12 Most Effective Counter Phoveus Heroes in Mobile Legends

Phoveus is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends with unique abilities and thick durability, this hero is very strong and often gets banned in ranked mode. No matter how strong a hero is, there must be a weakness, there are several hero counters of Phoveus to stop this hero’s madness. Hero counter is a hero who has specifications to fight certain heroes or in simple terms, natural enemies. Phoveus does look crazy because even if he is beaten or 1vs5 this hero can still survive and kill enemy heroes. This hero can defeat heroes with high mobility such as assassins such as Fanny, Lancelot, Benedetta, and others can lose against Phoveus.

One of Phoveus’ greatest abilities lies in his ultimate skill if there is a blink or charge enemy then Phoveus will jump at the hero, besides that he also gets this shield which makes Phoveus durable even though he is beaten. Well, on this occasion, we will discuss and list the most effective Phoveus hero counters in ML. So, if you are still having trouble fighting Phoveus, don’t worry because there is a counter, so just take a look.

1. Esmeralda

The natural enemy as well as Phoveus’ first counter hero is Esmeralda, a tank mage hero with both strong damage and durability. Esmeralda can be used to defeat Phoveus because it has several advantages compared to the hero. Surely you understand that Esmeralda can absorb enemy shields through her skills, Phoveus will get a shield if he uses skill 1 and ultimate then Phoveus’ shield becomes food for Esmeralda and is useless for Phoveus when dealing with Esmeralda.

To defeat Esmeralda you need a hero with high burst damage, but Phoveus doesn’t have that so Esmeralda can use this to finish him off. It will be difficult for Phoveus to face Esmerlada one on one because he is not strong, Esmeralda becomes a natural counter for Phoveus.

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2. Karrie

Karrie is a marksman hero in Mobile Legends, this hero is famous for being able to penetrate even very strong tank defenses. It turns out that Karrie can be used as a hero counter Phoveus because her abilities and skills can finish off the hero. Phoveus is indeed a fighter with an incredibly strong defense, especially since he has a passive shield, but the hero will be overwhelmed when dealing with Karrie because he has a passive skill, the higher the hitpoints, the higher the attack damage.

Thick heroes will not last long against Karrie including Phoveus because this hero’s true damage is very deadly. The user Phoveus should be careful when meeting this hero, it’s a bit difficult to fight him so it’s better to keep your distance because Karrie is a thick hero destroyer.

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3. Lunox

Want a mage version of Karrie? there is Lunox who is also the most feared tank destroyer hero by thick heroes because the burst damage attack is very high. Lunox can be the choice of counter hero Phoveus because the hero can attack continuously with burst damage. Phoveus himself is famous for his fairly thick durability, it is useless when dealing with Lunox who can repay Phoveus’ attacks. Burst damage from Lunox is quite painful and painful, thick heroes like Phoveus can run out if attacked continuously.

Lunox also has immune skills if Phoveus strikes back with his ultimate skill, as long as this skill is active Phoveus cannot do damage to Lunox. This hero mage can indeed make thick heroes, both tanks and fighters, run away because if they are face to face they might be destroyed immediately.

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4. Cecilion

Cecilion is one of the mage heroes in Mobile Legends, this mage hero turns out to be a Phoveus counter. Cecilion is classified as a late game mage because it takes time to collect stacks and farming so that the damage is getting worse. Phoveus can be difficult for Cecilion because this hero has a fairly strong crowd control skill. Moreover, Cecilion has a deadly combo skill, namely skills 1 and 2 which are guaranteed to drain Phoveus’ blood and make it difficult for him to approach Cecilion.

Cecilion also has the ultimate skill that shoots a kind of blood bullet at his enemy and gives a slow effect to the enemy. With this skill Cecilion can escape without using any blink skills because Phoveus will be slow and have difficulty chasing Cecilion because he doesn’t use the blink skill.

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5. Sun

Next is the fighter hero, Sun, who can defeat Phoveus easily. Sun is a fighter hero who has the ability to remove clones or shadows and can be invited to fight together. This hero can be a counter to Phoveus because he wins a lot, Sun can gang up on Phoveus and can paralyze him quickly. Moreover, if the Sun that is being fought already has a Demon Hunter Sword item and items like Corrosion Scythe then Phoveus will not last long no matter how strong his defenses are.

Sun did look weak in the early game and might be bullied by Phoveus, but if you have got some important items then you should not be brave. During the late game phase, Sun can kill anyone, even tank heroes, quickly, a thick hero like Phoveus must have been killed by Sun and his clones.

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6. Vale

Vale is one of the hero mages with the deadliest damage and crowd control. This hero can be a counter for Phoveus because it has crowd control to overwhelm Phoveus against Vale. Phoveus is indeed a bit weak against crowd control because any agile or strong hero will certainly have difficulty dealing with crowd control skills. Vale besides having a very strong cc, he also has deadly damage, even a thin hero will immediately run out if hit by his magic combo.

If Phoveus is hit by Vale’s skill combination, it will most likely drain a lot of hitpoints. Vale doesn’t have the blink skill unless he brings Flicker, so Phoveus will have a hard time if he wants to attack Vale with his ultimate skill. In addition, Vale also has skill 2 which can be upgraded to knock up effect, if Phoveus dares to chase, of course he can be attacked with this skill.

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7. Nana

Nana can indeed be relied upon as a counter for many heroes including Phoveus, her ability to make it difficult for enemies with CC skills makes Nana very hated by enemies. This hero can turn enemies into cute cats by using skill 2, this skill can certainly make it difficult for Phoveus because he can’t issue skills for a while. Nana also has a crowd control skill with a stun area effect when using the ultimate skill, besides being able to slow down enemies and this stun skill has a fairly high damage so that it can drain Phoveus’ HP.

Even if Nana is pressed, there is still a passive skill that can make Nana a cat and increase her movement speed and cannot be attacked for a while. The passive is very helpful if Nana is already threatened, it can escape from Phoveus’ pursuit because it is not a blink or charge skill.

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8. Argus

The next hero counter Phoveus is Argus who is a fighter hero, this hero is famous for having the ability to not die for a few seconds. Phoveus is strong but there is a fighter who can finish off Phoveus quickly, namely Argus. Even though in the early game Argus is still quite weak but never underestimate Argus late game, a hero like Phoveus can be exhausted if you dare to go by one with the hero. If it’s late in the game, Phoveus may have had trouble fighting Argus.

It’s not arbitrary to fight Phoveus, even though using Argus that can’t die for a while still requires the right momentum. Make good use of the ultimate skill so that when you fight with Phoveus you still have the ultimate weapon when your life is dying.

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9. Valir

Who would have thought that Valir could be used to counter Phoveus, this brother from Vale can indeed counter Phoveus. Valir has a very strong crowd control skill and the effect is also an area, this is certainly very useful to make it difficult for Phoveus’ mobility. Skill 1 can spam attacks on enemies and can cause a stun effect, of course this will make Phoveus difficult. If Phoveus is still approaching, use skill 2 to push the hero. To be stronger, remove the ultimate skill, this skill will strengthen the attack effect and crowd control effect of skills 1 and 2.

With Valir’s skill set, it will certainly make it more difficult for Phoveus to approach Valir and his teammates, this hero is also very useful during war or team fights. So with Valir not only save yourself but also save your teammates from Phoveus’s deadly attack.

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10. Uranus

It turns out that the hero tank, Uranus, can be a counter for Phoveus, Uranus is indeed popular because it has a very high HP regen and durability. Usually Uranus is often placed on the sidelane as an offlaner, this hero is quite strong to be an offlaner because it is helped by his regen ability so that when fighting with enemies it can last a long time. Phoveus will certainly find it difficult to finish off Uranus because it is so thick, moreover this hero has a fairly thick shield to withstand Phoveus’ attacks.

Uranus can also give a slow effect to Phoveus so that his movements become slow and easy to attack. This hero tank is very aggressive and strong, naturally Uranus can be used as a strong opponent for Phoveus who both have high durability.

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11. Minsitthar

Unexpectedly, Phoveus’ counter hero can be from underrated heroes and is rarely used by Mobile Legends players. His name is Minsitthar, one of the fighter heroes that is rarely used but apparently this hero can be used as a counter for the famous strong Phoveus. Minsitthar is known to be able to stop many agile and agile heroes using his ultimate skill, this hero also has almost the same skill as Franco, which is being able to attract opponents using his spear.

Heroes like Phoveus can certainly be stopped with a combination of Minsitthar skills, namely skill 1 to pull then skill 2 to stun and then remove the ultimate skill so it doesn’t run away easily. Minsitthar’s ultimate skill is useful so that the enemy does not run away easily so that they can be killed immediately together with teammates, Phoveus of course is overwhelmed when dealing with this skill.

12. Franco

In the last order for Phoveus’ counter hero is Franco, this hero is very popular and becomes a counter for many heroes. Franco can stop many heroes including Phoveus with a single target crowd control skill, once hit, it’s hard to get out of Franco’s grip. In addition to having suppressed skills in his ultimate skill, Franco also has a unique skill to attract enemy heroes with his hook. This skill is certainly very useful for capturing enemy heroes from quite a distance, it does require accuracy and good predictions to be hit by the target.

Franco can’t kill Phoveus alone because he’s only a tank hero, not a damage dealer, so to kill Phoveus requires help from a teammate. To stop Phoveus, just use the ultimate skill so that Phoveus can’t attack and move, after that finish it together with a teammate.

Yes, that was the list along with the discussion about the most effective counter hero Phoveus to stop and even finish off the hero who subscribed to the ban. So, don’t be afraid of Phoveus anymore as long as you can master the hero properly because all heroes have strengths and weaknesses and there are counters. The way to counter Phoveus is also easy, namely using long distance heroes such as marksman or mage, you can also use crowd control to make it difficult and stop phoveus motion. Hopefully the information was useful and add insight, see you again, friend gamers.

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