10 Strongest Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends 2022, Thick and Hard to Beat!

Tank is a role in Mobile Legends that has a very important role in the game, tank heroes usually have thick and strong durability and defense. There are some of the strongest tank heroes in Mobile Legends 2022 who have advantages and can also be said to be OP and are often used by ML players to push rank. Tanks have an extremely difficult task, therefore this role is very important, tanks are required to be able to roam or rotate to help gangs and must be the initiator at the forefront during war.

Well, this time we will discuss about the 2022 strongest tank hero in Mobile Legends, which is currently at its strongest and is widely used by ML players as their mainstay hero to push. Immediately, the following is a list and its discussion.

1. Akai

Akai is definitely included in the list of the best tank heroes in 2022, this tank hero has become an OP since getting a lot of buffs and revamps after being rarely used for a long time. In fact, not infrequently Akai is often used as a jungler hero or hyper carry because the damage from Akai’s attacks is quite painful. Apart from being a jungler, Akai can still play as a roamer because this hero is indeed a tank.

Akai has a crowd control skill that can overwhelm the enemy when dealing with him, with his ultimate skill he can tear apart and trap the opponent if it hits the opponent’s wall and can be stunned and can’t do anything. Akai is very reliable to start a war or be an initiator, his cc and passive skills are very helpful.

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2. Hilda

Next is the tank hero, Hilda, a tank hero who has often been the mainstay of ML players. Hilda is a 2022 meta tank hero because after getting buffs and adjustments from the ML developer, this hero becomes even stronger. This hero tank is often used as a roamer, his mobility is very good and when in the bush he can regenerate. Hilda is one of the sickest tank heroes in 2022, her attacks can produce high damage especially if the stack is full.

Hilda is indeed a pretty perfect tank even though she has a weakness, namely minimal CC skills, but during war she is very reliable at the forefront and protects teammates.

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3. Tigreal

The next best tank hero is Tigreal, one of the heroes with the best crowd control skills. Tigreal, of course, is already widely known by Mobile Legends players because this hero can do a good and perfect montage, but that depends on the pilot. If you want to find a tank hero who has good CC skills and is very suitable for disturbing opponents, then just use Tigreal. This hero can riot with enemy buffs using skill 2, of course it’s very annoying, especially for enemy hyper heroes.

When war or teamfight Tigreal can use its flagship combo, namely Flicker and ultimate skill, if it hits many opponents, it is very possible to win the war and can even reverse the situation or make a comeback.

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4. Khufra

Khufra is one of the best tank heroes in 2022 in Mobile Legends, this hero has very good dash and crowd control abilities. In addition to tank heroes like Tigreal, who can do Khufra’s montage combo, it can also be a little difficult, but equally dangerous and can make the chance to win bigger, especially if the pilot is good. Khufra is a natural counter for agile heroes and often uses dashes such as Ling, Lancelot, Benedetta, and others.

Khufra is more suitable if he plays as a roamer, he can rotate to help teammates and do ganking or ambush using skill 1 to jump at the opponent then use combo skills 2 and 3.

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5. Johnson

Surely Mobile Legends players know and are familiar with a tank hero named Johnson, this hero is also one of the strongest tank heroes in 2022. Johnson has a unique ability that can turn himself into a car, with his skills he can move within the entire map range and can be used to hit the enemy. This hero tank is very good if it is a combo with other heroes, especially those with crowd control or AoE effects (area attack effects).

Johnson usually combos with heroes like Odette, Badang, Vale, and others because these heroes have attacks that have area and deadly effects. This tank also has a fairly thick durability, its passive can issue a thick shield if Johnson’s blood is thin.

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6. Franco

The next strongest tank hero in Mobile Legends 2022 is Franco, a hero who can attract opponents using a hook skill. Franco is a tank hero who is popular among ML players, his 1 skill can attract opponents and even destroy enemy buffs which of course irritates him. His passive skill can make the damage to Franco’s three skills even more painful if the stack is full, the damage will be higher, so this hero is one of the sickest tank heroes in 2022.

In addition to being able to use build tanks, Franco is often used to use build assassins so that the damage from his attacks becomes more painful and deadly. With good durability, heavy regen, CC effects, coupled with high mobility this hero is certainly a bone of contention for ML players.

7. Hylos

Hylos is one of the strongest tank heroes, this hero has high durability and a lot of blood compared to other tank heroes. With these advantages Hylos is hard to beat and can be a shield for teammates, especially during war or team fights. Hylos also has a skill that can continuously attack enemies in a circle area and will consume Mana, if it runs out it can consume Hylos’ blood.

This hero is very reliable when in war or teamfight conditions he can protect teammates because of his high durability and blood, besides that with ultimate skills, his movement speed becomes faster. To be stronger and thicker, when using Hylos, just bring the Revitalize spell then combo with the skill set, Hylos is guaranteed to be hard to die.

8. Atlas

The next strongest tank hero in 2022 is Atlas, one of the tank heroes with the best and strongest crowd control skills. Atlas does have a weaker durability than other tanks but is still strong to survive, especially since this hero is equipped with escape skills and CC skills that make it difficult for opponents. With his ultimate skill he can pull the opponent who is hit by his chain then slam the opponent like a smackdown, if many opponents are entangled by this skill then the possibility of war can win.

Atlas can be relied on as a roamer hero for rotation to another lane, his 2nd skill really helps his mobility for rotation and can even cause a stun effect if it hits an enemy. This hero tank is perfect for finding moments or montages during war or team fights and combined with heroes who have a damage area.

9. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is a tank hero in Mobile Legends, a hero that adapts from puppet stories and Indonesian legends. Just like the story in the puppet hero, this hero is very strong and hard, has high durability and is difficult to kill by opponents. Ghatotkacha has a passive that is able to attack the enemy with a punch if the stack rage has reached red, the more you attack, the more rage and the more painful the damage. Not infrequently Gatotkaca is also given a mage item so that the damage is more painful, it’s only natural that Gatot is one of the sickest tank heroes in 2022.

Gatotkaca with his ultimate skill can attack opponents in the area and cause a knock up effect, this skill is suitable for surprise attacks or war openers. With the strength of his skills and durability, Gatotkaca can be relied on to be the initiator at the forefront.

10. Esmeralda

The last 2022 strongest tank hero on this list is Esmeralda, a mixed hero or hybrid between a tank and a mage. Esmeralda is known for being able to steal the opponent’s shield, the shield makes her defense stronger and harder for the enemy to penetrate. This hero besides having high durability, the damage is also decent and can repay the enemy’s blood if it continues to attack. Esmeralda is a flexible hero who can play as a roamer or offlaner and in any lane everything fits.

Regarding mobility, Esmeralda has good and fast mobility, she can run away or chase opponents using her skills. This hero is a bar type and can fight many heroes at once even if he enters the turret it doesn’t matter because he has the ultimate skill to escape or immobilize opponents, besides that he can absorb shields to make his blood thicker.

Well, it looks like that’s all the discussion and list of the 2022 strongest tank heroes in Mobile Legends can hopefully help provide information so that later when you push rank you can have a good tank hero reference to use. All of that, of course, requires a good pilot because the hero is strong and OP but the players can’t control and control the hero. Until here, hopefully it will be useful and see you again, gamers!

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