The 12 Worst Games of All Time, Shouldn't Be Played!

Games are created for entertainment and gamers are even willing to spend money to be able to play games that are considered good and meet the expectations of gamers. However, there are some of the worst games of all time that are not worth playing and it seems that the developers have no intention of making these games. A good game that appears with good visuals and an interesting storyline, besides that a good game can give a very deep impression to players, for example GTA San Andreas which is still very popular and can provide lasting memories for gamers.

Well, on this occasion, we will discuss and list some of the worst games in the world. So, if you are curious about what the worst games are, so that you add insight and don’t play the wrong game or be deceived if you make a purchase. So, just watch until the end, right away.

1. Ride to Hell: Retribution

The first worst game of all time is Ride to Hell: Retribution, a game by developer Eutechnyx. The game received a very bad rating from reviewers, for example from Metacritic, Gamespot, EGM, and others gave a rating of 1 out of 10 for this game. Ride to Hell: Retribution carries the theme of street motorcycle gangs, but unfortunately the gameplay of this game is boring and bad. The game also has many bugs that only interfere with the view and make players not feel at home playing the game.

It’s best to just avoid this game because there are still many motorcycle gang-themed games or more exciting games with open world adventure themes. It’s natural for gamers and critics alike to give negative criticisms and responses to the game Ride to Hell: Retribution, because the game is a mess.

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2. Superman 64

Superman 64 is also one of the worst games in the world, this game gets a bad rating from gamers and game critics. This game has been around for a long time because it has been released since 1999, still the Nintendo 64 era. Why is this game bad? because this game is not clear because we are only told to go around in circles just like the flight missions in GTA San Andreas. This game only makes the players dizzy, spinning around and around it is not clear so that it makes them bored.

This game only makes the players bored, so it’s better not to play it, but if you are interested in trying, go ahead. Indeed, the game used to be weird, but this Superman 64 game is even weirder and boring.

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3. Big Rids: Over the Road Racing

A very strange game and also included in the list of the worst games of all time is Big Rids: Over the Road Racing. The game is strange because the theme is just racing but why doesn’t the opponent or enemy move at all? so what’s the point? just for display maybe. This actually makes this game boring and not challenging, what’s the point of playing a racing game without a clear opponent.

In addition, this vehicle can penetrate objects which of course are also the strangest and most disappointing bugs. It’s best not to play this game, it’s better to choose another racing game that definitely doesn’t disappoint and is fun to play.

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4. The Sniper 2

Sequel of a game should be able to be better than before due to improvements in various features, but not for the game The Sniper 2. In fact this game is worse than the prequel and can be said to be a downgrade, really disappointing when the sequel could have performed better. The Sniper 2 has poor graphics quality for a PS2 class game, even though other games have good graphics but the game can’t even keep up with the times.

For the voice or the sound is also of poor quality and not worth it, it really seems flat and does not animate at all. The Sniper 2 is indeed very disappointing and deserves to be included as the worst game in the world, the quality is low and you should not play it better playing other sniper-themed games that are better.

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5. Batman: Dark Tommorow

Batman: Dark Tommorow is also one of the worst games of all time, even though its friends are good but its content is shabby. This game is even hated by Batman fans, game reviewers, gamers in the world because this game is disappointing. There are actually a lot of good Batman adaptation games that are worth it, but Batman: Dark Tommorow ruins the franchise and only leads to the disappointment of the fans. Batman: Dark Tommorow is indeed an old game because it has been released since the 2000s, and is available for the GameCube and Xbox.

Batman: Dark Tommorow has poor visuals and graphics, the controls are chaotic and difficult so that players can’t play comfortably. The gameplay of this game also seems boring, you shouldn’t have to play this game, but if you want it, go ahead but don’t get emotional.

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6. Left Alive

What was supposed to be one of the best games ended up being one of the ugliest games, even though in promotion and introduction this game looks very promising. Left Alive, one of the games from a big publisher like Square Enix, has in fact published a game that disappoints the hearts of gamers. This game made for PC and PS4 comes with all the disadvantages, for example in terms of visuals and graphics, which are actually more suitable for the PS3 console as long as it is not a modern console, besides that the gameplay is boring and difficult.

Moreover, this game is priced at an expensive price of around $60 dollars or 825 thousand for Indonesian currency, for games that are not worth it, don’t buy it. It would be better if the money was used for other purposes than buying a failed and disappointing game like Left Alive.

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7. Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

Next on the list of worst games of all time is Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis, a game with a DC superhero theme. This game is one of the worst adaptation games ever, because it has many shortcomings. Besides that, this game is very boring because that’s all, fighting villains with fists and kicks without any superpowers even though they are called superheroes but don’t have super powers what’s the point?.

Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis gameplay is monotonous and even boring, reminiscent of the previous game, Superman 64. Those reasons make this game not worth it because it’s just a waste of time, it’s better to play other games.

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8. Aliens: Colonial Marines

Games with the theme of aliens or sci-fi are indeed very interesting and unique, but what happens if it is damaged by a game called Alien: Colonial Marines. Even though at first this game came with a very good and promising trailer cinematic, but after its release it was really disappointing. One other depravity in this game is the aliens themselves, aliens are only extras when they should be very interesting if they are used as the main enemy. In fact, the main enemy of this game is not aliens but humans, even though the title itself uses alien elements? strange.

In addition, the alien enemies in this game can be defeated easily, there are no challenging elements and just boring. The graphics are also not very good, it’s better to find another game that is better and more impressive than the game.

9. Duke Nukem Forever

Franchise alone can fail to restore success or just maintain its existence, for example Duke Nukem Forever is one of the worst games of all time. This game even though it used to be successful in the 1990s, but after being developed again to take a long time, it reappeared in 2011. Unfortunately, this long-awaited game really disappoints the waiting gamers, even being labeled as a trash game.

Duke Nukem Forever is filled with various depravity and defects, for example, the famous badass Duke character even becomes a childish, soft, and not cool figure at all. The gameplay itself is disorganized and erratic, no wonder this game is one of the ugliest games of all time.

10. Umbrella Corps

The next worst game of all time is Umbrella Corps, a game from the famous game development company Capcom. Unlike other Resident Evil games which are much better, this Umbrella Corps game is like trash that only disappoints Resident Evil fans. Even though it presents online multiplayer features, the gameplay is boring and that’s all, this feature doesn’t help to increase popularity or even keep players playing this game.

Umbrella Corps alone has received negative reviews in the form of criticism from game reviewers, even fans are disappointed with Capcom. For games that have been released since 2022 and the price can be up to $ 20 dollars, it’s better to skip and just play Resident Evil 4 is much better.

11. Haze

Haze is an FPS game developed by Free Radical Design and Ubisoft as a publisher, this game is released for PlayStation 3. This game is listed as one of the worst games of all time and even the worst game in the world because the content and features in this game are really disappointing. . For PS3 games but the graphics are still PS2 quality, for games released in 2008 it would be outrageous if only released in the 2000s it’s still normal.

In addition, the gameplay of this game is also boring, casual, and quickly finished in just 3 and a half hours. Of course this adds to the disappointment of gamers, the game is finished quickly, let alone easy, there are no difficulties, which means that it is better to play similar games like HALO which is much cooler.

12. ET the Extra-Terrestrial

The last worst game in the world on this list is ET, a game that was released a long time ago in the 1980s, when arcade games were still the heyday. Indeed, at that time there were many popular games such as Pac-Man, Battlezone, and others, but there were also games that failed and were bad, namely ET the Extra-Terrestrial. This game was taken and adapted from the film of the same name, but this version of the video game was broken and disappointing, you know.

From the gameplay alone, it’s already dilapidated, it keeps repeating and it makes players even more bored and lazy to play this game. The visuals alone are bad, if the gameplay and visuals of the game are not that good, then which gamers want to continue playing? In fact, it is said that this game did not sell well and there were hundreds of thousands to millions of copies buried because it was not selling well.

So, gamers friends, that was the list along with a discussion or summary of the worst game of all time. Actually there are many more ugliest games in the world that should be included in the list, if you want to add please just comment. Hopefully it can be useful and add insight so that you don’t make the wrong choice of video games. Looks like it’s only here, and see you again, gamers!

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