10 Worst Hero 2022 in Mobile Legends (ML), Suitable for Push Rank!

Mobile Legends has many heroes with each different role, they have their own unique abilities and skills. Every turn of the year or season there is often a change in Meta heroes due to the influence of nerfs and buffs or the emergence of new heroes. There are several sick heroes in 2022, this year there are several new heroes and adjustments to old heroes. The hero is often used because of his ability and his damage is painful so it is not uncommon to be a bone of contention.

On this occasion I will give a list as well as discuss about the sickest hero 2022 ML (Mobile Legends). Well, for those of you who are looking for a list or this list, you are lucky to be able to stop by here, so please stay tuned until the end so you understand. Immediately, the following is a list of the sickest Mobile Legends heroes in 2022.

1. Benedetta


The first sick hero in ML 2022 is Benedetta, of course this hero is included because the damage is very painful. Benedetta is a terrible hero because she can blink at will, so she can easily run away and chase opponents. This assassin hero is able to finish off opponents quickly and easily, just use a combination of skills and blink skill spam. Although this hero is strong and sick, it is difficult to master because he has to understand the combination and use of his skills effectively.

Benedetta is often a bone of contention for Mobile Legends players, and is often even banned in draft pick ranked mode. The reason is of course because the damage is painful and the skill set is very annoying. This hero is suitable for push rank use, but if it is not used or banned by other players, yes.

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2. Lancelot

The next sickest hero is still occupied by Assassin, namely Lancelot, one of the deadliest heroes in Mobile Legends. Lancelot has a skill set and pain damage, he can finish off opponents with only 1 skill combination and basic attacks, especially when it reaches the late game. This assassin is really horrified, because this hero is very agile and with his blink skill he can make enemies difficult. Lancelot saves high damage in skill 2 and ultimate skill, with his skills he can kill opponents easily and quickly, especially if the enemy is only a hero with thin blood, of course, he becomes an easy target for this ting ting hero.

Lancelot is indeed a difficult hero and has high mechanics, he needs a fast-handed pilot so that this assassin can work well and efficiently. If in the hands of a pilot with a fast hand, this hero is very feared and even becomes a carry for the team, it’s easy to kill opponents, easily escape and escape too.

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3. Brody


The next sickest hero in 2022 is Brody, one of the marksman with the most damage. Brody already has sick damage even though he only relies on basic attacks, especially if he relies on his skill set too. Even though it’s nerfed, it doesn’t seem to make Brody weak, but the damage still hurts. This marksman is often a bone of contention when picks are in ranked mode because the damage is painful. This hero is also quite easy to use because it is not too complicated both use and skill set.

Brody is very strong in terms of basic attacks, even the attack distance is also far. Especially if you already have full items and enter the late game phase, Brody is like a bloodthirsty monster. This hero is perfect for those of you who want to push rank by using a sick hero, Brody can be your choice.

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4. Chou


The next sickest ml hero in 2022 is Chou, one of the deadliest fighter heroes in the game. Chou has a good skill set to kill opponents easily, with just one combination the enemy can run out. This hero can be a fighter and a tank at the same time, but the damage still hurts because it is helped by his passive skills. Chou can counter certain heroes, he can even counter assassin heroes like Ling, Hayabusa, Benedetta, and others.

If you are a fighter hero user, you can use Chou to push rank, but it often becomes a bone of contention. This hero is easy to trouble, the skill must be right, especially the ultimate skill because if it’s a little wrong, it’s just a waste of skill.

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5. Selena


The next sickest hero in ml 2022 is Selena, a role hero mage hybrid assassin. Selena is already very popular among Mobile Legends players because her damage is painful and her stun skill is very annoying. Yes, that’s why Selena is often the top pick or fight for ML players in the ranked draft pick mode. The skill set can be useful for eliminating opponents with only one combination, Selena also has two forms with different skills.

Selena is indeed a difficult hero to master, especially for newbie players. But, if you are proficient at using Selena, you can certainly slaughter many opponents. Selena’s trap skill is also useful for opening maps and trapping opponents, besides that the most useful is her “Catfish” stun skill that can last up to a few seconds.

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6. Esmeralda


The next ML hurt hero is Esmeralda, one of the Mage hybrid tank heroes. Esmeralda has been famous since the beginning of its release because of its durability and very thick life, besides that its damage is also quite painful. This hero can slaughter opponents by sucking their blood to become a shield for Esmeralda herself, so she is very difficult to kill when she gets a thick shield. Even if Esmeralda was beaten, it was difficult to die, because the more blood she absorbed, the thicker her shield became.

This hero has been able to play barbarian since the early game, as long as the skill combination must be right. Esmeralda can be the initiator during war, with her ultimate skill she can attack the enemy team and then just suck their blood.

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7. Natalia


Natalia is the sickest hero in the next Mobile Legends because she can kill opponents with a combination of skills and basic attacks easily. This hero attacks secretly then slaughters the target if he is careless or far from his teammates, be careful if there is an exclamation mark that means you are being targeted by this hero. The ability to disappear is very useful for killing opponents by absorbing, besides that it can be used to steal turrets or escape from enemy pursuit.

Natalia also has a skill that is immune to enemy basic attacks, after removing a smoke bomb, her basic attack attack doesn’t work on her. By utilizing a good and appropriate skill combination, Natalia can become an invisible killing machine.

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8. Barats


The sickest hero in the last order this time is Barats who is one of the hybrid tank fighter heroes. Barats has pretty thick blood so it’s hard to overthrow plus the damage is painful especially when it reaches the full stack. This hero has advantages both in terms of durability, damage, and crowd control so it is good to play. Barats has the ultimate skill to swallow and chew his opponent, after that he vomits if he is hit by an obstacle or wall he will be stunned.

This ultimate skill is perfect for countering several opponent core heroes such as assassins, mages, and marksmans because they are important roles in the game. After that, just swallow and chew, vomit towards obstacles if you can or towards teammates so that they can be finished together. Barats deserves to be included as one of the sickest heroes in ml right now.

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9. Beatrix

Beatrix is ​​a marksman hero with sick and deadly damage, this hero has the unique ability to change weapons. There are several types of Beatrix weapons such as shotguns, submachine guns, snipers, to weapons that can issue bombs, all of Beatrix’s weapons have their own uniqueness in terms of damage and attack distance. Beatrix is ​​indeed a complicated hero and requires high mechanics, but if she manages to master this hero, it can certainly irritate the opponent.

Beatrix is ​​very suitable to be placed on the sidelane, especially the Gold Lane so that you can quickly farm gold to buy items. Since the early game, this hero can make the enemy lose a lot of blood, especially if it’s late game. In any condition or situation Beatrix excels because her weapons can be used depending on the situation, for example when war uses bombs and weapons that damage the area.

10. Saber

Then there is the assassin hero, Saber, this hero armed with two swords is famous for being very deadly and can finish off opponents with just one combo skill. Saber is often banned in ranked mode because this hero is the biggest threat to core heroes or heroes with weak defenses. This assassin is suitable to be an offlaner in both Gold Lane and EXP Lane, the jungler role is also suitable, although it is better to place it on the sidelane so that it can carry a spell execute.

The deadliest Saber combo is the 2-skill 1-skill ultimate-execute skill guaranteed by an enemy whose blood is thin, instantly mokad. Saber is perfect for kidnapping enemy core heroes during team fights or wars so that the enemy loses the greatest strength so that during war they can win. This assassin hero must be picked to counter enemy core heroes, even though it’s difficult if Saber escapes the ban.

Yes, that was the list of the sickest heroes in 2022 in Mobile Legends, actually there are still some heroes that can be included in the list, but I only included the heroes above. If there are additional or other opinions, please feel free to directly comment in the comments column below.

Hopefully this information is useful, especially for Mobile Legends players who are looking for a list of ML’s sickest heroes. See you soon, and don’t forget to stop by on this blog, so you don’t miss other unique information about games.

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