10 Best Hyper Carry Heroes 2022 in Mobile Legends

Hyper carry is a strategy or Meta that is very popular in Mobile Legends until now. Hyper carry itself is a game strategy that uses one strong and good hero to serve as a core hero or carry that will become a damage dealer for the team. In this year, there are some of the best hyper carry heroes in 2022 that are appropriate for you to use, especially when playing in ranked mode.

Well, on this occasion, we will discuss the best hyper carry heroes in 2022 in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know what heroes are good to be hyper carry this year, please just watch until the end so you understand. Immediately following the list and discussion.

1. Granger

The first best hyper carry hero in 2022 is Granger, one of the marksman in Mobile Legends. Granger has been very often used as a hyper carry and has become very popular among Mobile Legends players. This hero is a painful hyper carry because it has high damage from both his basic attacks and his skills. The movement or mobility is also quite agile and fast because it is helped by his dash skill, this skill can be reset if you use skill 1 and hit the target.

One of the highest sources of damage from Granger is of course from skill 1, this skill will fire bullets quickly and drain Granger’s magazine. With this skill Granger can clear the jungle quickly even in the early game, this ability is also supported by his passive skill that can give critical damage. Ultimate Granger can fire three bullets from a distance, perfect for taking out dying enemies.

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2. Lancelot

Next in the list of the best hyper carry heroes in 2022 is Lancelot, one of the deadliest and sickest assassins. Lancelot is suitable as a hyper carry, his abilities both skill and mobility are very qualified to occupy this role. The hero can clear the jungle quickly by relying on his skill set, the early game alone can deal high damage. Lancelot is also a slippery and agile hero so it is difficult to catch, this ability helps him to run away or chase enemies.

One of the other advantages of Lancelot is immune, as long as he uses skill 2 or ultimate skill then he cannot be attacked by any skill. Lancelot also has a cooldown skill which is not too long so he can spam skills, especially skill 1 for blink as long as there are targets either minions or opposing heroes. No wonder Lancelot is one of the sickest hyper carry saty heroes in 2022.

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3. Yi Sun-Shin

the strongest marksman hero 2021

Yi Sun-Shin is also definitely included in the list of the best hyper carry heroes in 2022. Yi Sun-Shin or often called by the designation or abbreviation Yss is a popular hero among Mobile Legends players, usually this hero is used as a hyper carry or jungler. Yss has a unique passive skill ability every time he changes sword and arrow weapons will attack with critical damage, usually Yss players really take advantage of this skill to attack any target.

Yss is classified as a poke hero, he can repay the enemy’s blood from a distance, especially using his 2nd skill which can shoot arrows if held for a while, he also has an immune crowd control skill in skill 1. With these advantages Yss is very suitable to be used as a hyper, clear jungle is also fast and can finish off enemies easily besides that it is very dangerous both in the early and late games. The ultimate can reach all enemies and is very useful for open maps.

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4. Hayabusa

best assassin heroes 2021

Next is Hayabusa the ninja assassin who is also included in the list of the best hyper carry heroes in 2022. Hayabusa is an assassin with unique and deadly skills, with his combo skills, enemy heroes, especially those with thin blood, can be instantly disabled. This assassin is very suitable to be used as a hyper carry because it has the capability as a role, besides that buffs also help Hayabusa save energy, reduce cooldown, and increase damage so that it makes him stronger.

Hayabusa’s shadow skill can be used to blink in a certain direction, besides this skill makes it easier for Hayabusa to run away or chase opponents. Hayabusa is classified as a late game hero, if you have full items, you should be careful if you meet Hayabusa because it can run out immediately. Hayabusa has good mobility, high attack damage, and the ability to escape which is perfect for a hyper carry position.

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5. Harley

Harley is definitely included in the list of the best hyper carry heroes in 2022, this mage has very deadly skills. This hero mage has been used very often as a hyper carry because it has a skill set that can kill opponents easily, it’s natural that Harley often becomes a subscriber to tires when draft picks. Harley has good mobility, he is an agile hero and a swindler because with his skills he can run away from his hat and can come back again.

The deadliest combo skill from Harley is removing skill 2 to approach the target then immediately removing the ultimate skill towards the target and then continuing to attack with skill 1, this combination is of course very deadly and can kill enemies easily. Harley is suitable for targeting thin heroes like marksman, mage, or assassin because it can be finished with just one skill combination. So it’s appropriate if Harley is also included in the sickest hyper carry hero in 2022.

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6. Ling

The next best hyper carry hero in 2022 is Ling, one of the heroes from the assassin class. Ling is famous for having agility and being able to jump up and down walls thanks to one of his skills. The hero is very suitable to be a hyper carry of course there are several reasons such as high damage, good agility and mobility, and can last until the late game because LIng is also a late hero. Ling can clear the jungle quickly using his skills, besides that to move around, he just jumps using the wall so he can get there faster.

Ling really needed buffs especially the blue buff to save his energy expenditure so he could keep attacking using his skills. Therefore Ling is mostly used as a hyper carry, actually this hero is not too difficult, it just requires shrewdness when using a combination of skills.

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7. Saber

Then there is Saber the assassin who is also included in the list of the best hyper carry heroes in 2022. Saber can be used as a hyper carry hero because it is a suitable assassin, although sometimes Saber is still often used as a sidelaner because it can carry spell execute doesn’t mean Saber hyper is bad, in fact. good. Saber can use buffs to reduce cooldown and increase attack damage, besides that he can farm in the jungle and take monsters like turtles.

Saber is famous for having the deadliest skill combo, with just one combination the enemy can immediately run out. The combination is skill 1 then skill 2 and skill 3 to lift the opponent, if you are not dead you can attack with a spell or basic attack but usually also die immediately especially if the hero is thin like mm or mage. This combination attack is perfect for targeting the enemy’s hero core so that the enemy will lose the damage dealer. Saber is included in the sickest hyper carry hero.

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8. Roger

Roger is one of the hybrid fighter marksman heroes, he is included in the best hyper carry hero in 2022 on this list. This hero has the ability to change the shape of both humans and wolves but the most deadly mode is the wolf mode because it has excess damage and movement speed. Roger is very suitable to be a hyper carry because he can clear jungle quickly, his mobility is also good for roaming assisted by skill 2 human mode so that he can help other lanes.

Roger has a fairly lethal attack damage, especially when in wolf mode, his passive also increases the damage. He can catch dying targets quickly if he uses skill 2 wolf mode, his movement speed will increase drastically. Roger is very reliable as a hyper carry, if the pilot manages to master this hero in both wolf and human mode then this hero can be very useful for teammates and can even be carried.

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9. Alucard

Who is an ML player who doesn’t know Alucard? Surely all players know because this hero is already very popular and is often the subject of jokes. Even so, Alucard’s ability cannot be underestimated, even though he is included in the list of the best hyper carry heroes in 2022. Alucard is now very suitable to be used as a hyper carry, his clear jungle ability is quite fast and Alucard can also fight with many enemies at once. This is very possible because Alucard has a very high lifesteal so he can continue to absorb enemy blood and can fight with many opposing heroes at once.

Alucard is also helped by his passive skill after performing a skill attack he can jump towards the target and deal damage. The hero is classified as a late game hero when dealing with Alucard full items, you should not be alone because it can be killed easily later. So, don’t underestimate Alucard because this hero is terrible in the right hands and can play it.

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10. Claude


The last but not the worst is Claude the marksman hero. Claude is indeed quite suitable to be a hyper carry although sometimes he is also suitable in the sidelane, especially the gold lane, but to be a good core, he becomes a hyper carry. This hero has very good potential during the late game, if it reaches the late game and Claude’s full item can finish off the opponent easily even the tank will run out in his hands.

Claude also has very good mobility, he can steal movement speed as well as attack speed using skill 1 and he can also teleport with skill 2 into the shadow of Dexter the monkey. Of course Claude’s deadliest skill is the ultimate skill, if you get some items such as the Golden staff and Demon Hunter Sword the damage is very painful.

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Well, that was the article regarding the list and discussion of the best hyper carry heroes in 2022, hopefully it can be useful and add insight, of course. All the heroes are good, it’s just the pilot’s ability to master the mechanics of the heroes above, if it’s good then it can benefit the team because hyper is in charge of being a carry for his team. Until here, see you next time.

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