5 Best Combo Hero Mobile Legends With Johnson

One of the deadliest hero combos is Johnson, because he has the ultimate skill that can hit and stun the opponent if hit. Who is a Mobile Legends player who doesn’t know Johnson?, surely you know him. Johnson is one of the tank heroes with unique skills that can turn into a car and then hit his opponent.

Well, on this occasion we will discuss the best hero combo with Johnson in Mobile Legends. Just take a look, yes, if you are more curious and want to know, here is the following.

1. Johnson and Odette

Johnson-Odette's best hero combo

The most legendary and effective combo with Johnson is Johnson-Odette. The combination of these two heroes has been widely known and used by Mobile Legends players for a long time. It’s very deadly Johnson-Odette, especially if used during war.

If the pilot Johnson is able to drive properly and correctly, and Odette is on time when issuing an ulti, the enemy can immediately flatten. Use it when Johnson and Odette have the ultimate skill so that the results are good, and can also be used during war.

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2. Johnson and Badang

ML fighter body

The next hero combo with Johnson is deadly and of course the best is Johnson-Badang. Yes, the combination of these two heroes is capable of dealing big and deadly damage to the enemy hit by the target. There is no time to escape if you are hit by a combination of these two heroes because after being hit by a collision you will be hit again.

Make sure if you want to use the Johnson-Badang combination, both heroes must have the ultimate skill. This combo is very effective when used during war and teamfight, or to target only certain heroes.

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3. Johnson and Saber

Saber Mobile Legends

Well, then at number 3 there is the best hero combo with Johnson, namely Johnson-Saber. These two heroes are known to be good and deadly, especially if they combine, the targeted opponent will die immediately.

To use this hero combo is actually easy but also requires the ability to target the hero. Unlike previous hero combinations that cause area damage, Saber will only target one target to attack with his ultimate skill.

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4. Johnson and Aurora

Aurora mage ML

The next combo that is no less terrible with Johnson is the Johnson-Aurora combination. The combination of Aurora and Johnson can produce crowd control effects and enormous damage to opponents in the skill area. After Johnson hits an opponent, Aurora will issue an ultimate that will damage the opponent in one area.

If Aurora has a passive to freeze the opponent, it will actually make the Johnson-Aurora combo even more terrible. This combo is very suitable for use during team fights or wars with the opposing team.

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5. Johnson and Angela

Angela hero mobile legends

The best hero combo with the last Johnson is Johnson-Angela, the last one doesn’t mean the worst. As a Mobile Legends player, you definitely know the support hero named Angela, now it turns out that she is also good for combos with Johnson. Angela has the ultimate skill to enter a teammate’s body and provide shield protection and support in the form of skills.

When Johnson already has the ultimate skill, Angela must enter Johnson’s body as quickly as possible before hitting the enemy. Johnson will become stronger because of the additional shield and support from Angela, this combination is suitable for war or push turrets.

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Yup, that was the article that discussed the best hero combo with Johnson in Mobile Legend. Come on, please just prove which is the best Johnson hero combo in your opinion. Indeed, Johnson is still the best when it comes to hero combinations and has high mobility.

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