6 Beginner Mistakes When Playing League of Legends: Wild Rift

Wild Rift is indeed a new Moba game so many beginners or newbie players sometimes make some mistakes. We can’t avoid mistakes but we can still fix them, sometimes it’s also annoying. However, as a beginner, you must learn to master the game of Wild Rift.

There are some common mistakes that are often made by novice players. Well, on this occasion, let’s discuss one by one the mistakes beginners make when playing Wild Rift with the following list. Please just read this article to the end so that as a newbie you can understand this game.

1. Origin Using Champion

wild rift beginner mistakes

The first mistake that beginners often make is the origin of pick champions. They just pick and don’t know their role or don’t pay attention to the role of champions. For example, when someone picks ADC, the newbie will pick ADC again, this is what is annoying.

As a newbie, you should be good at choosing champions based on the roles needed by your teammates. Don’t just pick champions because if you choose the ones you can’t, it will end up being a burden.

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2. Not Installing Ward

Ward League of Legends

Now the next thing that is no less important is installing a ward, usually beginners don’t install small but useful objects. This happens because they don’t know or maybe they already know but forgot to install.

Even though this object is very useful for knowing the enemy’s position or for opening vision in dark areas. Like the function of a lamp but more importantly. Hopefully with this, beginners can better know the function of the ward, because it is important in the game.

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3. Origin Select Lane

Lane Wild Rift

Furthermore, a beginner’s mistake which is also fatal is the origin of choosing a lane, it is very annoying to meet a player like this. For example, you meet a beginner player who just chooses a lane, ADC instead goes to the midlane, so that’s annoying right?. Beginners should be able to learn about lane selection through tutorials either in-game or external sources.

But for those who are lazy, they usually just pick lane without knowing the risks to teammates. If this happens then you have to tell them not to do that.

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4. Using Other MOBA Meta Games

Logo Lol WR

Then, the next mistake made by novice players is using another Moba meta game. This kind of behavior does make the game become damaged and is the same as other Moba games, even though Wild Rift has differences with the other Moba.

Bringing other meta games has the potential to make the game even more chaotic, because we know there are differences in roles and lanes in LoL games. Mistakes like this shouldn’t happen, but because many novice players who don’t understand often do it.

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5. Buying or Selecting Incompatible Items

LoL Item items

The next beginner’s mistake is to buy or choose an item that doesn’t match the champion. For example, using ADC instead of using item sets from tanks or other roles, of course it’s different. Things like this are sometimes annoying and even make one team lose.

Beginners should learn about items in Wild Rift first so they don’t make the wrong choice. The right and good items can make the champion stronger, otherwise, if it is wrong, the champion will not be optimal.

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6. Origin Choose Spell and Runner

Spells in the Wild Rift

The last mistake is the origin of choosing a spell and runner, although it is fairly trivial, in fact both are useful, you know. Spells and runners can help improve the abilities of champions, especially for junglers. If you choose and don’t match, the result will not be optimal and even damage the game of one team.

For example, what often happens is the use of the Smite spell against inappropriate champions and not junglers. Of course it can damage and change the meta of this game, and the jungler becomes ineffective.

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So, those were some beginner mistakes when playing Wild Rift. Some of these mistakes are sometimes annoying but we need to understand because they require a learning process. So that there are no mistakes, it’s good for beginners to continue to practice and learn, for old players, please advise them.

That’s all for this article, see you in the next article, stay on this blog so you don’t miss it. Goodbye and thank you.

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