Avast Finds 47 Dangerous Games Out on the Google Play Store


Avast recently made a report finding dangerous games circulating on the Google Play Store. According to a report made by the antivirus company, at least 47 malicious Android games containing Adware were found circulating in the Play Store.

The game looks convincing but behind the game there is a malicious program, namely Adware. The adware actually makes the user’s Android smartphone continue to display advertisements because it has been infiltrated by the malicious program.

Of the 47 games mentioned in the report, there are still 17 games circulating on the Google Play Store and even 15 games that fall into the popular category and have been downloaded by 15 million users. One of Avast’s researchers, Jakub Varva said that this type of adware is very difficult to detect, this is because the way they work is very complicated.

“Campaigns like HiddenAds can enter the Play Store by obscuring their true purpose or slowly introducing malicious features once downloaded by users,” said Jakub Varva.

Here are 17 dangerous games that are still circulating in the Play Store and should be removed immediately

  • Draw Color by Number (1 million)
  • Skate Board – New (1 million)
  • Find Hidden Differences (1 million)
  • Shoot Master (1 million)
  • Spot Hidden Differences (500,000)
  • Dancing Run – Color Ball Run 500,000)
  • Find 5 Differences 500,000)
  • Joy Woodworker 500,000)
  • Throw Master 500,000)
  • Throw into Space 500,000)
  • Divide it – Cut & Slice Game 500,000)
  • Tony Shoot – NEW 500,000)
  • Assassin Legend 500,000)
  • Stacking Guys 500,000)
  • Save Your Boy 500,000)
  • Assassin Hunter 2022 500,000)
  • Stealing Runs 500,000)
  • Fly Skater 2022 500,000)
  • Disc Go 500,000)

That’s a list of some dangerous games that are still circulating in the Play Store, if you have one or more of the games above, delete it immediately so that your phone remains safe from malicious programs such as Adware or Malware.

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