10 Early Game Heroes Hurt in Mobile Legends 2022, Just Barbaric!

Early game is one of several phases in the Mobile Legends game, this phase is the earliest phase and is usually to collect gold or exp. In this phase, there are some sick early game heroes that you should watch out for or might want to use when playing Mobile Legends. Please note that early game heroes have great abilities and damage during this phase, most of these heroes are easy to get kills during the early game because of these advantages.

If a team manages to excel in the early game, it is likely to dominate both in the mid game and late game, although sometimes there are situations where a team has an epic comeback, but it depends on each team’s game strategy. Well, on this occasion we will discuss and register the sickest early game heroes in Mobile Legends 2022. Curious, right? if so, let’s just discuss the following.

1. Yu Zhong

best fighter 2021

The first sick early game hero is Yu Zhong who is a Hero role fighter. Yu Zhong is a very good early Hero to use because he can fight especially 1 on 1 and most likely win. This hero has a passive skill that is very supportive to fight because every few times Yu Zhong’s attacks will absorb the enemy’s life.

Of course the coolest skill is Karen Yu Zhong’s ultimate skill that can turn herself into a dragon for a few seconds. In this mode, Yu Zhong cannot be hit by CC and can pass all obstacles, after that he enters dragonoid mode. For offlaners especially, Yu Zhong is very suitable to be picked because he is good in the early game to bully opponents.

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2. Granger

The next sick hero in the early game is Granger. Granger is a role marksman hero, this hero is now often used mainly as a hyper carry. Granger has high damage even since the early game, by relying on skill 1 he can clear jungle, lane, or even kill enemies easily and quickly. His mobility is also helped by skill 2 which is a dash skill, this skill can cooldown faster after using skill 1 and hitting the target.

It’s no wonder that recently this hero has entered the meta and is often used by both players and pro players during tournaments. Granger has many advantages, so in the early game he can dominate the game as long as the pilot is good. Even in the late game, Granger is still pretty good, even though its effectiveness is reduced.

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3. Paquito

Paquito is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends, he is also included in the list this time. This hero has very good and annoying skills for his opponents, especially if his skills have been strengthened with champ stance the enemy will be overwhelmed by it. Paquito is an early game hero, since the early phase he has been able to produce high attack damage through his skills, this hero also has thick enough blood and defense so it is difficult to kill.

It’s natural that many people ban Paquito during draft picks because this hero is overpowered and rather hard to beat. Paquito can still last until the late game, especially using semi tank build items or a combination of damage and defense, even so Paquito is still OP.

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4. Fanny

Fanny is the next sickest early game hero on this list. Fanny is classified as a difficult hero to use, not everyone can use Fanny properly, only a few are able and good at playing it. This hero since the early game already has pretty sick damage, besides that he can move agile and fast using the cable while attacking the enemy. As long as you can control this hero well and get a blue buff, you might be able to master the early and mid game phases.

Until the late game is actually still good, especially for the push turret because this phase is the decisive phase to win in terms of lane or turret. Even though during the late game it is possible to lose to the hero core but it depends on the hero and the pilot, of course when the teamfight and the enemy war team gather Fanny is still effective in killing the enemy team.

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5. Jawhead


The next sick early game hero is Jawhead. This hero fighter is pretty good in the early game, has the skill to throw the target in the desired direction. Jawhead also has high damage if he uses skill 1, with this skill Jawhead activates missile mode that can attack the target. This hero is able to bully opponents in the early game and is even able to finish him off by using combo skills 1 and 2 only.

So, if you want to dominate the early game, just use the Jawhead hero because from the start this hero is equipped with sick damage and can even last until the late game. One of Jawhead’s strengths is its durability even though using a build fighter is still difficult to beat, that’s why many ML players use this hero as a tank.

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6. Benedetta

Benedetta is also included in the list of the sickest heroes in the early game 2022, this hero is a role assassin. Benedetta since the beginning of its appearance has become the attention of Mobile Legends players and even often becomes a subscription to draft pick tires. This hero has a high level of difficulty because the mechanics are a bit complicated but if the pilot is good then this hero is also good. Benedetta has an unlimited dash skill as long as she can hold a basic attack then release it in the specified direction, this skill can be used many times.

Benedetta is a hero who can dominate the early game, she is equipped with a skill set capable of dealing with opponents. Even in the late game, Benedetta can still tear apart the enemy team with her abilities and skills. Benedetta can be played as an offlaner or hyper carry.

7. Harley

The hero in the next number is Harley who is a hero mage. Harley is an early game hero, during that phase he can already do high damage, especially with skill 1 and ultimate skill. Harley has very good mobility, this hero is very agile because he can use skill 2 to move and deceive opponents. By using a combination of Harley’s skill sets, you can finish off your opponent, even a mage or marksman class hero will run out if you are hit by a deadly combo of Harley’s ultimate skill and 1st skill.

One of the advantages of Harley is that even though he is an early game hero, during the late game phase, Harley can still do high damage. During the early game, it is better to focus on disturbing the opponent’s hero, especially the core hero, if you have entered the late game, target the hero core because Harley’s damage is still high and powerful.

8. Terizla

Terizla is an early game fighter hero, when the early damage phase of his skill attack is very painful. Terizla can even kill the opponent’s hero only by using a combination of skills 1 and 2 during the early minutes of the match. One of the things that makes this hero strong is his passive skill, the more his body defense decreases or the damage reduction also increases, so Terizla is difficult to kill.

Terizla is very good as an offlaner because he can suppress opponents using skill 2, this skill is also useful for clear lane quickly. This hero has the ultimate crowd control skill, the opponent affected by the skill will be attracted to the center then Terizla can attack him.

9. Valir

The next hero is Valir, one of the mage heroes in Mobile Legends. Valir is also an early game hero with sick damage, during that phase he can spam skill 1 to pay off the opponent’s blood, maybe the opponent doesn’t realize his blood has almost been hit by spam skills. This one hero mage can be used as support, since the early game he has been able to riot against the enemy team while helping teammates to suppress the enemy.

Valir’s ultimate skill is also quite overpowered because skills 1 and 2 will be strengthened and increase damage, the term is like a buff, Valir can escape all crowd control effects if you use this skill. Even in the late game, Valir is still useful, especially during team fights or wars, he can spam his skills as much as he wants to repay the enemy’s blood.

10. Grock

The last hero, but not the worst, because this is just a list, is Grock. Grock is a tank hero but he can be an assassin or a fighter using a custom build, as recently Grock is often used as an assassin. This hero is capable of dealing high damage and pain to the enemy, during the early game phase, Grock’s 1st skill is able to reduce the opponent’s blood by almost half even for thin heroes such as mm, mage, or assassin.

Grock has a pretty good crowd control skill, by using a combination of his skills he can make it difficult for opponents during teamfights or ganks. Grock also has immunity to crowd control effects when using skill 1, with that he can continue to chase opponents without fear of being stopped. Octoberbe Grock’s effectiveness starts to decrease during the late game, but it’s better to change the item into a defend item to make it thicker.

So, that was the article about the sickest early game hero in Mobile Legends in 2022. Actually, there are still some early game heroes that should be considered but not included in the list this time, such as Dyrroth, Selena, Esmeralda, Luo Yi, and others. early games. If you have other opinions or want to convey something, please comment in the comments column, don’t hesitate. Just get here, see you in the next article, don’t forget to stop by again.

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