12 Best Lane EXP Heroes 2022 in Mobile Legends

EXP Lane is one of the lanes in Mobile Legends specifically to seek experiences and level up, usually this lane is often referred to as offlane and is occupied by offlaner heroes. There are various heroes that can occupy the lane, but there are some of the best 2022 Lane EXP heroes that are very good when used. Offlaners who occupy EXP Lane are required to be able to defend against enemies, besides that they must focus on objectives and occasionally rotate to other lanes, especially helping junglers take Turtles. Being an offlaner is not an easy task, so it requires the strongest EXP Lane hero to bear the burden of the task.

Well, I’m curious what are the strongest EXP Lane heroes that must be tried by offlaner users. Therefore, we will discuss, summarize, and list the EXP Lane meta heroes, if you are curious and want to know immediately, just listen to the end.

1. Paquito

The first best EXP Lane hero in 2022 is Paquito, one of the fighter heroes with high damage during the early game and has very good durability. Paquito is often dubbed the EXP Lane thug because this hero is very strong for mechanical fights and even often defeats many other offlane heroes, as long as the pilot is also good. Even though he often gets nerfed, Paquito is still very strong in the EXP Lane, so now many are still using it.

Paquito has great power in his skill set, his passive skill can strengthen other skills so Paquito’s attacks are very deadly. 1vs1 Paquito is likely to win as long as the one who wears it can use it because this hero has high mechanics.

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2. Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong is one of the strongest EXP Lane heroes, this hero is also one of the most terrible fighters and offlaner thugs. The hero has unique abilities, one of which is a passive skill that can suck the enemy’s life and the effect is the same as lifesteal. If by one or mechanical fighting, Yu Zhong is the best because it can last a long time because his passive skill can continue to suck the enemy’s life.

Yu Zhong also has a unique ability, which is that he can turn into a Dragon, as long as in this mode Yu Zhong can tear the opponent apart and can’t even be stopped by any CC skills. This Yu Zhong can be a mainstay to become a thug in EXP Lane, his skills and durability greatly support this.

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3. Balmond

Of course, Balmond is included as one of the best EXP Lane heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero is a fighter hero with very heavy lifesteal abilities. Balmond can be an OP because of the presence of the War Ax item which even adds strength and defense when fighting besides reducing the skill cooldown time so that Balmond can spam skills continuously. In the early game, Balmond has damage, it doesn’t hurt, especially if he is hit by skill 2 when Balmond is wandering around unclearly.

Balmond also has an ultimate skill that is no less terrible, even this skill can kill enemies with his trademark slap as well as steal Lord or Turtle. With equally strong damage and resistance, Balmond is perfect for occupying the EXP Lane.

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4. Lapu-Lapu

The next best 2022 Lane EXP Hero is Lapu-Lapu, one of the fighter heroes with both good damage and durability. Lapu-Lapu can be a good offlane because it is supported by these two things, besides that this hero is very tough both when by one or being beaten. This hero fighter is also very aggressive and dangerous, especially during the early game, the damage can make the enemy’s life half.

Lapu-Lapu can rely on ultimate skills to fight against enemies, these skills will make skills 1 and 2 stronger besides Lapu-Lapu can get immune effects if you use ultimate skills. That’s why this hero is perfect for occupying the EXP Lane, tough and strong and resilient to fight enemies.

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5. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is also one of the best EXP Lane heroes, this hybrid tank and mage hero is very suitable to be played in EXP Lane as an offlaner. One of his unique skills is that this hero can absorb the opponent’s shield to serve as his own shield. Esmeralda can be strong when by one because of her unique skill, the enemy can run out of blood little by little because it continues to be absorbed.

Even during war or team fights, Esmeralda can also be a rioter because this hero has the ultimate skill with a damage area so that he can slaughter many enemies at once. So, if you want an offlaner with extraordinary durability and fairly painful damage, just use Esmeralda.

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6. X-Borg

X-Borg is one of the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero can also be relied on as an offlaner in EXP Lane. X-Borg is often banned in the ranked draft pick mode because the hero is very annoying and annoying. This hero can be used to repay opponents from a safe distance because X-Borg can shoot fire. X-Borg’s skill set is also very helpful for creating deadly skill combos to finish off enemies.

X-Borg can use combos with his ultimate skill, even the damage from this skill is very high and the range is area. The durability of this hero is no less powerful, X-Borg is resilient because of its armor, therefore this hero is very suitable for fighting in EXP Lane.

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7. Phoveus

Phoveus is a fighter hero with damage in the form of magic damage, this hero is famous for having high damage and strong and durable durability. The hero is very suitable to occupy the EXP Lane as an offlaner because Phoveus’ skill and defense abilities are very good for doing this task. Phoveus can produce a thick shield if he attacks an enemy with skill 1, this is what makes Phoveus even more difficult to kill so one on one doesn’t matter even one on five can still survive.

Phoveus is able to counter heroes with high mobility and often relies on blink skills because Phoveus has the ultimate skill that can jump over enemies if they use blink or charge skills. If you meet Phoveus, you should be careful because this hero is very strong and tough when fighting, don’t use the blink skill even if you have to.

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8. Ruby

The next best Lane EXP Hero is Ruby, one of the heroes with a hybrid role, namely fighter and tank. Ruby has good defense or durability besides that her lifesteal is also very heavy, especially if she gets additional lifesteal items. This hero has a crowd control effect that can overwhelm the enemy, enemy heroes can be hit by a slow and deadly pull from Ruby so they can’t move for a while.

Ruby is very suitable to occupy the EXP Lane as an offlaner because this hero is very strong for one-on-one against other offlaner heroes, the resistance and damage of the hero is very good. If war or teamfight Ruby can be the initiator, she can attract opponents with ultimate skills to gather opponents into one to make them easier to attack.

9. Alpha

Alpha is a fighter hero who also includes the best EXP Lane hero in Mobile Legends, this hero is often used by ML players. This Alpha-type fighter does have extraordinary durability and resilience, besides that this hero’s damage also hurts even during the early game. Alpha can fight one on one well, equipped with lifesteal skills to increase the lost HP during the fight.

One of the advantages of this Alpha is that the cooldown of this hero skill is very short, even the ultimate cooldow is short. When a war situation Alpha can help attack the enemy by using the ultimate skill that can give a knockup effect. Alpha can be a great choice for offlaner users.

10. Chou

Which ML player doesn’t know Chou? certainly know because this hero is often the best mainstay for doing freestyle. Chou is also included as one of the strongest EXP Lane heroes in 2022 because the hero has a good ability to master the lane earlier. Indeed, using Chou is easy and difficult because the mechanics are high, but if the pilot is good, it can certainly make the enemy unable to move.

Chou has the ultimate skill to kick the opponent then can kick the opponent again in the air, this skill is very useful for kidnapping the opponent, especially directed to the turret to quickly die. Chou can also be a good war initiator, his durability is good enough to penetrate enemy defenses and kidnap enemy heroes.

11. Benedetta

The assassin hero who is included as one of the best exp lane heroes in 2022 is Benedetta, this hero is not like other assassins because it has very good durability. Benedetta is famous for having high agility, high mobility, because this hero can blink only by holding a basic attack and releasing it in a specified direction. Even Benedetta’s skills are mostly in the form of blink or charge so that she can move freely while attacking.

Benedetta can make it difficult for enemies in EXP Lane because her movements are fast and can outwit opponents while making installments by attacking the enemy. Playing Benedetta is difficult because the hero is a high mechanical hero and requires good mastery, but in good hands this hero is very dangerous.

12. Thamuz

In the last order, there is one of the strongest EXP Lane heroes, namely Thamuz, a fighter hero with the power of blazing lava. Thamuz is very fierce during the early game, his attack damage can kill enemies easily and quickly, even in the late game this hero can still shine and have thick durability. This hero is very suitable in EXP Lane because this hero’s fighting and defensive abilities are so strong that the enemy is sometimes reluctant to fight one on one with this hero.

Thamuz can be a mainstay in EXP Lane, besides that the rotation of this hero is also quite fast if he doesn’t carry his sickle weapon. The lifesteal of this hero is also terrible, the longer the fight, the harder it gets, even when beaten up, it can still survive so it is suitable to be a second tank during war or teamfight.

Well, that was the list of the best 2022 Lane EXP heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) hopefully it will be useful and add insight. So, if you want to use the EXP Lane ML heroes, just go ahead as long as you can master them well because a good hero must also be supported by a good pilot. Until here it seems and see you again, friend gamers!.

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