12 Best Roamer Heroes in Mobile Legends

Roamer is one of the roles in Mobile Legends that has the task of roaming around the lane, the goal is to help or assist other lanes in need. There are several heroes that can be an option for roaming and there is even the best roamer hero in Mobile Legends that is suitable for ranking. Roamers have a very important task, namely rotation to other lanes to provide backup or support, with the help of roamers, sidelane heroes can do ganking and push turrets quickly.

There are also special items for roamers, roam items are useful so that roamers don’t eat the gold allotment from heroes on the lane besides roam items have unique abilities such as disappearing, increasing stats, stun, and healing effects. Well, for those of you who are still confused about which roamer hero to pick, especially for playing in ranked mode, don’t worry because we will discuss and provide a list. If so, just take a look at the list and discussion of the strongest and best roamer heroes in Mobile Legends.

1. Mathilda

The first best roamer hero in Mobile Legends is Mathilda, this hero with a support assassin role is very suitable to play a roamer role for the team. The mobility of the hero is very good so it can rotate to another lane quickly, of course this ability is useful because the roamer is required to be able to rotate and provide backups as soon as possible. Mathilda also has a skill set whose damage is lethal, it’s only natural because she’s a half assassin so her damage is more painful than other support heroes.

Mathilda’s movement speed is also supported by her skills, she can dash and even give her teammates the ability to dash towards her which is useful for escaping or chasing enemies. If it’s the ultimate skill, Mathilda can chase the opponent and will get an immune effect against any attack. This skill is suitable for initiating war or ganking.

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2. Tigreal

Mobile Legends players must already know the figure of a tank named Tigreal, this hero is certainly very suitable to be used as a roamer. Tigreal is a tank figure with amazingly good skills, usually this skill can interfere with enemies when farming buffs. Tigreal’s crowd control skill is useful for ganking and war initiation, the skill can catch the enemy and keep the enemy from moving for a while so it’s easier to kill. Indeed Tigreal’s mobility is a bit slow but his rotational ability is good enough to help other lanes, especially because of his CC skill.

When a war situation or teamfight Tigreal is very reliable because with his ultimate skill he can do area attacks and give a stun effect to the opponent’s hero, this skill is usually combined with Flicker. Tigreal is indeed a roamer and initiator that must be picked, especially when playing ranked, this tank can create moments or montages that can turn things around.

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3. Jawhead

Hero fighter can be used as an offlaner, for example, Jawhead can even be one of the best ML roamer heroes. Jawhead, apart from being a fighter hero, can also be used as a tank hero, his durability can be thick, besides that his skills are also in the form of crowd control to overwhelm the enemy. The mobility of this hero is also very good because his 2nd skill will increase movement speed for running, in addition to fast rotation, this skill makes it easier for Jawhead to chase enemies or run away.

Jawhead can be a good war initiator, especially for capturing enemy core heroes, skill 2 can throw enemies in certain directions. While the ultimate skill is to hit the opponent and make a knockback effect if there are opponents around. Jawhead can be an option for roamers because it has advantages in terms of skill, durability, and mobility.

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4. Valentine

The best roamer hero in the next Mobile Legends is Valentina, a hero role mage with deadly burst damage and unique skill abilities. Valentina is very suitable to be a roamer because of her fast movement ability because she has a blink skill that makes it easier for her to rotate to another lane quickly. The unique ability of this hero lies in the ultimate skill, Valentina can steal the enemy’s ultimate skill regardless of its form, it’s really overpowered.

Valentina is also a hero mage with strong durability as long as she also uses defense items, she can be a pretty good war initiator. The advantage to stealing the enemy’s ultimate skill should be used properly because this skill will be very influential depending on which hero is stolen the ultimate skill.

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5. Hylos

Hylose is of course included as the best roamer hero in Mobile Legends, his ability as a roamer is no longer in doubt, so many ML players rely on this half-horse body hero. This hero tank in addition to having a very thick durability compared to other tank heroes also has good mobility. Hylos has a crowd control skill to stop the opponent’s movement, with skill 1 he can give a stun effect while skill 2 will give a slow effect while in installments reducing the enemy’s blood.

Hylos’ ultimate skill can create a kind of path that can make one team’s hero get additional movement speed besides Hylos himself will get HP regen as well. The enemy will be slowed if exposed to the ultimate Hylos, this skill is perfect for starting or opening a war.

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6. Chou

Kang freestyle must also be included as one of the best roamer heroes in ML, Chou apart from being an offlaner, of course, can be used as a tank roamer hero. Chou has good mobility so he can be relied on to be a roamer hero so he can rotate to another lane quickly. In addition to having good mobility, Chou is also an expert in crowd control, Chou’s 1 skill can make opponents disperse and give a knock up effect while Chou’s ultimate skill aka Chou’s ultimate weapon can be a very deadly skill to kidnap opponents.

A hero like Chou is suitable for opening a war by kidnapping the opponent’s core hero using the ultimate skill so that the enemy loses the damage dealer so that it is easy to defeat. In terms of mechanics, Chou is indeed a high mechanical hero and requires good mastery of skills, especially for flicker combos and ultimate skills.

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7. Rafaela

Healing-type heroes like Rafaela can also be used to occupy the role roamer, this support hero is the best roamer hero in Mobile Legends which is pretty good to use. Rafaela is a type of support that can provide healing effects and buffs in the form of movement speed, this is certainly very useful for teammates’ heroes, especially during ganking or war situations. The hero’s mobility is also pretty good, including a fast hero for rotation to another lane, of course because of the skill help.

Rafaela is more suitable for using semi-tank items or even full defense items, the goal is to become a strong tank or support in order to protect teammates. His ultimate skill will give a stun effect for a while and its nature is also an area, this one hero is also suitable to be the initiator of war or teamfight.

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8. Angela

The next best roamer hero is Angela, one of the heroes with a support role and very reliable to be a roamer. Angela has relatively good mobility and is fast so she can rotate to other lanes that need it as soon as possible. The skill set consists of cc skills and healing buff skills, so Angela’s skills are very useful to overwhelm the enemy while providing support to teammates in the form of heal effects and additional movement speed.

Angela has a very unique ultimate skill, she can enter a teammate’s body and provide a thick shield and increase movement speed. In addition, Angela can still issue skills 1 and 2 to attack enemies, this skill can be used especially during war or team fights, it can also be in an urgent situation. The ultimate skill will be very effective if used correctly and appropriately besides that it can also be a combo with a suitable hero.

9. Khufra

Khufra is one of the tank heroes in Mobile Legends, of course the tank role hero can be relied on to become a roamer. Khufra’s skill set really supports this, he also has pretty good mobility so rotation isn’t too much of a problem. When it comes to ganking or ambush, Khufra’s ambush is an expert, he can use skill 1 to jump at the opponent and startle him suddenly. Khufra can counter agile heroes such as Lancelot, Ling, Fanny, Harith, and others by utilizing skill 2, namely bouncing ball so that the enemy cannot blink or dash.

Khufra is a very perfect hero to be a war initiator, his combo skill can catch many enemies and make the enemy not move for a while. The ultimate skill will give a stun effect if hit by a wall other than that the opponent will be slow, if many opponents are trapped this skill will be very easy to beat them during war.

10. Franco

Just like other tanks, Franco is also one of the tanks that can be a roamer, even this hero is included as one of the best roamer heroes in Mobile Legends. Franco is famous for having passive skills that can make him move fast or get additional movement speed, especially if he wears Rapid boots, the rotation will be very fast. This hero tank also has a single target crowd control skill, especially in the ultimate skill because with this skill the opponent will be affected by the suppressed effect so he can’t do anything for a while.

Franco can be a good war initiator, by using skill 1 he can catch one of the opponents then just use the ultimate skill so he can’t run away and is easily killed. Prioritize enemy dealer damage heroes so that during war the chance to win is greater. Franco can be a roamer’s choice, especially if you want to rotate to another lane quickly and have strong CC skills to stop your opponent.

11. Selena

Selena is a mage/assassin hero who can also be used as a roamer in Mobile Legends. This hero has the ability or skill that is very supportive to carry out his duties as a roamer. Skill 1 can be used to open maps and create traps so that enemy movement can be hampered, this trap is suitable for placing in the bushes or enemy jungle areas. Selena is famous for having the longest stun skill in Mobile Legends, this skill is in skill 2 which will issue a catfish-shaped monster if it hits the opponent, it can be stunned for up to 3 seconds.

Selena is a hero who has deadly damage, even though her position is a roamer, the assassin’s soul is still attached and can finish off enemies quickly using her combo skills. Selena herself has two modes that are almost similar to Roger, these modes have different skills and each uniqueness can even be a deadly combo to kill enemy heroes.

12. Estes

The last best roamer hero on this list is Estes, one of the heroes from the support circle. Estes is a healing type hero like Rafaela, the difference is that Estes has a much stronger healing ability. Hero healers like Estes are really needed in various conditions, if Estes becomes a roamer he can help teammates who are having trouble on another lane. Estes’ mobility is indeed a bit slow but she can still be relied on to be a roamer, especially her healing skills are needed.

When conditions are war or teamfight, Estes’ presence is certainly needed, her healing skills are useful to keep teammates alive. Especially if Estes uses a special healing effect roam shoe item, of course her healing power will be even better.

Well, that was the discussion along with the list of the best roamer heroes in Mobile Legends. So what do you think about the ml roamer hero earlier? is there still a good mobile legend roamer hero? if so, please comment. Looks like that’s all for this time, hopefully it will be useful and add insight, especially for Mobile Legends players, see you again, gamers!

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