12 Best Heroes To Push Rank Season 19 Mobile Legends

Every season change in Mobile Legends, the player’s rank will decrease according to the last rank of the player. Well, now it has entered season 19 so of course the player’s rank will be reset and if you want to reach the highest rank you have to be diligent in pushing. In season 19, there are many choices of heroes to push rank, one of which is hero meta.

Are you still confused about the choice of heroes for push rank?, take it easy this time I will give you the best hero choice for push rank in season 19 of Mobile Legends. Well, if you want to know then just follow this article so you can determine the choice of heroes to push rank to Mythic. Immediately, here are the best hero choices for push rank this season.

1. Benedetta


Benedetta is an assassin hero who just released last season, but this hero is still OP in this 19 season. This hero has a good skill set, one of which is being able to blink unlimitedly. Benedetta can be your choice for push rank this season, but you really have to be able to master this hero because Benedetta is difficult.

2. Mathilda


Of course, Mathilda, one of the hybrid support assassin heroes, deserves a push rank for you. Mathilda is an OP hero in this season, even recently she got a buff on her skills. However, if you want to use Mathilda, you actually have to be lucky because this hero is often banned from ranked draft picks.

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3. Hanabi


Next is the marksman hero Hanabi, one of the mm heroes that is good for push rank, especially in the Epic tier. This time Hanabi got an all-out buff from Moonton, her shield increased tremendously so that it added to Hanabi’s ability during teamfights. In the late game this hero is quite OP because he can overthrow the opponent quickly while sucking the enemy’s blood with lifesteal as a shield for him.

4. Pharsa


Pharsa, who is a role mage hero, is among the best heroes for push rank in season 19. This mage hero does have super sick damage because he used to get a revamp. Pharsa is very strong in war or teamfight as long as the position is good and there is protection. One of the skills can also be useful for escaping, even overcoming obstacles.

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5. Ling


Furthermore, there is Ling who is an assassin, this hero of course has often been used. Recently, Ling also received a significant buff from Moonton, his energy recovery is faster so he doesn’t really need the blue buff. Ling himself is quite a difficult hero, but if he is agile and correct in using it, Ling can be deadly. If you want to use this hero in rank mode, it’s really fast who he can get.

6. Khufra


Khufra is indeed one of the best tanks in Mobile Legends, the proof is that he is continuously used every season. Even though he got nerfed several times, this hero is still strong both in terms of skill and durability. Khufra is the initiator, meaning he is the one who starts the war or teamfight, besides that he is also suitable for capturing the opponent’s hero.

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7. Lapu-Lapu


Next is Lapu-Lapu, the great and mighty fighter assassin hero. Lapu-Lapu received a buff recently, this buff made him stronger in the game. This hero has also received a revamp some time ago, the revamp made Lapu-Lapu get more attention from players. The problem of Lapu-Lapu’s skill is indeed strong, especially if he has issued the ultimate, he is strong in the early and mid game phases.

8. Brody


It feels lacking if you don’t include Brody on the list this time. Brody has been OP since the beginning of his release, even now he has entered the meta in season 19. This Marksman has a fairly high damage per shot even though his attack speed is not fast but the damage is painful. Brody is now also often picked by players because of course he has been sick since the early game even into the late game.

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9. Natalia

Natalia hero push rank season 19

Natalia is a deadly assassin who deserves to be pushed to our rank in this 19 season. Natalia’s ability to disappear allows her to attack enemies stealthily and quickly. Natalia is indeed a deadly assassin figure, especially in the late game phase. This hero is suitable for capturing an opponent who is alone or his life is dying, it can also push the enemy’s turret secretly.

10. Claude

Claude hero push rank season 19

Claude as one of the best marksman, of course, is included in the push rank hero recommendation this season. This MM is often hit by buffs and nerfs from Moonton, it happens to balance this marksman because he keeps going in and out of meta. You can rely on this hero when you push rank, as long as you are diligent in farming from the start and can master it.

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11. Jawhead

Jawhead hero push rank season 19

Furthermore, one of the fighter heroes, Jawhead, is perfect for push rank. Jawhead has various advantages, for example, he has the CC skill to pick up the opponent and throw him then he also has pretty sick damage. Apart from being a fighter, Jawhead can also become a tank by buying tank build items for high durability.

12. Barats

Baratsero push rank season 19

In the last place, there is Barats, one of the hybrid tank fighter heroes suitable for push rank this season. Barats himself is famous for his sick abilities and skills, when he gets big the damage will increase. In addition to having great damage, he also has a fairly high defense or durability so even if he is attacked, it is difficult to die. Barats is very suitable to be an offlaner because he can grow his body if he does damage to creeps.

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Well, that was the article about the list of the best heroes for push rank in the Gamenization version of season 19. Actually, there are quite a lot of heroes that you can use when playing ranked mode depending on each role. But, it’s all choices according to mastery, so I just recommend it for all of you.

It seems that this article will be useful, especially for Mobile Legends players. Don’t forget to stop by on this blog so you don’t miss the latest information. See you in the next article.

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