12 Most Effective Harley Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends 2022

Harley is one of the heroes with the role of mage assassin, this hero has the ability to finish off enemies quickly because it has sick damage. This hero is a top pick because of his OP even a thin hero can die immediately with just one combo skill, Harley is also often used as a jungler or hyper carry because of his abilities. However, all of these heroes have their own weaknesses and counters, so there are several Harley counter heroes that you can rely on to defeat this little mage. Harley can be countered with a hero who has crowd control skills because it can stop Harley’s movement even if it’s only for a moment but is enough to paralyze him.

So, if you are still having trouble fighting Harley, it’s only natural because this hero has pain damage and high penetration, this hero is also agile and agile. Therefore, there is a discussion along with the list of Harley 2022 counters now, if you want to beat Harley the little and agile hero, just watch it.

1. Eudora

The first Harley counter hero is Eudora, this mage hero can kill Harley with just one combo. Both Mage and both have a combination of deadly skills, Eudora can be used to be a counter for Harley. Eudora’s stun is useful for stopping Harley from being able to move and attack for a while. After that, you can immediately launch a combination of ultimate skill attacks and skill 2 to paralyze Harley.

The combination of these skills has proven to be very effective in killing Harley in an instant, because Harley is indeed weak against CC skills. Even so, Harley can still retaliate and finish off Eudora, so keep the stun skills and other skills carefully to stop Harley.

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2. Saber

Saber can be a reliable hero against Harley, with his skill set he can finish off Harley with just one skill combination. This assassin hero has sick and deadly damage, he can finish off a target quickly and easily. Heroes who are agile and agile even become food for Saber such as Ling, Lancelot, Fanny, including Harley can be paralyzed by Saber. Saber’s mainstay skill is indeed the ultimate skill and can only target one opponent, but still deadly.

Harley, although classified as agile, has thin blood so even Saber can finish him off with just one combo. Use combo skill 1 and then the ultimate skill so that the damage gets worse. Approaching the enemy can be done with skill 2, if you haven’t died, use execute or basic attacks, it’s guaranteed that a hero like Harley will die immediately.

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3. Lolita

Lolita is one of the tank heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero can be used as a Harley 2022 counter hero. This Tank Hero is able to withstand damage using his skills, he will form an impenetrable shield to withstand Harley’s skill attacks. In addition, Lolita also has a passive that gives shields to herself and friends around her, this shield is useful for reducing damage from Harley so it doesn’t hurt too much.

To stop Harley, Lolita can attack with skill 1 to charge towards Harley and give a momentary stun effect. If you want something even stronger, just remove the ultimate skill because it has a wide area range and the stun effect is quite long. Especially when combined with the Flicker spell, Harley can’t run anywhere.

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4. Kaja

The hero that can be used as the next Harley counter is Kaja, the hero support fighter. Kaja has the ability to kidnap using the ultimate skill, with this skill Kaja can kidnap Harley and finish him off. This hero has high damage when using a build mage, even before nerf Kaja can finish off the opponent with just one combination. Kaja has a strong crowd control in his ultimate skill, if the opponent is hit, he can’t escape for a while and will be pulled by Kaja.

Even a hero of Harley’s class who is agile and agile cannot escape the trap of Kaja’s skills, even Harley can be killed immediately if attacked with a combination of Kaja’s skills because this hero is thin. Kaja is an alternative choice to fight Harley besides Saber because these two heroes are almost similar but about CC Kaja is stronger.

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5. Hayabusa

Hayabusa is an assassin hero with a typical Ninja appearance, this hero can be used to fight Harley and counter him. Hayabusa and Harley both have blink skills and can return to their original place again. To avoid Harley’s 1st skill attack, Hayabusa can link in a certain direction so as not to be hit by the attack. Hayabusa also cannot be underestimated when it comes to chasing because with his shadow skills he can approach the opponent. Hayabusa’s damage is quite painful because he is an assassin, with skill 1 he can give Harley a slow effect.

If Harley performs an ultimate skill attack, it is easy for Hayabusa to cancel it by using the ultimate skill and Harley’s ultimate is immediately useless to Hayabusa. So, Harley users should be careful when meeting with Hayabusa because it can be a nightmare for Harley.

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6. Chou

Harley’s next counter hero is Chou the freestyler, this hero is able to make Harley difficult. Chou is a fighter hero with good crew control abilities, the hero also has good defense and is often used as a tank because it fits. Harley, which can be countered with crowd control, will certainly be very difficult when dealing with Chou. Chou himself also has a strong defense that is difficult to break even though Harley has penetration, besides that Chou is very agile.

Chou can use his ultimate kick, which is the ultimate skill to kick Harley towards the turret or teammate so that he can finish him off. If necessary, just use a combo skill, namely the ultimate skill with a flicker spell, all freestyle.

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7. Franco

Franco is a hero who can counter many heroes including Harley and other agile and agile heroes. This tank hero has a single target crowd control which is great for targeting one of the enemy heroes, if it is hit, it will be difficult to escape. Franco has a hook skill to attract and catch enemies, this skill can be used to catch Harley even though he has to be able to predict where Harley will move because the hero is quite agile.

Franco has the ultimate skill that gives a suppressed effect so that the enemy cannot move or attack for a while, this skill is very effective in stopping Harley. Any agile Harley can still be stopped by Franco’s ultimate skill, if necessary use Flicker to approach Harley then just attack with ultimate.

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8. Natalia

Harley’s next counter hero is Natalia, one of the assassins who has the unique ability to disappear. This ability can be used to fight and paralyze Harley, usually Natalia can be used to destroy buffs during the early game so that Harley cannot play optimally. Now Natalia is more suitable to be used as a roamer hero than staying on the lane, this can be used to annoy enemies, especially annoying heroes like Harley.

Natalia can secretly target Harley and then attack her suddenly, Harley will also have a hard time targeting Natalia with her skills because Natalia can disappear. Natalia also has silence so that Harley cannot issue skills, this provides an opportunity to immediately paralyze Harley.

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9. Ruby

Ruby can also be used against Harley, this hero has very strong crowd control. Ruby besides having a strong CC skill she also has a lifesteal, this lifesteal can be increased even higher by buying lifesteal items. So how to counter Harley with Ruby? it’s easy, use the skill combination to give a slow effect then pull it with the ultimate skill then attack again with skills 1 and 2 so it doesn’t run away easily. The combination of these skills alone is enough to make Harley not dare to mess with Ruby, let alone get close.

Even if Harley attacks Ruby, it certainly doesn’t have a big effect because Ruby has a very high lifesteal compared to other heroes, so just attack minions or enemies so that the blood is filled again. Indeed, sometimes Ruby can’t kill Harley directly, so she needs help from her teammates, especially the damage dealer.

10. Gusion

Gusion is one of the assassin heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero can also be used as a counter hero for Harley. The two heroes are indeed both agile, but about Gusion’s faster speed, especially if the pilot is fast-handed. Gusion as a hybrid mage assassin hero has deadly damage and can finish off enemies with just one combo, even tanks. Harley can be an easy target for Gusion, this little hero will have a hard time facing Gusion because he is equally agile.

Harley who has a blink skill can still be chased by Gusion if this hero manages to attack Harley with skill 1, he can immediately blink towards Harley. Indeed, Harley can still rely on surprise attacks to anticipate Gusiont, but if it is faced then it is difficult for Harley to win because it can be immediately attacked with Gusion’s combo skill.

11. Nana

Nana is a cute and funny hero but annoying and hated by many Mobile Legends players because of her skills. Even so, it turns out that this hero is quite effective as a Harley counter hero, of course thanks to the skill set. Nana can turn enemy heroes into small cute cats with skill 2, the range of this skill is quite wide and will chase targets up to a certain distance. Harley, who is famous for being agile, will certainly find it difficult to face Nana because this hero will turn Harley into a small cat so she can’t attack for a while.

Nana also has a fairly deadly skill combination and the effect is also an area, one of which is with the ultimate skill to attack and give a stun area effect. If Harley takes out his flagship skill combo, Nana can still survive as long as she still has passive skills to stay alive and can escape.

12. Diggie

In the last list, there is Diggie the support hero who is considered the most annoying for the enemy because it is often annoying. Harley, who is often used as a jungler, will also have difficulty with the Diggie feeder meta because Harley will continue to be disturbed so that it cannot be maximized. In addition to this Diggie also has a crowd control skill located in skill 2, this skill is useful for making Harley unable to run away because it will be pulled back by the skill.

Diggie can also help teammates if they are hit by Harley’s ultimate skill, how to use Diggie’s ultimate skill so that teammates get a shield to absorb damage. If there is Diggie then the teammates can survive and don’t need to worry too much as long as Diggie is there, Diggie can make Harley less effective.

Yup, that was the list along with the discussion about the most effective Harley 2022 hero counter, hopefully it can add information and references. All heroes have weaknesses, including Harley, so don’t be too afraid because there must be a counter. The way to counter Harley is also not too difficult, namely by using a cc hero or crowd control, especially the single target. That’s all, see you again, gamers!

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