10 Best Meta Tank Heroes Season 22 in Mobile Legends, Thick and Strong!

Tank is one of the roles in Mobile Legends, Tanks have an important task, namely protecting teammates with their own bodies besides having the task of roaming and helping teammates who are having trouble. In the current season, of the many tank heroes, there are several tank heroes meta season 22, these tank heroes have better powers, for example crowd control specialties, are often picked by ML players, or even become a ban subscription. Tank is a very important role because it is useful especially during teamfights as an initiator and crowd control expert and as a shield for teammates.

Well, on this occasion, we will discuss about the current season meta tank heroes so that they can be considered as well as hero references when you play ranked mode. You’re curious right? If so, to overcome your curiosity, watch until the end so that you are no longer curious and at the same time understand, right away.

1. Tigreal

Tigreal is one of the most popular tank heroes and a mainstay for Mobile Legends players, Tigreal is one of the season 22 meta tank heroes that is often picked because it has very good uses. Tigreal has crowd control skills which are very inconvenient for the enemy team, CC skills are certainly useful in various situations, especially during war or team fights with the enemy team. In addition to having excellent crowd control, Tigreal is also a tank with good and thick durability, difficult to kill, therefore it is very suitable to be an initiator as well as a shield for the team during war.

Tigreal’s ultimate skill can give crowd control effects and stun area effects for a while, this skill is usually combined with Flicker spells to approach the enemy suddenly. Tigreal is also relatively easy to use as long as when issuing skills it must be right, this hero can also be invited to buff riots or riot during war. Tigreal really deserves to be one of the best tank heroes of season 22, has very good abilities and uses for the team.

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2. Khufra

Khufra is definitely included in the list of hero tank meta season 22, this hero with crowd control abilities and thick durability is an alternative if Tigreal is picked by the enemy team. Khufra has pretty good mobility, good crowd control skills, and very thick durability, of course he can support his teammates as roamers or war initiators. The hero tank has skill 1 to jump in a certain direction, this skill can be used to make a surprise attack or ambush the enemy.

Khufra can counter heroes with high mobility and are classified as agile by using the 2 Bounce Ball skill, the blink skill will not work and only bounces making it difficult for the enemy to escape. During war/teamfight Khufra can use his ultimate skill to collect and give crowd control effects to enemies by pushing them, if they hit the opponent’s wall, they will be stunned.

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3. Barats

Barats is a hybrid hero or a mixture of tank and fighter, the hero is now in the meta and often becomes a subscriber to picks or tires in the ranked draft pick mode. Barats is now often used as a jungler hero because of the booming meta hyper Barats, but apart from being a jungler, Barats is still good if used as an offlaner. This hero has advantages, especially in terms of damage and durability, the damage is already thick, so it’s hard to finish. Barats has a unique passive ability, the monster that is ridden will get bigger if it continues to attack either minions or creeps or enemy heroes.

Barats also has the ultimate skill that can swallow enemy heroes for a few moments and then spit out again, if they hit a wall they will be stunned. This skill is very effective for kidnapping enemy core heroes during war and then being able to direct them to teammates to kill them. Barats must be picked up or if necessary, banned because they are in OP, this tank is also very strong and difficult to kill.

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4. Johnson

Johnson is a tank that can turn into a car, this tank is still in the current meta season. Johnson is very reliable both as a tank and roamer, the hero has high mobility because it is helped by ultimate skills. The tank has a passive skill that adds thicker durability, if the blood runs out it will bring up a fairly thick shield as the last defense. Johnson is a hero with good crowd control and can even cause a stun effect in skill 1 and ultimate skill.

Johnson’s ultimate skill can make this hero rotate quickly and of course help other lanes, even though the position when the ultimate skill can be found can still be a deadly surprise attack. When war or teamfight Johnson can act as the initiator by using the ultimate skill to hit the enemy, with this skill the enemy will be stunned and slow so it is easier to be slaughtered.

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5. Baxia

Next is the tank hero, Baxia, the emergence of the jungler meta tank makes several tank damage heroes such as Barats, Hylos, including Baxia and others able to clear the jungle more effectively. Baxia also has high mobility because he can rotate quickly using skill 1 to roll. To clear jungle or attack enemies, Baxia can rely on skill 2 because the skill will reset the cooldow if it hits an enemy or creep, so Baxia can spam skills and even the effect of this skill reduces enemy regen.

Baxia has the ultimate skill that can burn enemies if he continues to step on the lava released by Baxia, this lava will continue to appear as long as the duration of the skill is still active and causes a slow effect. Baxia jungler is quite suitable because Baxia’s abilities and skills are enough to support him during clear jungle, besides that his rotation ability is also good so he can help other lanes.

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6. Franco

Franco is a tank hero that is often used by ML players, the hero often enters meta even though he rarely gets adjustments such as buffs or revamps. Franco is actually a meta-resistant hero, the proof is that he is still used by many players because he has the much-needed ability, especially crowd control. This hero has the expertise to kidnap opponents by using skill 1, this skill will attract opponents towards Franco like people fishing.

Franco has a disable skill in the form of suppressed in his ultimate skill, this skill allows Franco to stop one of the opponents from moving or attacking. The mobility of this hero is also very good because his passive skill can increase movement speed, especially when using Rapid Boots, Franco can run very fast. Franco can be a war initiator, namely by kidnapping enemy heroes, especially core heroes so that during war it can be easier.

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7. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is a hybrid tank and fighter hero, the hero based on this puppet character has the power as described in the puppet story, namely the muscle of the iron balung wire. Gatotkaca has damage that is in the form of magic damage, the hero has a very solid and strong defense and durability regarding damage, of course it hurts even though the hero is a tank. Whether you want to be a roamer or an offlaner, both are good and suitable, it’s just a matter of considering the team’s decision.

Gatotkaca can use a full tank build to make the defense stronger and thicker, but sometimes ML players add mage items such as Concentrated Energy to increase lifesteal, sometimes Glowing Wand items are also used. This hero has pretty good crowd control skills, the range of ultimate skills is quite large so Gatot can enter the war even though the distance is a bit far. Gatotkaca is one of the strongest tank heroes in season 22 and even one of the sickest tank heroes in season 22, tank users should try this hero.

8. Atlas

Furthermore, in the list of heroes of tank meta season 22, there is Atlas, one of the tanks with good crowd control abilities. Atlas is often an alternative if Tigreal has been picked by the enemy, Atlas has almost the same ability as Tigreal when it comes to crowd control because it can collect many enemies at once. The Atlas is easier to use, its durability is also quite good as a tank. When it comes to mobility, Atlas is also fast because it is helped by his 2nd skill which adds movement speed so that roaming can be faster.

Atlas can be a good initiator during war, namely by utilizing the ultimate skill to attract, bind and slam the enemy team. Usually it is more effective to use the Flicker battle spell to approach the enemy instantly, so that the enemy is surprised and can attack immediately with the ultimate skill.

9. Hylos

Hylos is a tank hero that has the highest durability than other tanks, this hero has the most blood especially when using a full tank build. Hylos is perfect for being a roamer, he has pretty good mobility for rotation to another lane or just an open map to find out the enemy’s position. This tank hero also includes tank damage because it can issue continuous attacks through his 2 skills even though it will suck his mana or blood if all of the mana has been used up.

Hylos can be the initiator of the war by issuing the ultimate skill to create a path that increases movement speed so that teammates can move quickly when entering war. Even in the late game, Hylos remains strong and solid because he has a lot of blood so it’s hard for the enemy to finish him off, Hylos’ durability can be a big advantage to protect teammates.

10. Grock

Last but not least, other meta tank heroes in season 22 are Grock, a tank that is often used as a roamer or an offlaner. Grock is often used as an assassin hero instead of a tank by making build damage instead of using a defense build, Grock’s damage in the early game is very painful even though he doesn’t use build damage. Especially if you use build damage, of course Grock is very dangerous, especially when you are still in the early game, even in the late game phase, Grock’s damage is still dangerous.

Even though it is often used as an assassin not as a tank, Grock is still a tank using a build tank which is still very suitable and even more profitable. Grock is equipped with very good crowd control skills and can even create a barrier, if using a build tank Grock can be a good war initiator. But, both build damage and build defense both have their advantages or disadvantages.

Yup, that was the list of hero tank meta season 22, hopefully it can add references and knowledge about the current meta, especially for the tank role. You can try to practice after you can master it so you can use it to play in ranked mode, all heroes are good as long as the pilot is good and can master heroes well. It seems that until here, hopefully it will be useful and see you again, gamers friends.

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