12 Best Weapons in Sausage Man 2022, Make Slaughter the Enemy!

Sausage Man is a Battle Royale genre game that is currently popular. This game is unique because it successfully combines elements of battle royale and sausage food, with its uniqueness this game is also able to include elements of other battle royale games into the game so it feels more familiar when playing it because there are elements from games such as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. Battle Royale is indeed inseparable from weapons because it is an important element in the game, of the many weapons there are some of the best weapons in Sausage Man 2022.

Well, on this occasion, we will discuss the best weapons for sausage man 2022 with a list. So for those of you who want to play sausage man but don’t know which is the best and best weapon to use and which is the sickest weapon in sausage man, just watch this article until it’s finished. Immediately following the list and discussion.

1. AK-12

The best weapon in the first sausage man is the AK-12 which is an assault rifle. The AK-12 is one of the favorite weapons for Sausage Man players because it has several advantages including a fairly high rate of fire, more controlled recoil than its own brother, the AKM, and the damage of course hurts. In addition, this weapon is easier to find because it is a general weapon, this weapon is also easy to use and control, especially at close range.

The AK-12 is very suitable for close and medium range combat, although the bullets are a bit spread out and the recoil is still tolerable. This weapon is suitable for use with several attachments such as scope, muzzle, and magazine to make it better and more deadly. For close combat, just use the AK-12 weapon to slaughter the enemy.

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2. M416

The M416 is also included in the list of the best weapons in the sausage man, this weapon, of course, battle royale players already know, especially PUBG players because it is a standard weapon. In the game, sausage man itself also has an M416 weapon and is a favorite weapon for sausage man players. This weapon is easy to find and easy to use, even though the recoil must be controlled to be more accurate, but the rate of fire of this weapon is high, you know.

The M416 weapon is very suitable for close combat and shootouts with the enemy or is also good for use when rushing, although at medium range it can still be but less effective. Use additional attachments such as scopes, foregrips, and muzzles, especially compensators so that the M416 becomes more effective and controlled.

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3. AWM

Who is a battle royale player who is not familiar with a weapon called AWM?, of course you know because this weapon is already popular and is included in the sausage man’s sickest weapon. AWM is a sniper rifle type weapon with the highest damage among other sniper weapons, just one shot the enemy can immediately die. But unfortunately this weapon is difficult to find and relatively rare so finding this weapon is lucky.

AWM is very suitable for long-distance combat, just look for a good position to be a sniper, aim at the enemy and shoot once you can die. Because AWM is a sniper, it requires mandatory attachments such as a scope, especially the X6 or X8, for other attachments it can also make AWM more deadly.

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4. Energy Machine Gun

The best weapon in the next sausage man is the Energy Machine Gun, a unique weapon that fires a kind of laser energy. The Energy Machine Gun is not a rare weapon so it can be found when looting, this weapon can carry around 60 bullets. Indeed, this weapon is very unique to be able to fight long distances even though this weapon does not have a scope but can reach long distances and the accuracy is pretty good.

The Energy Machine Gun is a weapon with pretty bad damage, this weapon can shoot a powerful energy laser and is very cool, of course. Even though you can’t use a scope aka no scope because you already use a red dot sight, this weapon is still deadly as long as you can use it properly and correctly.

5. Groza

Groza is certainly also included in the list of the best sausage man weapons, this weapon is already quite popular in the battale royale game. The weapon has a high rate of fire and the damage is quite painful, especially at close range even though the accuracy is quite poor. Groza becomes a killing machine when used at close range, can strafe the enemy and the bullets will spread towards the enemy. However, controlling the recoil of the Groza is a bit difficult because this weapon has a large recoil.

Groza as mentioned above is very suitable for close combat, especially when fighting weapons or attacking enemies who of course require qualified weapons. Therefore, rushers must use weapons with a high rate of fire and deadly firepower at close range, one of which is by using this Groza weapon.

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6. M24

The next best sausage man weapon is the M24, a deadly sniper weapon and also includes the sickest sausage man weapon. M24 is a sniper bolt action type weapon, although this weapon is not as painful as AWM, the M24 can still be used as a substitute. However, the M24 is better than the Kar98k sniper both in terms of damage and other things. The M24 is indeed more difficult and rare than the Kar98k sniper weapon because the better the weapon, the rarer the loot.

Sniper is very suitable, especially the M24 is used for long distances, aiming and monitoring targets from a distance, for example on hills or buildings and looking for good spots to hide so as not to be caught. The M24 requires some additional attachments to make this weapon more effective, that is, just use the X6 or X8 scope, if not, then X4 then to make it more silent, use a suppressor.

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7. AUG

Next for the best weapon in Sausage Man 2022 is the AUG, an assault rifle type weapon. AUG is an AR or assault rifle just like M416, AKM, and others, but AUG is also one of the favorite weapons for battler royale game players including sausage man. This weapon requires 5.56mm green bullets the same as most assault rifles because it is standard. AUG has a high rate of fire and fairly high damage including the high DPS of this weapon, although it has a weakness in terms of reloading the magazine which is rather slow.

Assasult rifles like this AUG can be used for medium or close range combat, for AUG both are suitable. AUG requires attachments such as a scope, muzzle, or magazine so that this weapon becomes better, especially to cover the weakness of the AUG because the reload is a bit long.

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9. UMP9

The UMP9, an SMG or submachine gun, is also included in the list of the best weapons in sausage man. This weapon has various advantages which certainly make it very easy for players to slaughter enemies, including low recoil and quite painful damage, especially for duels at close range. UMP9 is relatively easy to find because usually SMG type weapons are more widely spread wherever they are loot and the bullets are also widely scattered.

UMP9 is a type of SMG that is very suitable for close combat, both duel and ngerush, its easy-to-control recoil makes it easier to hit the enemy. Regarding attachments, maybe the UMP9 doesn’t need a long range scope because it doesn’t fit, just use a red dot or holographic then strengthen it with a muzzle compensator to make it more stable.

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10. AKM

Next, there is a popular or iconic weapon that is included in the list of the best weapons in sausage man, namely the AKM. Surely many of you are familiar with this assault rifle because most battle royale games have AKM, including the sausage man himself. AKM has pretty sick damage and the rate of fire is also quite high, although the biggest problem lies in the recoil which is difficult to control. However, the AKM is very lethal at close range and can be used as a second or backup weapon.

The AKM is suitable for close combat or duels and is also suitable for rushing because this weapon is very deadly if used at close range. Indeed, AKM recoil is difficult to control, but if you manage to control it properly, this weapon will be very useful, especially for close-range duels or as a backup weapon.

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11. Uzi

Uzi is an SMG type weapon or submachine gun which is also included in the sausage man’s best weapon. Uzi is famous for being very lethal and has a high rate of fire so it can strafe enemies quickly. This SMG weapon is relatively easy to use and master and is very useful when dueling, usually the Uzi is used as a backup or secondary weapon.

Uzi is very suitable for fighting at close range, Uzi’s high rate of fire is very helpful to finish off enemies quickly and the damage is quite painful. However, Uzi’s weakness lies in the magazine capacity and the bullets are also wasteful because the rate of fire is high besides that it is only suitable for close range.

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12. QBZ

The best sausage man weapon last but not the worst is the QBZ. QBZ is an AR type weapon or assault rifle, just like its siblings, namely M416, AKM, AUG, and others. This weapon is easy to find because it is a common and not rare assault rifle, besides that it is easy to use and master. QBZ has a fairly low recoil and also quite a lot of damage so it is suitable to be brought into battle on a sausage man.

The QBZ can be carried in medium or close range combat because this weapon is almost similar to the M416 or AUG but with a few differences. For attachments, it can be equipped with a scope, whether it is red dot or holographic, it can also be a time scope, muzzle such as a compensator, as well as a mandatory magazine to increase the capacity of the bullet.

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Yes, that was the list and discussion of the best weapons for sausage man 2022, hopefully it can add insight and knowledge about weapons in the game. All weapons are basically good depending on the mastery of the user himself, if the weapon is good and sick but the use is bad then it has no effect. That’s all for this article, see you in the next article.

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