the late game phase and is even considered dangerous, if you have full items, you should be careful when you meet Bruno. Bruno’s ultimate skill can be an area attack, he will kick the ball then bounce on the enemy continuously if there are many enemies then it will continue for a while. If you want to increase the damage, combine the ultimate skill with passive skills or other skills.

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7. Miya


The next best marksman hero in 2022 is Miya, this hero has received a revamp some time ago. After getting an adjustment in the form of a revamp, Miya returns to being a scary marksman because her skills and damage hurt and trouble the opponent. His passive skill makes Miya’s basic attack damage even more painful, even in the early game it is felt. Moreover, if you have reached the late game phase, Miya will increasingly dominate because skills and basic attacks are already sore if a full item is successful.

Miya also has an annoying CC skill, with skill 2 she can shower the enemy with arrows if the enemy is hit it will immobilize for 1.2 seconds. Miya also has the skill to escape using the ultimate skill, she will disappear for a while so it is suitable for escaping.

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8. Clint


The last best marksman hero in 2022 ML is Clint, a wild west cowboy-style gunman. Clint in 2022 is starting to rise because he can produce high damage and pain with his attacks and skills. His passive skill can shoot long straight bullets with up to 120% damage, this skill is very useful for killing enemies. Clint has 2 skills that can cause slow effects, first in skill 1 he shoots smoke bombs, second in skill 2 he will shoot net bullets if hit by an opponent it will also be affected by a slow effect.

Clint is normal in the early game, but when he reaches the mid game or late game he can slaughter enemies easily. This hero is very dependent on his basic attack, so maximize farming so you can buy items to full. Also take advantage of the ultimate skill to attack your opponent, you can stack up to 5 grenades.

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9. Beatrix

Beatrix is ​​also included in the list of the sickest mm heroes in 2022, this hero has the ability to change weapons. Beatrix’s weapons are of different types, such as snipers, SMGs, shotguns, etc., each of which has its own unique ability and range of attack. Beatrix is ​​often placed in Gold Lane to maximize farming because the lane is very suitable for marksman heroes, not infrequently Beatrix is ​​also used as support in the midlane because her skills are very supportive to do this.

Beatrix does have weak defense and durability but has advantages in terms of damage, so Beatrix needs protection from her teammates to get the most out of it. Using Beatrix is ​​also a bit difficult because you have to be able to master the skills and weapons, this hero is a high mechanical hero.

10. Lesley

The last best mm hero in 2022 on this list is Lesley, a hero with long range attacks and carrying a very deadly sniper. Lesley doesn’t have pain damage during the early game phase, but after buying core or full items and entering the late game phase, you should be careful if you meet this hero because it can kill with just a few shots. This marksman hero is famous for having high critical damage, this is what makes Lesley have sick damage because it has innate skills and additional items.

Lesley has very good mobility, especially for rotation or escaping from enemy pursuit, she can disappear and camouflage with her skills. Lesley’s ultimate skill is very useful for executing opponents because the attack distance is very far, usually this skill is used for open maps. Lesley even deserves to be included in the list of the sickest marksman heroes in 2022.

Yes, that was the list of the best marksman heroes in 2022 along with a detailed and complete discussion. If there are shortcomings or want to add, please just comment in the comments column, don’t hesitate. Until here, this article may be useful and useful, see you next time.

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